MedStar Health Doctor Speaks about Mammogram Guidelines

– MedStar Health experts
are here right now answering all of your
questions about breast health and I’m joined by Dr.
Michelle Townsend-Watts, chairman of the department of radiology. And Dr. Townsend-Watts, we talked about this a little bit earlier, but when should women get a mammogram? – So, women of average risk should begin mammography at the age of 40. There’s a new body of evidence that suggest that women at all ages should go to their primary care physicians at the age of 30, so they
can be risk stratified. So some patients who are at higher risk can start mammograms at an earlier time. – [Reporter] Something we
don’t always hear about, I mean, can a man got a mammogram? – [Dr. Townsend-Watts]
Typically, male mammography is for screening mammogram, meaning you have no symptoms. So when we see men in our practice, they typically have a symptom,
usually pain or a lump. – [Reporter] Okay, and should viewers ask for a 3D mammogram? We just saw that story about them. – [Dr. Townsend-Watts] Absolutely. 3D mammography detects more
cancer per thousand women than 2D mammography, so yes. – [Reporter] We often
hear dense breast tissue. How are screenings down
for these patients? – In the state of Maryland, and additional states
in the United States, you do have the opportunity to get supplemental
screening with ultrasound, for those patients who have dense breasts because there is a risk, an increased risk of having breast cancer. – [Reporter] And when is it
time to use other technology for screening, like ultrasound and MRI? – So MRI is typically used for patients who have a greater than 20% lifetime risk of having breast cancer. For those patients who have
a genetic distribution, the most common genetic mutation that everyone is
aware of is BRCA1 and 2. Ultrasound can be used as an
agent to screening as well for patients who have dense breasts and are unable to undergo MRI. – All right, all great information. Thank you so much, Dr. Townsend-Watts. And if you have additional questions, you can call experts at
MedStar Health right now. The phone number to call is 410-671-0702. We have doctors here standing by. They wanna answer all of your
questions about breast health. Thank you again, for joining us.
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