March Unboxing w/ Doctor Rogers Restore + GIVEAWAY

Hi guys, it’s me Zena, editorial director
for HUM Nutrition here to do our monthly unboxing and this month I’m
doing it from the comfort of my very own home. So, if you didn’t know the way it
works at HUM is you take a quick three-minute quiz online you’ll get
personalized vitamin recommendations from a registered dietitian and then you
can get those recommendations shipped to the comfort of your very own home each
month in a box that we like to switch up the theme of. This month, this is our box.
I really love the design of this, it has like a cool retro vintage kind of Saved
by the Bell passing notes in school vibe but
it’s actually covered in these questions about skincare. “What’s my skin type?
How do I fix dark spots? Can diet really affect acne?” and that is because our
theme is Fact vs. Fiction so we are exploring the many skincare myths that
you hear and debunking them with the help of an expert.
Inside our little pamphlet here you’ll get a letter from our founder, that’s a
brand new addition to the pamphlet from Walter, and then you get to also read
about this sample that you’re getting in our box which is this sweet little Doctor
Rogers Restore Healing Balm. Doctor Rogers is a dermatologist led brand they do a
bunch of testing on their products to make sure it’s super safe and works for
all different types of skin. This multi-purpose balm is really awesome.
It’s safe enough to use if you have sensitive skin, dryness, if you have cuts, or a burn you can put it on there or you can use it just for everyday
use whether that’s you know as a little moisture, or as a nice little lip gloss
there, I’ve been really into gelling my brows lately so you can also use it for
that. But I just think this is an amazing thing to keep in your bag for whatever
purpose you have. Our vitamin subscribers are also gonna get 20% off their next
Doctor Rogers order. We’ve included a coupon code in there. See? We’re taking very
good care of our vitamin subscribers here at HUM. To go with the samples that
they’re sharing with our vitamin subscribers we also wanted to give all
of you on YouTube a chance to feel the goodness of Doctor Rogers Restore products so we are doing you guessed it, a giveaway! And I think
this month we’re gonna give away the five box so our winner will get five HUM
products of their choosing. It’ll come in this month’s box, it’ll come with the
sample, and then from Doctor Rogers Restore they’re also going to get the
Restore Kit so that has her Face Wash It has their Face Lotion, it has the Face
Cream and it also has the full-size of their Healing balm so you can keep this one in your purse and have a full-size at home or share this with a friend –whatever you want to do but all of their products as we said are super
clean, they’re vegan, they’re biodegradable, hypoallergenic. It’s really,
really good stuff so that will be such a treat. To enter to win this giveaway
all you have to do is like this video make sure you’re subscribed to our
channel and comment below with one skincare myth you have heard. We will
announce the winner in the comments below, so keep an eye out there, at the
end of the month and we want to give a very special thank you to our friends at
Doctor Rogers be sure to follow them on Instagram it’s we
will link them below as well, be sure to check them out they have great products.
And that’s it, guys, thanks so much for coming to hang out in my living room
with me today, for being a great guest, we will be back soon with more videos, more
giveaways. Take very good care of yourselves until then. Bye!


  1. What is one popular skincare myth you've heard?

  2. We love HUM!!! Thanks so much for creating this awesome video.

  3. Very Good. More please! also, Let's be youtube Friends? =O

  4. One skincare myth I heard as a teen: Getting a "base" tan for the summer season will prevent skin damage. (Fortunately, this myth doesn't seem to be as prevalent today.)

  5. Myth: You don't need to wear sunscreen on a cloudy day.

  6. Good Job

  7. One of the biggest skin myths I've heard is that African Americans don't need sunscreen. I'm glad that I learned better.

  8. One skincare myth I heard is that scrubbing your face with soap will keep your skin healthy and acne free

  9. As a full time college student I’ve learned to always take care of myself from the inside out whether it’s a mini at home spa treatment with a face mask, drinking a tea, taking supplements, etc. Self care is very important to me! So a huge myth I’ve always believed is that if you have oily acne prone skin you don’t need a moisturizer but as soon as I started developing a regime for myself I learned that even when I’m breaking out or feeling oily I still need to hydrate and protect my skin barrier regardless. I absolutely love Hum Nutrition, the packaging and results are amazing from what I’ve seen, I hope everyone is staying safe during these difficult times. Sending luck, love, and positive vibes to everyone!!😊💕

  10. Don’t apply moisturizer when using retinol🤦🏻‍♂️ Thank god I looked it up before I accidentally did that.

  11. One myth I’ve heard is that eating chocolate causes acne 😢🍫

  12. Myth: your lips don't need sunscreen

  13. Eating nuts, coffee, chocolate is bad for acne.
    On cloudy days you do not need sunscreen, until you see that wrinkles are coming out of your skin is when you should use collagen and retinol.
    Women should start taking care of themselves past 40-50 not earlier.

  14. A skincare myth that I have heard of and i actually believed for a long time is "if you have oily skin you need to moisturize". Which is completely false, our skin will go into over drive and produce oil if its dehydrated and needs moisturize. That can confuse and trick people into thinking their skin type is oily when in fact it's the opposite. I thought for the longest time I had oily skin and center my skincare around that thought, but I wasnt seeing results. Then one day I heard about that myth so I decided to treat my skin as it being dehydrated. Once I did that my skin responded in the best way ever, my darkspots faded and I no longer am oily with acne everywhere.

  15. Myth -: If it burns, it means it's working

  16. Myth: Daily scrubbing can cause abrasions on your skin 🤦‍♀
    Hoping to win the giveaway

  17. One skin care myth I've heard is people with oily skin shouldn't use oil cleansers.

  18. In my native country, they say that when you get your period for the first time, you should rub it on your face so you won't break out. How's that for a myth?

  19. One skincare myth I’ve always been told was that toothpaste erases pimples 😩 this is so not true 🤦🏾‍♀️

  20. Using butter to treat a burn! Crazy!!

  21. Black people don't need sunscreen ..lies ..yes we do! 😋

  22. Myth – Expensive skin care products work best.

  23. Myth: Acne is hereditary 🤔

  24. Myth : Oily skin don't need to use moisturizer.

  25. Myth: you cant use oil if your have oily skin

  26. I love Hum and that Doctor Rogers product looks awesome! Definitely looks like something that should be a 24/7 staple.

    Myth: A facial wipe is perfectly fine to use in place of a cleanser.

  27. A skincare myth ive heard is you need to use a lot of expensive products to clear your skin

  28. Not sure if this is a myth or not 🤔 I have heard you shouldn’t wash your face in the morning (if you have a skin care routine at night). This is always hard for me 😬, so I use a mild cleanser and cool water in the morning prior to my skincare products.

  29. Myth: you can’t have sensitive skin and acne, and the only treatment for acne is salicylic acid 🙄

  30. Myth: People with oily skin should skip moisturizer.

  31. Oily skin does not need moisturizer. You can't get sunburned on a cloudy day.

  32. Washing your face with warm/hot water will open the pores.

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