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everyone welcome back to my channel I hope you're having an amazing day or night or whatever time it is where you are right now while you're watching this so today we're doing a little meal prep again so one of the meals I'm doing is a chickpea and sweet potato snack the other one is a sort of green curry the third meal that we're doing is the basis for a bean and rice salad type thing and the fourth one is a pasta dish so first off you're going to want to pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius and line a baking tray we're going to cut up three sweet potatoes if you've noticed I've got the numbers in the corner for which meal we're working on at which time now I'm going to cover these sweet potatoes in cayenne pepper because I love it when they are spicy I'm going to pop them into the oven they take about 40 minutes to cook and I'm going to flip them over at the 20 minute mark for the second meal you're going to start off with four regular potatoes and you're going to pop them into a big pot this is the curry meal that we're making now I'm also going to take two large heads of broccoli and I'm going to cut off the florets there and pop them in the pot as well then we're taking two cups of water and this is not necessary about two cups of vegetable stock as well you can leave that out if you wish and just replace it with some water taking a can of coconut milk and then I'm taking three large tablespoons of green curry paste and I'm going to add in a heap of pepper as well now these meals they are really inexpensive and I'm also adding chili to this one like I was saying they're really inexpensive and they're really great when you're on the go some of them are a bit higher in sodium though but if you're eating just fresh fruit and veg to rest the time it doesn't matter for the first meal again I'm taking a can of chickpeas and a can of brown lentils try and drain them as much as possible and I'm just using a bit of a garlic paste if you want this to be vegan just use regular garlic and a little pinch of Himalayan salt here I'm popping these both on a medium heat just to cook a little now I'm going to take 2 cups of brown rice and I'm going to take 5 cups of water you're going to boil the water then you're going to turn it down to a low heat my chickpeas are ready so I'm going to pop them in their containers this one is so easy and I love to actually serve it cold at the end I'm actually going to add some spinach leaves to it as well so it's going to be chickpeas the lentils sweet potatoes and spinach so they're my sweet potatoes they're flip them over now for dish number three this is going to be the basis of a meal we're taking a can or red kidney beans a can of black beans a can of lentils adding in some chili powder some cayenne pepper some oregano and then we're also adding in garlic powder now for this one the other ingredients I don't add in I'm also taking a whole white onion so when you serve this later on that's when you're going to want to add fresh capsicum fresh tomato and fresh avocado don't add them into the meal now as they will spoil quicker you're just going to make the base of this meal now now we're back to the curry again just giving that one a little bit of a stir now you can see almost all of meal 1 is ready so I'm just serving the sweet potatoes in with the chickpeas back to meal 3 again this is the base meal so those beans are finished cooking and I'm going to serve them out in the containers as per usual I will have half as much as Bo because he needs to eat way more food than I do so I'm just stirring my brown rice you want to make sure that it has a bit of water in there so it can go nice and fluffy now the fourth dish rather is the pasta dish so I'm taking 500 grams of spelt green pasta and I'm going to add that into 5 liters of water boil the water and then add the pasta in now I want to add some low-calorie noodles into my curry so I'm taking these Chang slow Cal noodles different noodles have different instructions these ones you just had to put in hot water for about a minute now you can see my rice is ready so I'm going to serve that out with the beans for the dish number three I'm just checking on my past there now I'm adding these low-cal noodles into the curry and then I also added some cashews into that as well and I'm just going to stir that around once the noodles are added in just leave it cook for another five minutes and then you can serve that out into its containers you can have it cold or hot when you go to eat it the next day or the later days whenever you serve it back to the pastor dish I'm going to add a tiny bit of olive oil into my pan and I'm going to cut up a whole brown onion I think I call it a white onion earlier whoops well it's why the skin is brown you know what I'm saying then I'm going to pop the onion and let that cook for a little bit in the pan with 500 grams of mushrooms you can see that the pastor was ready now I let the pastor cook for a think 40 minutes but it was so soft and so nice and you serve that out into the containers now I'm also cutting up a whole eggplant to put into the pasta dish now I'm using a sachet of tomato paste feel free to make your own and some garlic and some thyme and some diced tomatoes now if you're short on time canned options are great and they're also inexpensive if you are able to use the fresh versions do it I've been using the canned options because I'm so short on time and all our cash is tied up in the gym so you can see the pastor dish is ready there so I'm just going to serve it out so here they are all served out and they're actually all so yummy and you can eat them cold or warm whatever you prefer I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did I would love it so much if you'd give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment letting me know which dish that you're going to try bye guys


  1. Is this one week food preparation?

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  3. Thanks so much, I've cooked all of these great ideas, most recently the banana protein bars, so lovely and budget-friendly.

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  5. 4:07 AM

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  8. Hey! i came across your channel when i was looking for plants but you inspired me to change my eating habits! where can i get the meal prep containers you use?

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  15. where did you purchase the containers, especially the rectangle black ones? your meals are beautifully made.

  16. Just came across your channel. Loving the meal prep videos ! I've never meal prepped before but I think I'm gna give it a go now.

  17. Just wanted to say I'm loving your meal prep videos. I love your simple healthy options.

  18. I loved it . I am about to start my journey on loosing weight i am definitely cooking those meals. Subbed <3

  19. I love your meal prep videos — super inspiring.

  20. I wanna try them all! I've never really used eggplant and I notice you use it quite a lot. Going to try your eggplant parm for starters..most Excellent !!

  21. How long did you cook the eggplant and sauce for?

  22. I love the video except I find it hard to follow ingredient list as you go back and forth between meals. You listed the ingredients in another video we could screen shot.

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  28. Putting hot meals in plastic containers is really not good for you, if you want to be healty I suggest glass. There are chemicals in plastic that are realeased into the food, if they are attacked by heat, fat or acid. ^^

  29. Very good Videos. Dear please make more videos without canned products and readymade paste like the green one. Thanks dear.

  30. 2:45 I've noticed you're using what seems to be a ceramic blade knife. Would that be so?
    I've been considering buying one; do you think it has advantages over the metal blade ones?

    Also, I've read on some ceramic knife packages that I should only use them on plastic or wooden cutting boards and avoid glass and ceramic plates. You seem to be using a… marble(?) cutting board; have you noticed any effects of that surface on the edge of your knife?

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  36. awesome video but…learn to chop an onion plz!!!! i was scared for ur fingers

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