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well friends welcome back to my channel so today we're gonna be setting up our may health goals I've got my sticker sheets I've got my washi and some sticker books so we are all set this month I am NOT going to put the habit trackers like I have in previous month's so this is just gonna be mainly a goals reminder page so the first thing I'm going to do is cover up this section that I really just never really liked on the page and this time I thought I'd do kind of a washi layering thing just to again use more washi you get more practice and then you know just to cover it up and and make it fun so I'm starting off with this black washi which I'm hoping will be dark enough to cover quite a bit and then I was thinking about doing it all in black but I think I'm gonna go ahead and try the layering so I'm gonna pull in the yellow and trim it out so it's flush with that sticker on the side and it's gonna layer in a couple of other pieces and I was gonna leave it kind of hanging out there but I need room for the goal so I think I'm just gonna trim it like a box yeah just trim the ball flush okay so it looks a little better and then next I'm going to work on that what inspires me section I hold this quote yes I hope you feel beautiful today I do hope that in the end that's how I feel every day and I'm you know proud of my accomplishment of you know working out and eating healthy and that I feel the results in how I look so that is kind of my main theme for the month is just focusing on that and just being positive positive about myself and how I'm doing in my progress and next I'm putting in the strengthening my body that's basically about food I'm gonna be changing my food habits well in May and also just some of the other positive quotes for how I'm strengthening my mind and what I'm loving about myself so I am happy that I am making progress and reaching certain goals so I wanted to put that in and then here on the strengthening my mind I just wanted to remind myself to stop wishing to make moves just to do it and keep going so so I pulled quite a bit of stickers I think I pulled a bit too much for the amount of space I have on this stride but yeah we'll see so I wanted to kind of try you know sort of lettering the goals this month just to kind of give them a little bit more impact and the way that I letter right now just because I haven't been doing any practicing and you know my regimen is follow to the wayside is I like to do kind of like a what I think I'm going to write and then I'll go over it with my darker flair pen since I can erase this way if i make a mistake i get when i use my friction pen and kind of get an idea of where i want it to be and one thing I've learned is you gotta let the flare pen drive it so that things don't smear so once I'm done with this I'll have to let it sit for a second and just before I erase the trace lines my goals this month are to eat vegan I'm going to be switching up my diet I want to continue drinking a lot of water I started doing really well in April and I want to continue that and keep it going and here I'm kind of trying to erase but it did smudge a bit over there me I drink water one I think this because I had to press a little harder there but yeah so anyway so I want to drink my water and then I also want to walk more I want to get 10,000 steps every day it's hit or miss these days whether I do get that many steps so the goal is to at least take more walks and even if it's like a 10-minute walk outside or you know just getting up out of the chair that's what I want to do so I kind of wrote that in on the goals and now I just want to add a little more decorative miss to it just because I pulled all these stickers it probably would have been fine just as you see it there actually I kind of liked it like it was but I just had pulled so many stickers so hopeful and I really liked all the fruit and food stickers I pulled so I really wanted to use those so I'm going to try to fit them in but we'll see how that goes I really like the carrots in particular all the veggies but the carrots in that food book are some of my favorite I don't know why I just they look healthy and very kind of like farm-fresh I don't know I just think they're pretty cool looking stuff I like to use those and for water trying to fit in anything that look like water then have too many stickers that kind of fit the bill there and just peppering around all those healthy foods yeah and some of these stickers I pulled to go next to the goals but they're not going to fit so try to find other little homes for them instead yeah things started to get quite a bit crowded so yeah I'm trying to lay these all in but again like I said probably is a bit too much so yeah but I decided I'm gonna try fit this guy in here this live well why do you think that's important but it's not just about looks it's about being healthy so we put that in and kind of rearrange that little quote and I'm looking at it and honestly guys I was like it's too much so I'm gonna pull off some of these stickers and just kind of make it a little bit easier on the eyes but that's really it you know just three simple goals and I'm gonna do the habit truckers this time on my monthly so you'll see that in a future video but yeah that's basically it so if you enjoyed this video please give a thumbs up and if you would like to get in touch go ahead and leave me a comment down below I'd love to hear from you I also would love if you want to see more my videos that you go ahead and click that subscribe button and maybe even hit that notification button if you want to see or know when my videos are posted so that's it guys thank you guys for watching and I'm going to do a little touch-up here and yeah and I'll see you next time my pens away bye you you


  1. Looks awesome! It did need just a few stickers taken off. Now it's perfect!

  2. Oh I love your fitness spreads.. You motivates me to use mine more. Will you do a flip through of your planners

  3. I need to start filling mine out. You have inspired me.

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