Meat Heals: An Autoimmune Disease Case for the Carnivore Diet ft. Mikhaila Peterson || #92


  1. I have been carnivoring it up for a month and a week! I feel so mentally free from food cravings that I feel like a different person. I am hoping to cure my extreme fibromyalgia first of all. Even this week the leg cramps have been so massive. I cry when they start because the fear of the uncontrolled pain. I spasm in my calves like everyone else but I cramp in the front, the back, the ankle and the feet too. I also randomly cramp in my chest and arms but those are not as out of control…once they start I can be charleyhorsing for 6 hours non stop…and they threaten to come back for days after. Totally incapacitating. I also have chronic anemia, thyroid issues, heart issues…allergies and asthma. NONE of which are ever taken seriously by the fkn doctors or seen as a whole. I am deathly ill now and haven’t had real medical care for about 8 years. I did recently get blood pressure pills…Just got insurance but have not found a doctor since moving. Trying to heal my OWN DAMN SELF tho! I still cannot walk more than about 3 blocks it is two blocks more than I could walk two months ago! I am down 27. 5 lbs in that same time. For 20 years my weight was frozen and I could not lose no matter what I did. I had accepted being fat just about a year ago and stopped even trying. Then I was so desperate I did try Keto which I was afraid was too restrictive. Keto still gave me cravings. I switched to all meat, cheese, eggs…and I feel free…


  3. I would like to know the best way to switch from keto to carnivore….day 2 on carnivore and I can barely eat what is in my plate…will this get better?

  4. I’m of Scandinavian descent. I have psoriasis, arthritis and possibly depression. I’ve read that Scandinavians are prone to some of these disorders. I’m not sure but the Lapps that are similar to the Inuits I believe have a mostly protein diet. Maybe reindeer. Do you think Scandinavians that have mixed with Lapps May have genetics that need a high protein diet?

  5. If anyone can kindly answer a few questions about this diet it’d be great! I’m trying to overcome autoimmunity, acne, leaky gut syndrome, and even some messed up hormones that have gotten better but I want to keep improving… I’m 20 and antibiotics did a number on me but I’ve been working my ass off to overcome it.

    1) how does the carnivore diet effect long term health such as clogging arteries and stuff like that?

    2) does it make you smell funny ? If so can that be avoided someway?

    3) if I do this should I stick to one type of meat only then eventually introduce more types?

    4) can I make this a short term diet to cure these issues and eventually introduce a healthy diet such a the Mediterranean diet back into my life safely?

    I appreciate any insight!

  6. What about potassium?

  7. How is your acidity levels?

  8. Well, surely this can't be a normal way to eat, it must be a totally screwed up microbiome.

  9. I do believe that Tim Noakes has a course that you can take and receive a cert in keto/carni nutrition. Great interview, thank you.

  10. It's cheaper to produce carbo bread foods compared to meat. That's most likely why the carbo diet was stamped for; so they can get rich on boxed cereals better for a horse and cow. But humans have a body clearly evolved to eat meat. But I suppose carb was introduced because it was easier to produce for a large population of hominid forms.

  11. The antibiotics = leaky gut. Drs arent going to tell you that. Plant foods sprayed with roundup b4 and after harvest. Fruits are also sprayed b4 and after harvest. The bastards spray everything. There is no organic foods due to chemtrails. Avocados and fruits are also kin to latex trees. Latex type allergy.

  12. I work in a hospital and sit with primarily emotionally troubled patients, depression and suicidal patients and one thing I see in common is they eat large amounts of carbs and junk food. I’m non medical so I have no opportunity to get into their treatment, but could a carnivore diet help many of these patients? I think so.

  13. I did most of the same thing. Gave up gluten, then sugar and potatoes. Went keto and plateaued in my weight loss. Less pain pain, less fatigue and better attitude. My hiking and water activities improved tremendously. At 56, with autoimmune/ lead poisoning symptoms, I'm getting physically younger and emotionally stronger due to my diet. I never should have listened 30 years ago when I was told to add more vegetables to my plate. I have a vegan friend and even she admits I'm a carnivore 'type'. She's not the norm, is happy to be happy for me. She thinks I should reset on bone broth to clear my system before I do 'carnivore'.

