Marijuana & Gains With Canada's Fittest 51 Year Old (2000+ Pullups!) ft. Timbahwolf


  1. What's up guys! I had so much fun training with Kane — make sure you give him some love on IG and let him know you liked the video 🙂 Also, I'm wanting to do more collabs on the channel like this and open up my audience to different training styles other than what just I (or the current state of the research) have to say. Hope you guys enjoy and let me know if you'd like to see a full blown "Marijuana Science Explained" video in the future! Peace!

  2. Saw this one study on marijuana use and serum testosterone, and it was higher in cannabis users than non-users. Just one study, more is always needed, but interesting result. We’d still need info on any effects on anabolic signaling, muscle protein synthesis, effects on inflammation, and even performance and subjective/ objective markers of recovery.

  3. i feel skinny as fuck when i smoke pot…
    but when am sober..i feel bulky as fuck…

  4. We need more Timbahwolfffff

  5. This video was sick 👍🏼👍🏼

  6. Train insane with kane this guy has been going for a long time good guy

  7. Is Timbahwolf the same guy that was sponsored by Orange Triad Controll Labs? I remember seeing photos of someone that looked exactly like him behind their brand

  8. Get it Jeff haha!

  9. Damn Mowgli got swole

  10. That bewty picture. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Sorry but I'm not seeing anything impressive here. Maybe its because I'm old and know better? His teeth look like they're made out of wood.

  12. Raw footage of Jeff getting high with liu Kang, unbelievable

  13. He had me at vagina painting

  14. THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this video. Back in 2010 when I first moved to Toronto and started to seriously get into lifting, I used to train at the same gym where Kane was training at the time. Of course, him being crazy ripped and muscular, I was at first in awe of his physique and intimidated to talk to him. With that being said, as I did my thing in the gym and slowly made some gains, Kane took to notice me and occasionally give me a nod of approval and smile towards me whenever he saw me. I regret never approaching him because I always though he looked like a very interesting guy, and in fact, one days when I wasn't in the mood to train, seeing Kane in the gym training and him acknowledging me was enough to get motivation back on track. That being said, I did notice that he did A LOT of pull ups, and as such, I made it my goal to try and become as good at pull ups as him. Now, almost 10 years later, I can rep out pull ups like its no one's business with flawless technique (set of 20 on good days), and now I always have people ASK ME how the heck I managed to get so strong and develop my back. I always give the typical advice (mastering technique, prioritizing the exercise, doing it often, perseverance, etc..), but deep down inside, I know I would have never gotten as good at it if I had never seen Kane train.

  15. LMAO I cant even

  16. "that was wayyyyyy harder then I thought it would be"x1000000

  17. This guy is a hero!

  18. Yo bro this was such a great video i loved it. Hit that like n subscribed. P.s. we want more vids with him.

  19. Hahaha Jeff dopest video so funny and impressive. Could take a leaf out of his book with the pull-ups sick arms

  20. one of the best guest for sure


  22. Beauty Jeff! Wasn’t sure if you would try it, as a veteran smoker who enjoys a hit before training, I am pleasantly surprised! You rock!

  23. Jeff's a god lmao!

  24. The world needs less people like this guy in it.

  25. that was 4 reps at the end of the 100 jeff hahaha

  26. Having this start with bong hits = insta like

  27. Tha fuck (btw unilateral rows are bad news for the back look it up)

  28. The pull ups vlog? What the fuck

  29. Please as much as possible need videos from this amazing person even watching his stretching routine like no other.

  30. This dude needs to start rock climbing.. probably be amazing at it

  31. Good vid

  32. Love this video. Vagina painter hahahaha

  33. ah, a new approach to live high train high… gotta tell my professor bout this one

  34. Jeff was high af at 16:55😭

  35. We all know it cut short when you were hitting the bong because you coughed into it and blew water into your face… that’s okay, it happens to everyone at some point

  36. Nobody:
    Jeff: looks at dog remember me bro?

  37. Canada bro science be like, bring a bong to the gym and start with 100 pull ups

  38. Full blown calisthenics PLEASE!!!!
    Loved this vid btw!!!

  39. dude trains at my gym.. didnt know he was high all the time LOL!

  40. This whole video is crazy! Keep up the good content Jeff!

  41. lil Canelo

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