Mango Tries Healthy Food!

hey what's up you guys so for today's video I'm joined here with our friend mango as you can see and we are going to be trying to feed him some healthy foods that you're supposed to usually keep birds but mango refuses to eat anything besides his bird food which is really weird most Birds enjoy snacks and different foods but mango only eats his bird food and I've tried to make me other things and he just will not so today we're going to be trying to feed him like just random food so I hope you enjoy this we're gonna start off extremely simple and try to feed him a peanut because all birds like nuts you know like my other bird gizmo loves peanuts gizmo will actually like eat the peanut with this shell and like pull the nut out of the shell but mango is a lazy piece of so I doubt he's gonna do that so I took the nut out for him so let's see if he wants to try to eat it here you go me and go he's like licking it you want to actually eat it huh take it pink end here come here come here do you see how sassy is to me get on my finger he's like no what are you two like see this do you see this get on my finger mango being so freaking rude come on there he goes do you see what I deal with like okay eat this peanut see absolutely not like nothing you won't even take a bite out of it he's just like what are you doing like stop he's he's trying to eat my fingernail now named dope just doesn't understand the peanut see I tried and then next we have something even easier than a peanut a piece of wheat bread like very easy to chew come on mango please just just try it try the bread bread is good yeah he did not like the bread next we have carrot and I sliced a very nice thin piece of carrot for him to try he's more interested in the carrot than anything else so far is he gonna eat the carrot is he actually gonna eat it Oh Dustin likes carrots and so does ace no he just he likes to lick things I mean that's something right carrot carrot carrot carrot Gary Garrett see the carrot here here Gary my mango it's a care at just a left yes yes yes no okay don't just lick the carrot eat the carrot what are you trying to do right now there you go yep there it is good job mango okay next we're going to be trying to feed bingo a piece of spinach I didn't expect this to go any better than it is so I mean he's licking it oh yes maybe if I like rip a little piece off we're happy I'll take it here you go like what are you doing right now I don't understand this man go we could just make this video annoying mango with a piece of spinach because I feel like they'd be more entertaining and last but not least we have a radish will you eat the radish mango it's okay don't be afraid it's just a radish it's food it's good for you there you have the alright guys so that's it for today's video if you guys liked it please make sure to give it a big thumbs up subscribe to my channel because I post videos every week and also don't forget to check out my social media the links to those will be in the description below and I'll see you guys in my next video and also don't forget to say bye to mango bye mango bye mango what are you doing what are you doing are you doing mango


  1. Hey Ty, idk if you made a vid about this but I have parakeets that won’t and can’t be tamed, tips pls?

  2. Mine loved apples

  3. I think that’s exactly how every sun conure is that how mine was too

  4. The title should have been Mango tries hats!

  5. I have a fancy conure and he doesn't like to eat other food than his bird food to :/

  6. Lol

  7. Mango does not like the carrot so much i hate carrot

  8. Tbh this is probably why he died early

  9. He must be getting enough nutrition, because he looks very healthy.

  10. My sun conure some time drink milk by spoon

  11. R.i.p Mango.. 💔. Who else is watching all videos with Mango because he’s gone?

  12. Rip the rainbow chicken

  13. Lol my bird hates healthy food

  14. 0:53 whyyy swearing huhh

  15. Rip mango

  16. 1 like 1 respect for Mango

    May he rest in peace and fly high.
    We will miss you. 😢😢😭😭

  17. Rip mango, you sassy rainbow chicken

  18. Goodbye colourful Birdy ❤❤

  19. ;;

  20. R.i.p mango. Came straight to this video to watch. Gorgeous mango xx

  21. 😂my sun conure eats everything we give him he loves apples and peanuts also sun flower seeds ps I have 2 sun conuers

  22. Mango this entire video: ew no

  23. At least now mongo eats his food

  24. Be one with the carrot mango

  25. 😂 sort of same like mine. my love bird only likes cheap food. we tried feeding him expensive pearl corn and super cheap normal corn. he doesnt even touch the expensive corn but Lovessssss tge cheap one. same with bread. normal white bread and organic wholemeal bread. he doesnt even look at the wholemeal bread. he dont even eat kiwis or anything😅

  26. Does he talk any?

  27. Omg so funny my bird like him just passed away last week it's so heartbreaking he ate almost everything he could talk a little too. I miss him so much. I got me a 5 month old green check now and he has ate everything I have gave him.

  28. "He did not like the bread"

  29. he wants mango flavour ice cream

  30. My conure kept attacking mango on ny screen and i laughed so hard

  31. fire birb

  32. He’s beautiful

  33. You sun conure is not mean or sassy. Your mean and impatient with your sun conure. It takes great patience, mild temper and intelligence to create a bond with a Sun conure. Once you abuse your bird there trust is gone. I’m not saying you abuse your bird but your doing something wrong and it shows. Sun conures are sweet, delicate and take a very kind and special person to build a relationship with. Peanuts are not healthy as they contain mycotoxins and can kill your Conure. Organic veggies, Fruits, Quinoa, pumpkins seeds are better options. Which is why your bird is not eating and resisted the peanut but your tapping the nut on your birds beak. Your conure is trying to tell you something is wrong but you don’t listen. Never force feed or harm your Avian it’s animal abuse. You Conures scared of you and it’s no surprise how you treat you conure when your not filming.


  35. 0:49 but mango is a lazy piece of shit lol i'm dying😂

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