  14. cannibals……cauca cave devil hybrid.

  15. You sound and look a lot like Daya.

  16. Mikhaila i want to Thank your Dad for plugging your sucess with your healing by going Carnivore. I was wondering if you were having Glyphosate issue's Vs Gluten? Glyphosate being a Mineral Scale Remover in Boiler Tubes originally MaY be depleting Electrolytes and Minerals in our bodies.

  17. I didn’t have to eliminate everything. Just eating mostly meat, eggs and cheese works for me!

  18. This is fascinating..I'm wondering about grass fed beef.. free range chickens..non GMO… Is that what she's eating? I'm just curious…this is just amazing..I literally saw someone the other day saying that an all starch diet is the healthiest…??! So much out there..I guess you just have to experiment.

  19. What does hvmn stand for?

  20. What about organic dairy? Is that part of the diet. I love cheese, butter and heavy whipping cream (great in coffee).

  21. I love this guy! He kinda looks like Harold, he’s rockin’ a Casio, and he can do metric to standard conversions in his head! Newly subscribed!

  22. She's adorable.

  23. NOTHING IS GOOD FOR EVERYONE. If you workout while sick…you might have a virus…see what happens to your heart when you work out with a virus. I don't know what is perfect because I believe all people are different. I do believe this diet makes them feel good because it is eliminating…wait for it…wait for it…PROCESSED FOOD AND ACIDIC VEG. She is doing great…eating that which does not cause inflammation and mucus. What that is, is different for each one of us.

  24. What makes your saliva flow? The thought of cabbage or a steak? Well we all know the answer to that, so the brain tells us something.

  25. Im a whole foods plant based kinda girl and I feel amazing. I'm happy for you that you found the right diet for you. Tell your dad hi for me. He helps me live my best life and has kept m alive ❤️.

  26. Look how youthful she looks. She has a skin complexion of a 5 year old.

  27. Very true about anxiety and depression. Mine totally went away. Skin is getting a shine to it
    all over, looks healthy. Have lost waist and weight. Getting deeper sleep. This diet is working. I have a fair amount
    of Neanderthal DNA which probably helps with this meat diet or so I have read.

  28. Too much protein is not good. That's the problem with this diet. 🙂

  29. Placebo effects, she experienced so many negative experiences in her life and lot of bullshit thoughts. The redemption could come from understanding her depression and having positive thoughts. Getting sick by eating olives or pepper resumes to organic food? LoL 😂 See you in few decades…

  30. If you want to be strong like a buffalo don’t eat him eat like him period… biggest mammal in land? Elephant, don’t think he understands the problem of deficiency of any vitamins, LoL he only take minerals. Average Human will die without breathing in 3 minutes, 3days without drinking WATER, 30 days without eating. You can be healthy if you take care of these 3 essential things. Don’t think that centuries ago everyone was eating meat 2 times of the day. It was meal of the kings and they were sick…people get sick because of malnutrition, don’t think it exists in rich and modern countries

  31. Wow! You are describing my reactions. I’ve been low carb for a decade and done pretty well with autoimmune responses on it, but never got completely well. The foods that I think are the most benign trigger bad reactions. I’m considering carnivore, specifically all beef. Thank you for this info.

  32. Mikhailia, have you looked into oxalates? Olives and black pepper are high in oxalates. Watch Sally Norton on YouTube.

  33. I want to know if she drinks infusions or if she tolerate them. And what about the white meats?
    I'm to try the diet, i'm having problems with digestion and gut inflamation, as I get older, i'm getting more sensible to rice, corn, wheat, even more with potatoes.

  34. I use hamberger cause I have a very low income

  35. I like a little walk for 15 min to 30 per day but I dont like the Jim cause other people look better then me. I have always lost on low carb. People use to call me lazy but I walked every day! But still was fat.

