Medicaid Gap: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

elections the only excuse for a grown man to kiss a stranger's baby and not have the cops court as you may know there was an important election coming up we're just about a year away from when American voters will head to the polls and choose the next president of the United States can Ben Carson actually win the Republican nomination can Bernie Sanders take Iowa and New Hampshire the biggest question right now is will Vice President Joe Biden throw his hat in the ring will Al Gore run for president no he won't and who gives a it's still a year from now by the time it's done the 2016 election will have lasted the entire lifespan of a hamster from birth all the way to popsicle stick grave we should not be talking about the 2016 race when America has very important elections taking place this Tuesday in just two days there are gubernatorial and all legislative elections taking place in these four states and many other people will be voting in local elections or on important referenda like Washington State initiative 1401 which would prohibit people from selling buying trading or distributing parts of elephants rhinoceroses tigers cheetahs and pangolins and if you're wondering what a Pangolin is lets me show you the Pangolin is not very ferocious it doesn't even have teeth and it's not very fast in fact it has to wobble on a time legs and tail what is that ridiculous mess it looks like the result of a Stegosaurus making love to an artichoke look if you're thinking right now what I don't live in one of those four states and I'm not a Pangolin why should I give a well let me tell you there are American lives at stake here because a number of these elections could determine whether hundreds of thousands of people remain in or even fall into what's known as the Medicaid gap and I know that sounds like a terrible clothing chain where you can buy cocky hospital gowns sold by children in India but amazingly it's even worse than that meet Kathy Owen a Texas woman who can't afford insurance has a family history of colon cancer and is desperately saving up for a colonoscopy $8,000 stands between me and maybe another 20 years of my life if I have colon cancer but I find myself now at 53 with grown kids and serious need of help hard to ask for but absolutely necessary that's just terrible $8,000 should not be the difference between living or dying it should be the difference between buying this authenticated bass guitar signed by Paul McCartney and this baseball supposedly signed by Kanye West and by the way why does that object exist it's Kanye West interrupting baseball games now imma let you finish this pitch but my signature is the greatest signature of all time of all time look if your instinct is wasn't Obamacare supposed to solve this kind of problem well yes you're right it was to oversimplify things just a bit the idea was under Obamacare people without insurance will be split into two groups those who made upwards of 138 percent of the poverty line would be eligible to buy insurance with subsidies up to a certain point and as for the poorest Americans Medicaid which is previously generally applied to children their parents disabled would have been expanded to include everyone else at which point with everyone insured America is supposed to go outside brush the dead leaves off the trampoline and celebrate with a backflip and a broken tibia the Supreme Court even famously upheld Obamacare in 2012 what you may not remember is that even that very day there were hints it may not have been an unequivocal victory John Roberts sided with the four liberal justices voting five to four to uphold nearly all of President Obama's health-care law and there's the problem because nearly all is not a reassuring statement health care is like a pair of gym shorts even if it covers nearly all of what it's supposed to you're still left with some problematic gaps and terrible things can happen let me explain the Supreme Court struck down the part of the law which enabled the government to force States to expand Medicaid which meant states could choose to reject the expansion even though that that would be an odd decision under the law the federal government would pay a hundred percent of the cost for the first three years eventually decreasing to 90 percent and I can't think of anything I would not buy if I only had to pay ten percent of the price Fred Claus on DVD I mean no thank you but yes I'll take it Vince borne is always good for 49 cents worth of yucks basically for the relatively little of their own money states could cover all their poorest citizens it was an exceptionally favorable deal but guess what many states chose to do Texas will not be participating in Medicaid expansion they're working hard to change the American dream into the European nightmare this system we call Obamacare that we now see is going to be a train wreck and I do not want the name of Mississippi emblazoned across that train when it leaves the tracks would you consider expanding a broken system of course not of course not it's like a drug dealer you give them your first hit free and then they're hooked for years and years yeah except in this instance that drug addict has cancer the drug being pushed is chemo and the corner boys have seven years of med school 20 states have so far declined to expand Medicaid leaving over 3 million people in the Medicaid gap people in the illogical situation of not making enough money to receive government assistance just listen to LaShawn B hoard diabetic who at one point was forced to reuse needles to save money I don't make enough money to get the insurance through federal government and then I made two months to get Medicaid and I cannot afford the insurance that's offered at my job so um I'm just hanging in the air it's hard to explain how disappointing it is ok the word disappointing does not quite cover it's disappointing is your child dropping out of college to be a street mime Gerald your mother's devastated do not pretend you can't hear me inside that glass box I know you can hear me Gerald this kind of situation is not disappointing it's tragic the frequent argument for states refusing the expansion is they couldn't bear the increased cost although it is worth noting that to their credit even fiscally conservative Republican governors like Jan Brewer chris Christie Mike Pence and John Kasich