McDonalds Fitness Watch Got Banned?

Can I get a Mc land air and sea? I’m sorry what was that? It’s a Mc land air and sea. I think it’s like just chicken burger and fish And do you guys have szechuan sauce? McDonald’s, you guys know it as the fast food place. It’s really good food They had this idea last year in 2016 where if you bought a happy meal you know you get a free toy right? The toy that you get is this fitness tracker I just happened to pick one up, but they all got recalled and removed you can’t find them anymore, but why? Basically McDonald’s made this happy meal toy in 2016 and it went insane there were like 32 million units made. This was ever this is in all the happy meal toys And I know a lot of you guys go to McDonald’s like your boi. Well With the happy meal toy most of them are pretty friendly pretty harmless, but they made one with some tech in it And that’s where I got to check it out They made this fitness tracker, two types And basically it would just track your steps and help you get you know active and fit after you’ve eaten some food Super cool right? No! They all got removed because like 70 people or so all reported and complained saying these bands Were causing skin irritation, and sometimes burning people and I don’t know about you, I’m a kid I like happy meals a lot of kids like happy meals You can’t really have that so I just happened to pick a bunch up I found em’ all and I kind of want to see like what’s up with this fitness tracker So they made two types you got your activity counter, and then you got your light-up band They made a bunch of colors, I got a few here and the difference is one kind of lights up, let me show you guys One lights up see there’s no screen on it compared to this one It lights up to show you that you’re moving you’re stepping all the fun stuff. Who doesn’t like fun colors and lights? I know I do! This one doesn’t light up But it just shows you how many steps you’ve made so when you shake it you can see It’s going up, you can even hear it You hear that little click? It sounds like a tic-tac in a box That’s pretty much it. So this whole thing was to get people more active after eating food Sounds like a great idea, like what could possibly go wrong? Well it went wrong, they happened to recall all the units Which is totally alright. You think you know maybe a few of these got removed, no 32.6 million of these got removed and I like the happy meal toys I have I think five out of the remaining ones that are left. This one here The light-up one doesn’t actually work, and I found a bunch of these and none that I got would light up I don’t know if it’s just like a year old, it’s coming up on just about a year It’s sad, because I would have loved to have seen the light up action and like this was apparently causing skin burns and irritation Putting it on my wrist here, it’s got like a plastic band it doesn’t feel the worst I mean for like four, five bucks to get some food if you can get a fitness tracker That’s somewhat accurate or is like telling you to move that’d be pretty sweet! So we’re going to try that out in a sec I’m just gonna try to put this band on, alright I got to take my apple watch off first I got it on my wrist here, it’s pretty good nice and loose So the light if it was working would just kind of show up on the sides It’s one of those like light-up shoe kind of things where as you move a light shows And it’s pretty bright. Now this one here doesn’t light up But it has a screen on it to show you how many steps you’ve Actually moved, so what I want to do is run around and see how accurate this is Compared to my apple watch And See if these things should still be around [Music] Okay, so I’m at McDonald’s right now. I’m here to test out the step it versus my Apple Watch Just want to see which one’s more accurate so when I’m going to do two laps around here I even got my McDonald’s headphones these are some 80’s set like radio headphone, so I’m gonna do two laps And we’re going to see which is more accurate. So on my Apple Watch right now I’ve done 2,978 Steps for the day. On my step it let me zero it out How am I doing one step? I’m not even moving. My step it is at zero So I’m going to do two laps and we’re gonna see which is more accurate Here we go! [Music] I’m still out of shape So here’s what we got. We got 100 Throughout 68 Did a little walking still the same 3,158 steps So if I did a hundred and let’s say sixty seven steps on the step it Compared to 3,158 Get ready for it! This thing over counted my steps Roughly by double I think my maths pretty much right there this thing’s hella accurate which is good because you’re going to get more steps You’re going to think you’re moving a lot more than you are But compared to my Apple Watch That fell off No Shoutout time! So I want to give a huge shout out to Know and Landen for having my Notifications on. If you guys want one turn them on and let me know in the comments. Subscribe If you’re new so you don’t miss another awesome video like this, and I’m going to stay loving it and running. Bye! [Music]


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