Mayor Keller Declares Local Public Health Emergency Due to COVID-19

I know there’s a lot of concern and anxiety
around the coronavirus right now, and we’re all doing all we can to help out and the city is no different. That’s why today I’m declaring a public emergency
in the city of Albuquerque. Now this is something a lot of cities have
done around the country as well as our state, and of course, nationally as well. What this does is it frees up financial resources
for our city. And flexibility so we can deal with this situation
in the best way possible. I also want folks to know what it does not
do. This does not do anything with respect to
firearms or alcohol sales or anything of that nature, but I also want to let folks know
that our city continues to try and provide services to those who are most vulnerable. We’re trying to step up for those in need
during these tough times. And that’s also why by and large, all critical
city services, including city hall, are open. While at the same time, we’re respecting social
distancing as best we can for all city employees. Now, as I sign this, I think it’s
also important to remember that our city is a strong and a resilient city. And for us, what we’re doing today and what
we’ve been doing a few days before and what we’re going to have to do for a lot longer
is really an act of solidarity. By us social distancing from one another, we’re actually keeping the system safe from
being overburdened by all the different cases and testing and demands and so forth. So it’s this act of solidarity that is really
with our public health providers and our first responders. That is how we’re helping, and that’s what
all of this is about. And I know that our city can get through this. I know that United we are actually very good
at dealing with crises. We’re a strong and resilient city, and I
know we’re going to look back on this and talk about how we came together as one and
how we got through this to be a better Albuquerque.


  1. Is the downs or isleta closed too?

  2. This man is all proud it doesn't affect firearm and liquor sells.

  3. So it is OK to just rob others for what you donot have and allow those folks not to have a gun to protect themselves. Apparently you donot live in the Southeast Heights of Albuquerque.

  4. Thank You Mayor🙌🏼🙏🏼♥️

  5. Thank you for being there for Albuquerque, Mayor Keller.

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