MBA in Healthcare Management at Clarkson University

Healthcare MBA is an MBA degree it's an MBA curriculum applied to the healthcare industry so what that means is that we have a business focus on managing a healthcare enterprise so we have a program that's 16 courses long by course you can decide whether you want the course online or in class with our our program it's the same curriculum the same professors teach in both formats you don't get a different you know set of faculty teaching online versus in class so it's the same set of information the same classes that you're going to get you know from all the professors it's just the different delivery formats it was great working well in the program because every night but that I went to class I had work-related things that I could apply to the material similarly the next day when I went into work I could apply terms applications theories initially within my current role managing staff I had so many new strategies on how to drive change and how to make things how to lead transformative Li rather than just manage people and so that has been great our faculty are all people who have experience we don't have any faculty who have just zero practical experience we've all had experience in history industry and healthcare we've all had you know professional working business experience doing that so every single person that they will be taking classes from the full-time faculty as well as adjuncts and participating faculty they will recognize have a deep experience in the industry and and that pays dividends students know that they're they're getting they're being taught by people to know what they're talking about just there's a lot of good valuable experience within this building of people that have real-life stories and examples so there's I just I really appreciate that experience because it just they can always have they always have a story or something to help you and I really learn best with that I think prior to starting the program I had some any ability to lead ideas and maybe some ability to lead people I think I would have really struggled in my current job role if I wasn't in the program managing staff because being able to reach out to professor's and kind of rack their brains about you know this is a situation I have with an employee this is a situation that I have with a process how do you think I should move the needle on this and getting some instant feedback and some mentorship has been really helpful different things I've picked up in this program I've applied them in my day-to-day it's been recognized and I've been rewarded and it's felt really good I just think it's it has a very nice community feel to and I feel like that Titan the community that everyone's very helpful here and I really like that in my education experience that I can literally go up to anyone they're gonna Know Who I am

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