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really getting into some cool things now we're gonna talk about tests that you need to avoid illness in other words when to get the right tests what tests use when to use them and where to find them and also the kind of tests that allows you to get to the next level of optimization we refer to it when we're building your lifestyle and determining you know how to how to create the right system for you testing really really helps you remember on our awesome pyramid way way way back in the earlier lessons it was air water exercise sunlight optimizers mental blinks and attitude education testing and coaching testing can really make the difference so what's become really popular right now so let's let's start with some basic tests a basic test would be a body fat scan this is a great one body fat test so there's one test that's used a lot which is called the BMI which is just dealing with your height and your weight I'm not a big fan of this one the reason being because if you carry a lot of muscle mass or you have you know really dense bones or you have you know bones that aren't very dense you kind of get classified into areas that this isn't as accurate but it's a start right then you can go into calipers okay I ideally this is performed by a pro professional you can have your little calipers that keeps you kind of honest as you go along but get this done regularly most gyms offer that like calipers kind of messed up here in the center so let me fix that for you calipers with an are okay so that's one other way you can also go to what I think is the granddaddy of all of these which is the DEXA scan the DEXA scan is what the NFL uses okay you can look up DEXA scan in your local city and basically this will tell you your body fat percentage it'll tell your muscle mass and lean body mass that's what you'll see this term a lot this is a very big indicator of longevity and health and vitality okay lean body mass it'll also test bone density this is huge so you know particularly too you know I have a really good friend and he works out a lot he's very successful but his family genetically they have a hard time with maintaining bone density so he's learned that at an early age and he's now doing things to offset that so he doesn't run into trouble you know 40 50 years down the road he's gonna be able to manage that because he knows what's going on before you know it's a problem another thing that you can look at that I like you can go to max vo2 okay this is how much oxygen so sometimes you'll see on the TV those guys at the mask running there's also most gyms good gyms will have those where you can run that you know you usually have to go to a university to get the big max vo2 but they can also use a formula and this will tell you you know what's your lung capacity this is a great one and and that kind of especially if you're into you know if you're into in the endurance sports these type of things this is a very very important test for you on the physical side but then you want to go into kind of like the next level of testing obviously a regular blood test with your your MD that's a good one you can also do what's called a live blood test cell test live blood cell test this one is oftentimes performed by an MD it's not available in all states but basically what happens is you you you put your blood alive they they put this right under a microscope they just prick that put it under the microscope and they can see all kinds of things that's going on in your blood they can see if you have your blood cells sticking together and to roll oh they can see for getting oxygen they can look at oxidative damage to see how much damage is coming into your body you can see crystallization if you have a too acidic of a diet all kinds of things fungus they can see if there's bacteria in your blood and what's really need is people that go through our program I often encourage them to get a live blood cell it's a test early on because what happens you know 30 60 and then 90 days if you do want rate up day one you know do the DEXA scan do this one and then come back at 90 days and do another test Wow you can actually see under the microscope some really really impressive things and you know go to our website we can show you some pictures of it it's phenomenal now what's also happening is you're looking at genetic testing so genetic testing this is neat it just swab your you know put a little swab in here send it off to a lab and you can find out number one it's kind of cool because you can kind of find out your like genetic history like who was your great-great grandfather and all that stuff but it'll also give you indicators of diseases that are more likely for you so that means that you can adjust your dietary strategy to offset the chance of these you can also choose foods or choose nutrients to supplement your diet that will assist you in avoiding those type of situations and also tell you things like methylation cycles you can learn about you know how your body metabolizes different foods this is really really really really state-of-the-art stuff it's it's it's coming along and I think it's only going to get better another thing that you can test is I like chiropractic so you can do what's called spinal testing so they'll take either an X they'll do an x-ray some guys will just line you up with a with a plumb line and they'll look at your body and you'll see what's off and they'll start doing adjustments so that your spine you want to have it that nice perfect s-curve like this here's all your vertebrae right you want to have this in perfect alignment you don't want too far forward you don't want this way and oftentimes they'll work in conjunction with a deep tissue muscle person to unlock the tissue we'll talk more about that in a little bit a little bit later these are some great tests that you can get started on you know that it'll get you kind of underway kind of getting the whole thing the other thing is is you can do all kinds of strength tests these are some of the more common ones so for example if you go to a gym oftentimes they'll chest strength flexibility these are other indicators for staying strong for a long period of time and vo2 with a body fat these are the kind of performance-based ones these ones here get into long term care you know genetic and seeing what your predisposition and making sure that your spine is in a good spot and that everything's lined up because this is going to control electrical flow and these type of tests will kind of show a little bit these ones here and here are going to show chemistry and these are going to show performance so what you have is you have tests that that that measure all of these models now depending on you know who and where you're at in your life obviously if you're in more the athletic side these are gonna be very very paramount if you're looking for a longevity or you know health side maybe you're a little older you might be looking more along these lines genetic testing and a lot and a blood cell analysis o which almost forgot hormone testing this is a big one so you can do hormone testing both with blood and a urine test kind of like they do for doping you know back when I was competing I was subjected to all kinds of you know urinalysis and basically they can test what your hormone levels estrogen to testosterone ratio progesterone progesterone to estrogen luteinizing hormone you know testosterone to epi testosterone and you want to have someone that can interpret this for you and this way as you go through your program and as you adjust your diet or your your your nutrition program if you will your your lifestyle related program you're going to be able to use these tests as benchmarks so you know myself Dave and Matt we all do this all of our top clients we do this and if you're really wondering on which test right for you or you're looking for place Oh almost forgot another one god there's so many cool tests hair analysis I mentioned this earlier but I forgot I didn't put it down this one is a great one for heavy metals so we're here about heavy metals mercury toxicity and these type of things that are coming out from modern you know modern chemical infusions hair analysis is a great one for testing out chemicals that may be present inside your body or particularly heavy metals and ways to get those out so these are some basic tests there's lots more out there we will be talking more about it we'll be interviewing some testing people and of course for some people this is really out there and new I would encourage you to go to our website and say hey yeah I'd like to get part of your testing team we do have some specialized practitioners here with by optimizers that are doing specific tests it's it's it's hard again we know these people are professionals and they're being consulted around the world but if you send us an email and connect with us and let us know that you want to get one we'll hook you up with one of our you know by optimizer testers to get you number one to help you select the right tests for you and number two to make sure that you get the results that you're looking for so I hope you enjoyed this I hope you started to realize that there's a lot of options for you and you know every so often you picked what your budget is spend a little bit money on these tests they can really keep you accountable and they really become very motivating because if you do a test and you're trying something and you find out it's not working now you can say okay great let's change this let's change this and very soon before you know it you're going to be optimally selecting both nutrition program your lifestyle program and the tests that need you keep you healthy and happy and performing at a high level for the rest of your days and that's the goal here so I hope you enjoyed this send your questions and emails to our website and we look forward to seeing you on the next lesson

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