  36. she's pretty cute!

  37. intelligent like her dad

  38. Excellent presentation.

  39. It's amazing that she survived all of these battles. (from an earlier video where she breaks it down a lot more)
    Also amazing is her parents, and what they would have gone through.
    I started listening to JBP, her father a few years back and no idea what he and his daughter have struggled with, and the guy still does tours and book signings, all while the MSM hound him, vilify him for standing up for what he believes in.

  40. It doesn’t. It’s because your gut lacks the bacteria to break down such foods, and it ferments, causing more issues. As well as all food sensitivities disappear bc one is simply just eating meat. …. eating meat is a temporary fix. I do not understand how people seriously can be so ignorant? We need to address the source issue, which is the gut issues like replenishing all the good bacteria missing and killing the bad. Our bodies are crying out for nutrition. Generation after generation, we are becoming more and more susceptible to Cancer, etc. Vitamins and minerals are key, we come from the jungle, and life began in the ocean. We should be living on veggies, fruits, algae, seaweed, some fish, nuts, seeds, legumes. 😘

  41. HVMN stands for Hate veggies Meat nourishes

  42. Your issue during PG definitely HORMONAL…ESTROGEN!!!!

  43. I think it's great that she could fix her autoimmune disease through changing her diet, however, I think the title is a bit misleading… the carnivore diet is an elimination diet that excludes toxins and allergens like lectin, FODMAP, sulphite, oxalate , salicylate and phytate, and it happens to be almost a zero carb and zero fiber diet… and it seems that eliminating those helps with such diseases, also, the carnivore diet advocates for consuming organ meats, which are the nutritious parts of the animal that actually achieve the healing , not the muscle meat…. I think it's important that people don't think that eating steaks is healing… I would say that organ meat heals, when you also exclude those toxins… which is achievable if you execute this diet correctly. checkout this video for more..….. but if you just eat muscle meat, you will experience some benefits initially due to excluding those toxins, however, you will start to suffer from malnutrition if you don't understand where to get the micro-nutrients from the other parts of the animal, in addition to eggs and caviar.

  44. Yes we need more DR on board

  45. The optimum diet for humans is 70% plant and 30% animal products.

  46. If this is the way to go. How do you think about feeding the growing 7.7 + billion ppl without destroying the planet.

  47. 99% of people will get sick, fat, obese and die young on a meat diet. It causes cancer, heart disease, diabetes. Not to mention the suffering it causes countless animals and the damage it does to the environment. It is also a huge waste of resources. No human NEEDS to eat meat unless maybe if you have some highly rare and bizarre disease.

  48. "my face was a balloon"

  49. Dont fallow medness! Nobody eat only meat in the world! They lying! Non starchy veg and meat its fine.

  50. Love her story !! FYI….breath meters are consistently INACCURATE, still blood is the absolute marker of accurate readings

  51. Am an islanders and a free thinker don't belong to any group etc carnivorous, sugar free full of energy and feeling great. Great day to you from Palau

  52. I really appreciate your experience. I am one that can’t lose weight if I eat over 10 gr carbs/day. So much of what you said reflects most of my life and I need to get back to what I call my ‘cancer diet’. I had never heard of ‘Carnivore Diet’ but am going to look up more info today in comparison to Eat Right 4 Your Type. Thank you again.

  53. Mikhaila, how were your oxalate degrading bacteria on your microbiome test?

  54. I got R/A and I’m doing low carb and feeling much better but still got some issues. I’m just afraid of the carnivore diet. Like I don’t know how am I going to live without my veggies. Definitely need to investigate more about this carnivore diet cause I got two kids and I have to feel better and basically live longer for them.

  55. I am gonna try carnivore. Darn its gonna be hard giving up my spinach wilted in lots of hot bacon grease.

  56. Sounds like your problems have something to do with Oxalate toxicity in vegetables. Have you looked into this?

  57. I loved this guy in harold and kumar go to white castle

  58. Ok, I'm old, lots of chances to try different foods. For this body gluten is a killer, along with sulphites (you know meds are rife with coatings and preservatives using sulphites, as are the meds they use to put you out in an operation, also at the dentist).

