Marketing Nation Success Series – GE Healthcare

the mission of the healthcare is really to transform the way health care is delivered all over the world bringing better health to more people it's a kind of company that you can come to and you just feel the heart you know you know what we're doing is saving 3,000 lives thing for an 18 billion dollar portion of General Electric Company we've got 1,000 or so marketers we've got about 10,000 sales people and so you can start to get a sense of the work that we really have to do to get the marketing and sales people to be better aligned marketing has that cool seat at the table at GE healthcare right now because it's not about just out running the competition with the next new thing it's about how you tell your story differently and how you're going to market is really gonna be what's gonna differentiate you the challenge is that we were really facing before we had market over things like how do I make sure that I am delivering the right message to the right person and in the right context so whether you were dr. Smith dr. Jones here from India you're from Indonesia or you're from the United States you're all gonna get the same marketing message and we all know that that just doesn't work anymore so the first part of the journey is getting people to think that it was more than just a blast campaign tool it's about behavior it's about how to engage our customers differently because we're armed with the right information with our customers and so we are getting really good now I think at recognizing that it's not b2b it's not b2c its be the human betta me that's what Marketo is all about – just helping us all as marketers better understand our customers and really engage them in different ways we touched with behavior with email with any of the ways that we think about talking to customers differently we now know we can track that and we nailed it with two billion dollars worth of touched opportunity that went into the funnel and 600 million dollars were resulting in wins all over the world think about the farthest reaches of where healthcare is where people are and there's people everywhere there's not always a hospital and if we are able to get our message out because of marketing automation I'm really proud of that you

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  1. Love it! not B2B or B2C – B2Humans

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