did expand Medicaid in their states despite being firm opponents of Obamacare I don't support Obamacare I want to repeal it that I did expand Medicaid because I was able to bring Ohio money back home to treat the mentally ill the drug addicted and to help the working poor get health care because you opposed Obamacare doesn't mean when you have an opportunity to bring these 14 billion dollars of Ohio money back to Ohio that's not Obamacare that's Medicaid you know what good for him good for him although it's a bit weird when accepting billions of dollars to give health care to poor people is somehow a brave and noble stand when all Kasich technically did was see a dump truck full of money backing into his driveway and just not say stop all of which brings us back to Tuesday's elections because in these three states they could determine the fate of Medicaid expansion so let's start with Mississippi there incumbent governor phil Bryant opposes the expansion the good news is his opponent has promised if elected he'll expand it the bad news is his opponent is this guy political experts in Mississippi were stumped when the long-haul trucker who ran no campaign to speak of and who was essentially unknown outside his own home was elected as the Democratic nominee to be governor spent how much in this race maybe 50 $60 50 $60 in the whole campaign no signs in the yard no bumper stickers no anything Gray's run for the nomination was so low-key he forgot to mention it to his own mother I called him an active Robert you burn it for governor and I was like now he would have told us and she's like no it's him holy girl there is a difference between running a low-key campaign and not having name recognition within your own family and if you're wondering how on earth he got that nomination well some people have a theory some think it's simply because Gray's name was the first on the ballot others say it's because he has a traditional man's name he is a male and this is Mississippi oh he is a male and this is Mississippi it's depressing when that's all you have to say and everyone understands it was an attractive goat and this is West Virginia I get it I get it I don't need any more details we're on the same page it's pretty clear at this point Robert gray is not going to be the next governor of Mississippi so let's move on to Virginia where the obstacle to Medicaid expansion is their state legislature for anything to happen Democrats would first have to gain two senate seats and one of the Senate's leading opponents of expansion is dick black whose name yes sounds like a category heading in an adult bookstore but believe me he's considerably less fun than his name suggests for instance he won't sent a thank you letter to Bashar al Assad commending him for his extraordinary gallantry in his war against terrorists a letter Assad posted to his face page which I'd say was the worst thing he'd ever posted on social media if it weren't for this genuine Instagram photo of his windshield on a rainy day which is sad whassat actually tagged hashtag rain hashtag morning hashtag photo of the day hashtag best of the day hashtag instigate hashtag Syrian presence and since he Assad abuses hashtags almost as much as he abuses the Syrian people and by the way Bashar al-assad is not alone in getting surprising envelopes from dick black years ago when he was in the House of Delegates and sponsoring an anti-abortion measure he left envelopes on Senators desks with little plastic pink fetuses inside well that is revolting it almost makes you mr. dick black who was running in Virginia was legendary according this dick black I'm sure he could find a great campaign song from his actual album a taste of dick black a taste of dick black now is that relevant to what we were talking about absolutely not but you cannot deny it's a nice palate cleanser after you just heard the phrase plastic fetuses but perhaps the most striking election this year is in Kentucky where they did expand Medicaid and by all accounts it has worked brilliantly Kentucky has seen the nation's steepest drop in the rate of uninsured residents only an idiot would try to undo that which brings me to gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin he has been accused of wanting to end the expansion and kick people off Medicaid something he denies you're hearing things that I'm supposedly saying which in fact I've never said I've never said I'm gonna kick people off of Medicaid it all right okay fine you never said that well I presume that means that this footage does not exist the fact that we have one out of four people in this state on Medicaid is unsustainable it's unaffordable the fewer governor you would undo his executive order to fan Medicaid absolutely no question about I would reverse that immediately the only rational explanation is that Matt Bevin has cloned himself and his clone bats mevin is even stupider than he is and what what makes his opposition to government assistance is especially hard to take is that he heads up a family bail making business whose connecticut factory sadly burned down a few years ago so what did this staunch small government free-market advocate do owner Matthew Bevin vows to rebuild and he may be getting some help senator Blumenthal vows to explore EPA grants for clean up possible small business loans and potential resources from FEMA and other federal agencies your kind offer to basically form Team Belltown is critical now to be fair team Belltown did not receive federal assistance Bevin did however get a hundred thousand dollar state grant to reopen his Factory so if Matt Bevin ends up winning I presume he'll give you health care as long as you cover yourself in bells and set yourself on fire but the real irony here is that Bevin did not have insurance to cover the fire because he claimed no company would insure the buildings for a price that made sense that's right because the cost of insurance was too high he needed to turn to the government for help and quite frankly Matt Bevin that should ring a bell and yet and after broke now his race is considered a toss-up he could win just like a dick black could win and just like Robert gray definitely once so on Tuesday even if you don't live in a state holding an election spare a thought for the people who do because the results may ultimately affect the health of half a million people and of course one ridiculous looking animal


