hey guys welcome back to my channel I just realized I'm zoomed kind of far out hey so today's video I'm going to be doing no prep for you guys this was requested by you guys when I talked about how I've been mill prepping lately and I just want to tell you quickly how I milk prep because I'm not sure how other people do it and I've never watched a video on this before so I'm just gonna kind of wing it and see how it goes but I'm gonna zoom you guys in first there that looks a little bit better but basically how I mill prep is I just choose two different recipes for that week and I normally just make enough for lunches four five six days and then the reason why I do two different recipes per week is because I'll alternate back and forth each day if I make one recipe for you know seven eight days like on Pinterest I see people who do like they cook eight chicken breasts and do a sheet pan vegetables and they eat the same thing for like eight days I personally can't do that because after a day like three or four I'm gonna be looking in the fridge seeing the exact same meal for the next few days and I'm just not going to eat it and I'm gonna turn to eating something that I probably should've eaten in the first place so I have to alternate because that's just what works for me and keeps me going on this great habit so if you're someone who can actually eat the same thing over and over again for a whole week at a time then it's gonna be a little bit easier for you to milk prep because you can just do it all at once and it's all the same thing but I'm gonna be doing two recipes today for you guys and I'm going to be doing a basically a paleo version of PF Changs lettuce wraps this recipe is so good and in my opinion tastes just the same and then I'm also going to be doing a steak pasta made with zucchini noodles and I don't have a spy roller for my kitchen a so I have to buy a zucchini noodles already made so that cuts my cook time and light into nothing pretty much all I have to do is make the steak so I'm just going to kind of show you guys what I do and let's go ahead and get started so these are the containers that I'm going to be using I just bought these on Amazon and I chose these to be honest because it said its next day shipping and I'm all about next day shipping if you can get that option so I just picked these these are reusable I got 15 of them I think it was $19 1999 probably and these are actually really good they washed really easily in their art and hopefully you can see those three compartments I don't always fill up all the compartments like today I might not fill up all the compartments but I really like these and they are very sleek and I just can pop them in the fridge and there they are in the past I was using like random Tupperware's that didn't line up and it just kind of low junky in there I do like how these look and I don't know you don't have to have these you can use regular Tupperware but I really really like these so I will link these down below for you guys here are the ingredients for my first recipe these are going to be the lettuce wraps and I have a pound of ground chicken breast this is soy sauce but it's the paleo version it is just basically an alternative and it tastes exactly the same and then I have olive oil water chestnuts garlic that's already minced and yes I by are already done because it's just super convenient I hate missing the garlic myself some mushrooms green onion and then I have obviously the lettuce to break off for the actual lettuce wraps so this is all that you need for these lettuce wraps and I'm telling you guys this recipe is so good there's no ceiling when you won me baby believe me there's no one there and how I feel really got this but the same you're everything always [Applause] we got this there see the same time sending and all my by sending and sending you my life and oh my god so tell me and on my line and how it feels right sending your mother okay so while this is cooling off I'm gonna start working on the next one I'm just gonna be sauteing up some steak with seasoning and then putting it next to this pasta and then I'll end up combining this once I eat it I also grab some whole green beans and I love these so much and I'm just going to cook the steak in this olive oil and I'm going to go ahead and season the steak with just a mixture of random seasoning whatever seasoning you like will work so yeah let's get started with this one you thought we had never lasted it was good we could see between all the cracks you did your best to make me yours me baby I cannot say it so that you can I tell you how I can't believe that I thought we were in love you were busy playing on my heartstrings shoot you did your best to make me yours it's all right you guys so here is the final product of what it looks like whenever I start to eat this I will of course wrap this in here and I like to have extra left over just to eat with a fork and then when these I will mix the steak and with the zucchini and heat it up and I have green beans and all of them because I love green beans especially these I could eat them every day the rest of my entire life you could switch it out for like sweet potatoes or corn broccoli cauliflower whatever you want and I'm just gonna go ahead and put these lids on them now but if you guys have any recipes that you like for Mill prep please leave them down below for me or if you have any food blogs that you follow for Mill prep I'm always wanting to try something new but that's gonna be off of this video now I'll see you guys next time right but now


  1. Do you not wash your lettuce?

  2. Skinnytaste is a favorite of mine for healthy meal prep.

  3. I love crockpot meal preps lol super easy

  4. Ok so I have never used my Pampered Chef chopper with the lid on. I always just do it on the cutting board. The way you do it makes clean up so much easier! Mind is blown lol! 😆

  5. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. I’m so glad you choose this content for this video. I’m a beginner at age 64 trying meal prep & meal planning, for my husband & myself. I just ordered the containers from Amazon. TY for sharing……Donna

  7. Fantastic video, xxxxx really enjoyed watching this video and think you should do more xxxxx love always xxxxxx

  8. So glad you made this! Those lettuce wraps look so good 🤤🤤

  9. Did I overlook the recipes in the description box?

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