hi I'm Godfrey Roberts I moved to Thailand four years ago and one of the first things that I discovered is that I was uninsurable I couldn't get health insurance or at least that's that's what I was told and I got a little freaked out because I'd had Medicare in the USA and Medi and in Australia and I never bothered about medical costs and suddenly I found I was on my own so I started to figure out what you know what can I do to protect myself from serious damage financially because although walk in care our patient care in Thailand is very inexpensive and very high quality in patient care if you're carried in then that your bill is going to look much more like you know bill in a private hospital anywhere in the world they really charge you so I was that's what I wanted to avoid and that's what I began to work on and and the book it's it's a fairly simple read it's not long and involved but it's a walk through each of the strategies and the way I began was getting healthy I started to exercise regularly every day I started to walk and I changed my diet and really paid attention to not getting ill unnecessarily then I looked at self insurance what can you do to protect your you know for example if you don't want to find yourself in an emergency in a hospital where they don't know anything about you and don't know if you can pay the bill that's a surefire way to get second-rate treatment so what can you do to to self-insure and there's some very simple steps you can do and I detail them and they involve things like credit cards and learning in advance and having a contact number because remember you don't speak the language so you want you know easy people to have access to information easily to know you to know who to talk to if you need help then the next level I found was you can get can get I could get insurance and did get insurance from my bank of all places so we talk about I talk about that in the book and you know what it amounts to and which banks are having better policies those are accident policies but hey they're like five bucks and they get you covered in every hospital in Thailand then the local coverage Thai insurance the Thai insurance companies are not as picky and as willing to argue with you as our insurance companies back home because they're dealing with Thai hearts hospitals they deal with thousands of cases every month you know reimbursing them and so forth so I found that there are Thai insurance companies that insure you just in Thailand and they will take you if you're older and their premiums are very very affordable a few thousand dollars a year for example so that was very interesting and but I had to sift through them because some of them have excellent relationships with the better hospitals and some of them don't they'll the hospital some hospitals will treat you but they want you to get reimbursed from your insurance company they want you to pay them upfront so that's that's not a good situation so it's how to sort through that and how to make sure that your local insurance card is going to be accepted at any first rate hospital get into emergency care a bit I've had a bit of emergency care I mean two or three times as a matter of fact as any newcomer to Thailand does and there's nothing to worry about it's great it's the best emergency care I've ever had you know they literally bring warm blankets and hold your hand quite that's how good it is I've had outpatient I've had surgery two surgeries and various by the way the surgeries were for my eyes have new lenses put in I paid for those out-of-pocket $1,000 each very doable and now I my vision is perfect and then there's another angle I urge everyone to get a car not a not a scooter that damn things are too dangerous but your auto first-class auto insurance covers your medical costs regardless of your age so that's another way in through it and throughout the book there's lots of good stories you know from people who've my friends who've had wonderful and terrible medical experiences and also who've learned that there's a real hierarchy in Thai hospitals they're very stratified and it's good to know which stratum you fit into if you're feeling sick or get in an accident so what anyway it's all there and my email is on every page so just drop me a line if you have a question and if you'd like a free sample just click on the link below you


  1. if your in Bangkok and need some dental work done, stay away from this nasty dentist

  2. Thai insurance companies are in the business of MAKING money! Coverage is limited and many conditions are excluded. Good medical insurance is expensive anywhere you go!

  3. Thank you, where can I get your book? My e mail. : [email protected]

  4. I'vee tried e-mailing you a couple of time but no answer. You promise to answer in 48 hours. I'm using the address that is in your book. Do you have a new e-mail?

  5. I bought your How To Retire in Thailand book through Amazon. Your book refers to links to videos about various subjects. I would like to watch them. Since I didn't buy your e-book, how can I watch the videos your book refers to? Thank You. BTW I really like your book. I can't move to Thailand for 3 years but I am studying the Thai language now. I've learned from living in Europe that you have a much better life speaking at least some of the local language. This is a useful video.

  6. Link doesn't work.

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