– MRI Black Powder – Creatine Nitric Oxide Health Supplements Review

welcome to this edition of mris dynamic seminar series in this session we will discuss MRIs pre-workout technology specifically we will focus on black powder the product that has redefined the category of pre-workout supplementation there are countless pre-workout products to choose from in today's market however finding one that provides more than superficial stimulation can be challenging here are some of the common issues with many pre-workout products they may be loaded with excessive amounts of sugars they can be too simple in other words they may primarily contain carbs and electrolytes they may over stimulate the nervous system with excessive levels of caffeine they may lack amino acids to compensate for a tissue breakdown bottom line many pre-workout products just don't support a full range of metabolic energy systems the solution a product that offers a complete range of science-based nutrients and compounds that feed muscle metabolism and energy systems on multiple fronts well into a grueling training session introducing black powder the one and only complete pre-workout product black powder offers an unprecedented range of compounds to fuel multiple energy systems it has a creatine phosphate blend to promote strength an arginine blend for size and recovery a B vitamin mineral blend to generate muscle energy taurine for insulin sensitivity to support nutrient delivery to tissues neuromodulators for focus and workout intensity plus act on us to IR for amplified na signaling acta NOS to IR is produced from a patented extraction process that identifies and Cleaves out tiny fractions from whey protein the actin oz to ir peptides are specifically isolated for their nitric oxide enhancing qualities in fact this incredible fraction may amplify nitric oxide levels by up to nine hundred fifty percent here's how acta NOS to ir work you see typical nitric oxide production is limited by the availability of nitric oxide synthase enzymes otherwise known as NOS NOS enzymes are what convert l-arginine into nitric oxide therefore levels of NOS enzymes are a limiting factor in nitric oxide production the acta NOS to ir fraction may actually up regulate the nosc enzymes themselves and this may allow for unprecedented conversion of l-arginine in two volumes of nitric oxide in fact clinical testing verifies that the acta NOS to ir fraction may increase nitric oxide production by as much as nine hundred fifty percent black powder is formulated with powerful creatine ethyl ester HCl and creatine anhydrous these rapidly absorbed forms of creatine quickly slip into the bloodstream where they can be rapidly transported to power exercising muscles a phosphate blend provides a plentiful supply of intracellular phosphates for creatine to use for replenishing ATP black powder delivers a precise dose of neuromodulators caffeine green tea and betaine combined these nutrients work synergistically to promote optimal neurotransmitter activity and stimulation without the crash and this not only supports focus and intensity but may also promote increased reaction time and strong muscle contractions black powder is simple to use simply mix one scoop in eight to 16 ounces of water depending upon taste and desired consistency consume the drink within 30 minutes prior to a workout and use black powder on training days only for added portability try the new black powder bullet pack all of the power of black powder inconvenient single serving sticks black powder is the perfect complement to no.2 black for prolonging nitric oxide powered pumps black powder powers up multiple energy systems for complete training support it is ideal for athlete and fitness enthusiasts who desire to maximize the workout intensity and power output black powder is a major step up from typical one-dimensional pre-workout products look carbs and electrolytes are fine but why not feed all of your energy and metabolic systems with black powder we hope you have enjoyed this program and have gained valuable understanding of the power of black powder this information should help you to make well-informed supplement decisions said that you may successfully achieve your fitness goals until next time train hard and use the power of MRI to help you realize your potential


  1. cant wait to try it… hope it lives up to the hype

  2. i dont want freakin black powder to eat! i want black powder to blow up!

  3. to heavy for pre superpump250 still owns 45 bucks!

  4. @massivejoes Does it make you feel jittery or like anxious?

  5. @kimsterjizznugget This stuff is incredible – it will blow your mind

  6. is this stuff good?

  7. black powder!!!!!!!

  8. black powder!!!!!!!

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