Medicines vs Supplements

hi friends I'm back my name is dr. Ali and another new video on medicines Melissa supplements let's talk a little bit about both of them today so Mayo botanical medicines but medicines or supplements make me to the fringe skeleton medicines Walt I just help clean up which be Marie hey your couch aegilops made diseases head so you go to the doctor you consult with them and he prescribes a medicine for you he writes a drug for you whether supplements is completely different you know you take supplements to you know balance your diet with the extra proteins and carbohydrates fats vitamins minerals Joe okay really Joe vegetables save that fine he would you are not able to you know cover up with the vegetables and fruits will start taking supplements for that for example let me give you an example of our product we offer one of the best products ashwagandha let's talk about the romney ashwagandha so these are the supplements which Nutrilite provides and it actually you know enhances your mental agility creates a better immune system in your body so it's not necessary that you take you take you know proper diet the food which you are not able to you know have it on a regular basis it is not you know it is not it is not mandatory to you know have it but if you want L can make cover up all those all those issues which your body needs and which the balanced diet which your body means actually so it it you know it contains macro nutrients it contains micronutrients which are vitamins and minerals form and macronutrients are proteins carbohydrates and fats so it you know you know who takes gives the proper nutrition to your body whereas medicines are only FDA approved and it is only given by the prescribed by the prescription of the doctors to the patients who are suffering from particular disease so it it you know do you know performs duty it has various side effects as well as medicines whereas uplands is completely natural and hopefully it is enough form to you know give a proper proper diet you know sufficient nutrition to your body I hope I was able to explain a little bit about medicines supplements today I hope you like this video my applying applying is Manish and Swati and I mentored by affinity here again guys thank you so much

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