    They won't worry you with details, but look at how many meds people are taking these days and what are the tattoo colours preserved in?!

    I go to the hospital and say I'm allergic to the sulphites in the anesthetic. Sometiimes they looked shocked, like, oh no! And, for the most part I want to be as conscious as possible, without pain.

  59. I fully believe in keto/carnivore diets but I would love to see some of the folks that are keto/carnivore do MRI scans of their bodies, brain and CAC scans so we can see if it really is helping their health, clearing or keep plaque at bay, as opposed to just relying on how folks 'feel'. Bloodwork only shows so much. If MRIs are too invasive, how about Ultrasounds of carotid arteries or transcranial dopplers, etc;? I saw one youtube couple who did it and that was awesome.. but they avoided scanning the brain and strokes are the #1 killer in Asia and are rapidly gaining strength in the US as well.

  60. Autoimmune, CFS, IBS, IBD, and itchy all over!!! I started with Paleo, then Keto, moved to AIP and now switching to carnivore. The closer to carnivore I get the better I feel. I keep trying to convince myself to exercise but I have NO energy. I'm so glad you mentioned fixing diet first then worry about exercise later after feeling better, that's a much better solution than beating myself up emotionally for not exercising.

  61. On ayurveda and yogic science it does say that eating the meat of Cow is more better for us because biologically it's a animal that is very simmilar to humans ….our body doesn't reject it rather there is a natural affinity between cows and humans.

  62. Meat, Salt, Water !… AND BOURBON 🙂

  63. I'm on day 7 on Carnivore diet. Feeling better and better and better. Losing a little weight too.

  64. Remember back when Oprah and Dr. Phil fought the cattle/beef industry in court years ago? That must have been O's hazing or initiation activity for the elite. They've protected her ever since. They know that eating meat can stave off these devastating diseases. Great work here, Mikhaila, and I'm so sorry that you suffered so much and so long with a disease that nearly killed you. God bless you. And as if you don't already know, your dad is one beautiful and inspiring man; love him so much.

  65. drop the back ground music, please.

  66. Really liked this episode. I have been trying to do dirty KETO for over a year. But still have cravings and find it hard to do. I love this idea and am going to do Carnivore and see how it goes. I am too allergic to many foods Thanks for the episode done respectfully and intelligently.

  67. Ever think about incorporating bone broth?

  68. Wow! I ❤️ Dr. Jordan Peterson…is her dad?! He spoke my peace and piece of mind…so proud to be an Alt-Right!!!LOL, I am so delighted to watch this brave, beautiful, and bright young lady’s testimony…As I agree with Mikhaila, Ketosis to Carnivore is the way to transition if you are seeking a balanced ‘cure’ or method to detox from pharmaceutical band-aids. Lifestyle is key…remember, constant busy-ness can add to anxiety. Ignore your haters while they have no right nor knowledge to judge you and are obviously the rude ones. Take great care…we all have a gift and yours is to deliver the talent you were gifted with sincerity and serenity. Blessings are Everlasting…🤓🥩😇

  69. Bless you girl!!!! Im sure you're familiar with Dr. Natasha. I have learned so much from her and answered so many questions that I thought were just "mysteries". Americans and Canadians have "normalized" health problems that are so so so unnecessary!:)) thank you for your candid video!!!