  1. A vote to prohibit the trade of poached animals, John Oliver; "why should I give a shit."


  3. You insulted the pengelin.How dare you John Oliver. How dare You.

  4. it's at the point where traveling to europe from america to get treatment is cheaper than just getting the treatment in the US.

  5. Obama compromised ahead of time and still not got any republican votes. A pretty good endnote for his eight years.

  6. "That ridiculous mess" is Doing His Best, so leave him and his funky pinecone waddle alone

  7. Plot twist (from 2019): the 2016 election violently dicked us all over and we probably won't ever recover because we'll be dead before we have time to because Trump doesn't believe in climate change


  9. There are so many arguing with the American dream, that healthcare and socialism will destroy it. But at most it makes it a bit harder. But even if you live in the USA, how exactly are YOU planning to succeed in the American dream? Or anybody you know? If you really believe that the American dream is an realistic option for a normal person, then I can only call you conceited.
    Wouldn’t it be better to make it a bit more difficult for the rich to get richer and try to give everybody an equal as possible starting point in life?

  10. Even on Medicaid, it's still a nightmare. I can't get help with my dental. I can't even find outside help to help me with it.

  11. Oh, god, having HEALTHCARE for EVERYONE and INDISCRIMINANT MEDICAL AID is such a terror to think about. God help us if our government DARES to let us all be healthy.

  12. To be fair, Bevin is a monstrous pig-dog incapable of normal human feeling.

  13. These politicians aren't really that stupid, it's just that the US people are so divided and stuck to their side they can't fathom anything else. If he wants his republicans to vote for him, he will say everything they believe in. There's no justification for not wanting Medicaid expansion other than that your state doesn't have the capability of managing it, which was one of the few requirements made, so rather than admitting they can't manage it, or that they don't want to upset the people who vote for them, they'll spew BS about Medicaid being your first hit of heroin. It's just sad that the politicians are the way they are because the US has a largely racist and arrogant population. Racist because they can't see past skin, and arrogant because they literally vote against their own interests and the interests of those in need because they are racist. Somehow republicans are against abortion, but tell people don't have kids if you can't afford them. They're against tax brackets, but support a flat tax because it hurts those that are already hurting. Lastly, rich people make it sound like their tax money is buying luxury for those who receive it, I live on the US and can tell you, those who receive it live in trashy neighborhoods with less educational and social funding. It's a system that holds back the poor, and then blames them for staying behind. The US is in deep despair, and to prove it, the cherry on top, president Donald J. Trump. A racist who grew up during segregation whos presidential campaign slogan was and remains "Make America Great Again", very ambiguous and left most of us wondering exactly what time America was greater than it was before his baboon ass became president.

  14. Matt Bevin's forehead is HUGE . I'm geniually impressed

  15. 0:10 is that baby related to gulliani? if not im surprised he kissed it.

  16. Ah, remember the good old days when we were only worried that things might not improve tomorrow, instead of working that we might plummet into nuclear war at any moment?

  17. I'm declined Obamacare because I'm stuck on Medicaid ak Church of Later Day Saints fake disease program. They gave me RCA Bipolar

  18. diabetics can go to a needle exchange instead of reusing her old needles, or order them online for about 15-25$ for a box of 100, they're $3 to $10 for a 10 pack at a pharmacy, pretty shitty that a diabetic has to go to a needle exchange cuz her insurance doesn't cover needles but that's America for ya… 8 grand to shove a camera up your ass is a bit much, I'd like to see the itemized bill on that one

  19. How wrong we were

  20. The gap still exists. It really did

  21. Bobby Ljindal seems like an american nightmare when he claims healthcare in europe was a nightmare 😡

  22. 0:53 oh poor innocent John. How little ye yet ken.

  23. I'll take your stegosaurus artichoke cockamouse wannabe and raise you an anteater armadillo cockamouse wannabe.

  24. Medicaid for all. Americans will never have “Medicare for all.” It’ll be Medicaid, best case scenario. The government is terrible, wasteful and dishonest in all its dealings. Why would we put it in total control of the entire healthcare industry? Seriously

  25. It is 2019, I have insurance, cannot afford the copay for the medicine. Must find another way. I think more people will discover they must conduct extensive research to find information needed to stay healthy. We are in information overload as a country. I highly recommend people put more energy into keeping up with how various laws hindering or helping your ability to provide for yourself and family. While being distracted with the Trump fiasco, behind the scenes, many issues affecting your life are being changed, and not necessarily for the good. Have a smartphone? There is an app for that.

  26. Had obama had at least put forth a public option those republican rats wouldnt have the balls to fuck with it.

  27. It seems like every politician is like that fuckin patricks wallet scene

  28. Why make such a cheap joke about WV? 😒 Daily show did it too. Appalachia has had it hard enough. I kind of expect better from this show.

  29. Four years later, oh what I wouldn't give for a President Ben Carson instead, or even President Joe Exotic.

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