Meet Katrina, student at VIA Global Nutrition & Health in Denmark

I decided to study at the professional bachelor of Global Nutrition and Health at VIA in Aarhus Denmark because I have always been interested in health sciences and I thought this was the perfect education that married nutrition and health. The bachelor is really broad. We learn about a lot of different subjects. Obviously, we learn about nutrition but we also have a lot of social sciences and humanities for example we are doing political science. We have done a lot of sociology and aspects of philosophy such as educational theory and practice. There are also elements of psychology, there are so many basis covered that it is really dynamic and interesting education to follow. I found personally that the teaching style in Denmark is quite different to what I have experienced in New Zealand. Here we have quite a small class. We are about 20 to 30 people, so it is quite an intimate setting and it means that we have a lot of class discussions and the teachers are really good at engaging us and provoking discussions about the issues that the course is involved with. Of course, we have things like lectures but what is really exciting about this course is the two internship periods that we have. And we can take those internationally, so I for example am looking to go back to New Zealand and other people in my course are looking to go to places such as America, England, anywhere that they really want, so that’s a great aspect of the course. Every day is different on our course we always have lectures between eight to four o’clock, but the number of lectures and how many hours we are here is quite different, so for me there is no typical day which I love. It means that I am always engaged and changing things up and it keeps things fresh and exciting for me. But another thing that I really like is the social environment of the class. Often even after we finish lectures groups of us will hang out at the campus or we will go in to town, have coffee and either study together or just be friends and it makes for a really nice learning environment. What really surprised me on the course is the number of people from different cultural backgrounds that I have been working with which is really exciting and what it has actually led to is kinda like this family environment in our class. We are really social. I didn’t expect that and it has been the best surprise and my favorite thing about studying here in Denmark. One thing that surprised me about studying here in Aarhus is how big the international community is. Of course, studying in Denmark is intimidating, the idea of being surrounded by Danish but there is actually so many English-speaking people around that you really find a community easily here. The jobs that you can get through this degree are very broad and different due to the style of the education, which I love. It doesn’t force me to take one job when I am finished and I have personally gone through quite a transition on what I would like to do. At the moment I am really inspired to work with public health or with a non-government organization because I can see that I would like to help encourage health on a broader scale not just individually. But that is also an option with this education. Some advice I would give to potential applicants is to come with an open mind. You are going to be studying with a lot of different coaches it is really exciting. And the teaching style is probably different to what you are used to. Another advice is, be prepared to sell yourself. It is a new education. People don’t know who we are so you need to go out and find the job and really convince people that they need you, because they do. Another thing be prepared to be surprised this education brings new things to the table every semester. Things like sustainability, which I think we can all agree are really important issues. And I am so glad that this course covers all these aspects because I can really see how I am going to use this with my professional bachelor in Global Nutrition and Health, when I take I further in to a job.

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