“Many Medicines” Episode 1: Advanced Yoga

*Exhales What’s wrong? Oh I’m just feeling a little anxious so I’m trying to breathe it out (exhales) You know what’s good for that? yoga! There’s actually a class around the corner. It says advanced, but how hard can it be? right? I’ve never even tried yog— You ready!? (Confused look) How did you? Okay ladies, you should be in your warrior position arms all the way out and up up up up up up up and flat! and breathe (exhales) See this isn’t hard… Told you we… SHHHHHHHH! And now we’re going to go ahead and face me we’re going to get into the tree position You’ve done this before haven’t you? NO! You totally know this position. This is fucking hard… No I haven’t! This was your idea! I can feel my tacos… If you’re a little gassy feel free to just… let that happen. Too late…*stomach grumbling okay next we’re going to go ahead and get down on the ground now oh thank God butts on the ground ladies *sighs* The cool down… Finally Go ahead and bring your hands over your head flat on your back and slide your feet up towards your butt pelvis to the sky push it all the way up who makes these poses? pelvis to the sky okay… I give up… We should’ve just done meditation…

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  1. Thank you so much for having us!

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