Meditation For Mental Balance and Grounding | Yoga With Adriene

– Hi everyone.
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji
and today we have a beautiful meditation for mental
balance and grounding. So grab something
to sit on if you like. Hop into something extra
comfy and let’s get started. (bright music) Alright, welcome
my darling friends. We’re going to begin, surprise, our practice today in
a comfortable seat. So take your time. Just notice if you’re kind
of rushing right now here and let’s start to slow
it down as you come into a nice cross-legged seat. And I will encourage you,
particularly if you’re new to sitting (chuckles) in a
meditation to lift your hips up either on a couch pillow
or if you have a bolster, great. You can fold up some blankets or some towels
are just fine too. And get to where your hips are a little bit higher
than your knees so you can create
these two slides of the thighs down. And as you start to
get settled in here, just start to tap into
that inner smile as much as you’re willing. This is my power tool, my secret
weapon that I often talk about so it’s not so secret, but just
as you settle in you can start to kind of feel the benefits of
this time that you’re taking for yourself by softening and, yeah,
tapping into that inner smile. It can be like,
“I’m doing this.” Or, “Oh my god, I need this.” Whatever it is just tap into a little joy that you’re taking this short but
valuable time for yourself. Benji’s relaxed. If you’re not relaxed, we’ll
get you there or we’ll try. Hopefully by now
you’re in your seat. Getting settled in. And if you are working with your
back right now, we’ll say that, feel free
to sit up against a wall or you can even
do this in a chair. You just want to make sure that
your spine is nice and long. And on that note,
let’s take a moment here to gently tuck the chin. And bring more
awareness to the spine. So that could
be sitting up tall. It could just be
noticing your pattern. Again, just gently
tucking the chin. Feeling that length as you do
so through the back of the neck. And best you can bringing
more awareness to your spine. And if you haven’t already,
allow your hands to soften, fingertips to soften just
wherever feels good and then as I often invite you to do
in practice same thing here. Just notice what
feels good today. Whether you need a
more grounding palm. Right? Energetically, I’m here. (exhales) “I’m doing this.
I need to breathe. “I need this time for myself.” Or maybe you’re feeling
pretty good and this is more preventative care today. So open those palms up baby. Allow yourself to be a
little more vulnerable, open. So, both are vulnerable,
but you get to decide. And really we’re connecting
the brain to the body here. So there’s so much that goes
into these little gestures and making decisions for yourself. If you know a mudra you
want to take it now, please do. And then if you haven’t
already, close your eyes. Allow your eyelids
to get heavy here. And if for whatever reason
you’re not comfortable with the eyelids closed, just soften your
gaze gently down past your nose. (light music) Alrighty and we’ve begun. Chin slightly tucked. Neck long. Hands, arms, carefully placed. Fingers soft. Let’s start by noticing
any sounds around us. Wherever you may be today. Or maybe you’re relishing, silence. As we start to settle
in and ground down, allow any extra
movement, patterns, just fidgeting, see if you
can allow them to soften as you build a little structure
for your mediation here. In time finding stillness with more ease and being kind if you’re noticing a lot
of fidgeting or patterns. No worries.
That’s why we’re here. To observe. With kindness. To welcome balance
and clarity to both the mental and emotional self. Now most of you have already
likely begun to notice your breath but if not allow me
to roll out the red carpet, to bring fresh picked flowers
to your doorstep and welcome you to just notice with a loving
kindness your natural breath. And as you begin to notice the
rhythm of your natural breath today, see if you can
take it one step further. Inviting the mind
to also notice what the breath does to the body. As you breathe in and out. Notice, if you can,
what parts of the body move as you breathe in. And see if you can
notice how gravity tends to take over as you breathe out. So we have this sense
of a rise and a fall, nice and easy, nothing forced. Just noticing what
moves as you breathe in. And embracing the
gravity as you breathe out. Now you can keep going just
as is or I’ll bring another fresh bouquet to your
door and invite you to deepen the breath just a bit. Bringing more consciousness, more loving awareness
to that inhale and watching the
ripple effect as you breathe in. And using that
exhale to ground down. Relax the shoulders.
Relax your jaw. Allowing your inhale perhaps to be a
little deeper, more full. And perhaps, when you’re ready, allowing your
exhale to be longer. Think of it as a
beautiful extension. Breathing out as you
ground down, down, down. Now go ahead and let your nice
conscious deep breaths rest. Return to just a nice, easy,
natural rhythm and flow. With so much love and
a gentle, just gentleness, see if you can reestablish
this awareness in your spine by maybe lifting your heart, gently sitting up
a little bit taller. And you might feel, if
you’re doing this with your eyes closed, as though
you grow a little bit longer and taller in the spine. And as you rest
easy here in your seat, soften the skin of the forehead,
relax the jaw and again use a gentle exhale to
relax the shoulders down. You’re more than
halfway through your mediation. So as thoughts
come to your mind, to your soul, just acknowledge
them and come back to a loving
awareness of your breath. So beginning to deepen
the breath a little bit. Again here, see if you can find
something new as you breathe in. Embracing gravity
as you breathe out. And now one final invitation. As you continue to
breathe and lean into the dance of feeling the inhale lift you, a rise. And feeling the
exhale ground you, the fall of the breath. As you lean into
that balance of the two, I lovingly invite you to just
bring your mind’s eye to the tip top crown of your head. Place your attention there. And then imagine, head over heart,
heart over pelvis. Then from the crown tip top
of your head in your own way, whatever this means to you, draw a line from the top of your head down through the center
core channel of your being, all the way to
the base of the spine. So we’ve placed a light rope or pipeline, a cylinder, whatever it is for you, this awareness from
the crown of the head to the base of the spine. And see if you
can allow that action, that awareness, to affect your
breath or to at least notice if it changed the way your holding yourself up here
with each inhale. And the way you’re
using your exhale to continuously ground down. And for the last minute here,
we’ll take that line from the crown to the base of the
spine and just hang with me, my friends,
continue that line down. Past your physical body,
down into the earth. Continue that line down to the core of the earth. And then notice how
that makes you feel. Notice if, and it may not,
if that effects the way you carry yourself here,
the way you breathe in and the way you breathe out. Now take three
final conscious breaths. Finding balance and a sense of calm or peace between the dance
of the rise and the fall. The lift and the ground. The earth and the sky. Then release your
conscious breaths. Rest easy here as you slowly
drop your chin to your chest. Try to keep the
shoulders relaxed here as you gently open your eyes. Can flutter the eyelashes open. And when you’re ready,
gently lift your head. Cue the birds outside my window. We’ll bring the palms together. Just take one quiet little beat
here to notice how you feel. And we’ll close it off by
bowing together and whispering, Namaste. (bright music)


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