  70. I'm still a bit skeptical. Everyone on the vegan diet practically claims you can sprout wings and fly on that. It didn't work for me, it's deficient, my health got bad. But there's a small part of me who believes in this (meat diet) because when I introduced meat again it healed those symptoms I was having on the vegan diet. To go 100% on meat still scares me because I just left the vegan 'cult' 2 years ago. I don't want to fall into an unknown trap again with more health issues. I do feel less bloated, I can go longer periods without eating (or cravings), & a few days ago I helped my husband handle 225, 80 pound hay bales twice. I still had energy…but early on in the vegan diet I had that too. Just still a bit skeptical, for good reason. I want to live I tell you 😁

  71. Crazy . She got intestinal problems simple as that . Maybe a genetic weakness in the intestines. She has leaky gut for a start . That’s why she ok with meat beef in particular because the bits of cooked beef can’t get in through the leaky gut they to big . That’s it . She got to heal her gut and eat fruit and veg . OMG come on guys

  72. Such shitty mic quality for such a fancy, trendy setup

  73. Just curious … to those eating this way … what quality meat do you buy? For example, any kind vs organic, pasture raised. Do you have any concerns about eating beef that has been raised with antibiotics & GMO grains? Thanks in advance for your input! 💖

  74. I enjoyed the interview. I just started keto and intermittent fasting 2 months ago. One meal a day. Have lost 14 lbs so far. May give carnivore a try if I hit a plateau.

  75. I wonder did she have bladder issues

  76. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

  77. If this works for them, more power to them. It sounds like she and her father have a health problem and this fixes it. If her mom is also able to stick to it, and they all feel better, great. I don’t believe that everyone needs, or should do this. I could not even think of only having beef, salt and water for every meal. That, alone, would send me into severe depression!

  78. Can we just acknowledge how diet IS discipline and effort? Its the same mental exercise as making yourself run, because you'll be sore and kinda more tired and maybe hurting, i.e, making youself NOT eat that cinnabun, because yes it tastes fucking fabulous but oh my God, it will hurt. (In my specific case.)

  79. I hate vegtables

  80. Vegan girls aren't as beautiful as Mikhailia

  81. Harold interviews Mikhaila

  82. I had severe sensitivities to foods/environment after years of meds. I started fasting and my sensitivities lessened a great amount. Processed foods always cause issues.

  83. Fast reset fast reset

  84. Vegetarians and vegans still didn't get that what they eat should be only another component of their diet. Lectins are abundant within the vegetable kingdom, and those are how vegetables protect themselves from attacks. Of course, meat is not all equal as well. Our ancestors knew very well their way with food, so I will stick to what I have learned from them and omnivore is the way of humans, but then again, not 2 humans are born alike. Great video.

  85. It's just criminal our medical industry is so wrong they dont know anything but give more drugs how do they keep doing it like diabetes which u can cure with a version of Leto amd fasting its nutz they are literally killing us

  86. Our schools have been taken over by big pharma and the problem is grant money from toxic companies like coke a cola

  87. I'm sure the alt right is propaganda the left do this crap

  88. They aint gonna do no trials on anything that's not patentable and made in a lab

  89. I had to eat veggies but always with MEAT ~ and cooked in lard! Carnivore Diet needs to bring back trans fat! Just don’t grill your meat ~ our bbq grills are full of gunk & cancer!

  90. On the carnivore diet are you supposed to take supplements? Also do you include berries every once in a while? If so, how often?

  91. I wonder what her blood type is?

  92. really good questions by the interviewer 🙂 subscribed to ur channel

  93. Vaccines and EMFs.

  94. I would love to know more what meats did you eat ? not eat ?

  95. She is telling my story with every single word she speaks, only she hacked the puzzle a lot earlier in her life cycles than I did. Amazing! I thought I was losing my mind when paleo and keto was not bringing complete resolution. Saying ‘Thank you’ is an understatement…

  96. I dont feel so alone. I to experience extreme food allergies, especially all plants grains and soy. Hope

  97. God I just LOVE your videos. Very genuine. Very thorough. Really appreciate all your hard work and time you dedicated to creating these for us all. Carnies have to stick together and from one meat eater to another, you should REALLY check out this up and coming Carnivore fan.
    "Carnivore Farmer". She has 3 generations of family members on carnivore and how it has vastly improved their lives. Its incredibly inspirational. Much ilove and keep on, keepin on!

  98. all meat is inflammatory – see Mark Passio –

  99. Stay vegetarian diet to detox.

  100. nitrates and nitric oxide sensitive

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