Markus Rühl – SHOCK THE WORLD – Motivational Video

When the sun goes down When all the people sleep around Monster wakes up and goes out When he walks he shakes the ground Freakiest man I've ever seen that's Markus Ruhl Biggest delts in bodybuilding history heavy-ass weights intense training It just blows the mind with extreme mass and size He is huge One of the biggest guys you've ever seen so fist your eyes A huge monster from Germany Markus Rühl Let's take a look at Markus delts here huge wide development that's the coast to coast look I love to train shoulders I'm sure I'm one of the pro bodybuilders in the pro circuit the biggest shoulders in this business Hard training good eat The judges actually told him he wasn't big enough and I don't know what they are looking at wide thick big! He's basically the freakiest bodybuilder in the show You know him! You love him! You can't have the show without him All the way from Germany


  1. At night, the monsters check under the bed for this guy.

  2. biggest shoulders in the business.

  3. This guy could've played the hulk!

  4. Uncrowned Mr olympia

  5. Мне нравится парень. Он действительно классный!

    И как они все смотрели, где Маркус делал покупки. Это выглядело так смешно. Джетет он "в отставке"

  6. I can't even begin to imagine the hard work and sacrifice it has taken for this guy to get to this. it's insane but I just can't get to a place where I can see the attraction in it. I've a a limited understanding of body building but my understanding is it's all about aesthetic? to me he's more freakish rather than aesthetically appealing??
    and getting to that size, anyone believing this is health and fitness are dillusional. this guy has shaved years, possibly decades of his life to attain this look. is it worth it?
    I wonder what rich piana, dallas etc would say if we could ask them. I doubt they'd still say it's worth their lives.
    I have massive respect for what it takes to attain this physique but I think it needs to made clear it is not health and fitness.

  7. He is crazy


  9. Why still uncrowned

  10. Tanks are afraid of him

  11. whats the name of the song?

  12. Markus hulls he was robbed many times on stage becouse a unqualifid Stupids judges ! No one could defeat him in hes best shape even Ronnie Coleman i thinking !! Ronnie Coleman have best legs and glúteos no tougths and best back detetais if im not wrong and that rest is Markus hulls lol !!! i cant undestand how come he never won a Mr Olympia is Bull shit!!!!! Lol

  13. 1:54 WHATAFAK

  14. Its crazy what our bodies are capable of

  15. anyone here because this randomly popped up on your recommendations?

  16. brutal

  17. Einfach nur LEGENDE, unser Markus.😊🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪👌👍💪💪💪

  18. Man wie geht das?

  19. Living legend

  20. If only he had triceps🤔

  21. he is the best

  22. If Hulk gets angry he turns into Rühl !!!!!!!!!

  23. No one is in his class

  24. Why he never been olympia champ?

  25. German Beast! Der Typ ist und bleibt ne legende.

  26. Is it only me who heard Dorian Yates voice?

  27. He looks weird

  28. L'homme le plus musclé de tous les temps.

  29. After this video i also wanna steroids

  30. Also, best motivational vid on yourine

  31. Where is the poem from at the beginning?

  32. Ich hab noch nie breitere Schultern gesehen, Markus ist einfach nur ein Mutant

  33. His biceps looks insane

  34. On his 'made in germany' dvd, he mentioned something that might be the reason for his relatively small triceps, which he always lamented. He said "when I bench I use very wide grip'. That might be the problem…with bar benching, the triceps will usually be the primary movers instead of the chest like so many people think…unless a person uses a wide grip. Then again, he said on that dvd that he does lots of bench, then lots of shoulder presses, then trains his triceps 2x a week…and I was only wondering when the hell did he ever rest them so they COULD grow???

  35. Love Markus. That build! INSANE!

  36. Deutscher Mega Hulk Respekt,Du bist mein Vorbild!!! 👍🏻💪💪

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