Maria Menounos: “I’m on a Journey to Keep Getting Better”

– Sometimes you don’t even realize, some of the people that
are super close to you could be your energy vampire. (xylophone music) First thing I do when I wake up is, hopefully, kiss my dogs, if they’re in bed with me. Sometimes they’re not, because I’m trying to get
more sleep in my life. I really like to try to
meditate in the morning, even if it’s just for 10 minutes, before I start the day, just to kinda start it
off in the right way. Even if I don’t have time for that, I’ll go out to my front yard, and take some deep breaths, and just look at the trees and the grass and just be grateful for that moment. I really try not to use my phone until I get to breakfast. Ah, perfectionism, something we chase that
is absolutely insane, cause it’s not possible. I think that now I really try to focus less on that, and part of that is just surrendering. It takes baby steps, because you can’t undo
all that programming just super quickly. I try to let things go a lot more and not having to force and control and come from fear, which a lot of women, we suffer from that. We’re afraid, so we
think we have to control. We’re trying to be
everything to everybody, and then we end up being
nothing to ourselves. Then, we’re running ragged, and we’re trying to be perfect daughters, perfect employees, perfect partners, and then we get sick. That’s when it all hits, and then you’re like, “Well, why did I do all of that?” My mission is always now
just to try to get women to come to that conclusion
before they get sick. Sometimes you don’t even realize, some of the people that
are super close to you, that you love more than anything, could be your energy vampire. Watch yourself. If you’re with someone, and you’re constantly yawning, and you’re constantly trying to figure how to get out of the situation, or oh, I’m tired, or I gotta go, or, and you’re getting antsy and anxiety, they’re your energy vampire. Doesn’t mean you have to abandon them. You have to now figure
out a way to educate them on what you can handle and
how much you can handle. Just say, “You know what, “I have to keep my conversations shorter. “I love you, but it’s a lot for me.”

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