Malaria – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology


  1. Children have Malaria thanks to mosquitoes

  2. Thaaaanks osmosis😍😍

  3. I came here after the tuberculosis video. How about you?

  4. Everyone who works on this youtube channel is wonderful

  5. I love this. My best osmosis video

  6. Your voice is enough for seeking an attention to listen to even the most boring topics ……..

  7. Haha
    Funny diagnosis

  8. Ok i found out i had Malaria the only thing who made me feel a Little better is the fact that there is a cure

  9. I Googled up the Symptoms and found out i had all of them
    No jokes… now im crying myself to bed waiting for Death to come

  10. Burning hemorrhagic fever solution

  11. wahhh
    outstanding sir ,,,
    keep it up
    thank you for sharing.

  12. A lot of these aren’t in the Cambridge textbooks… it explains very well but it’s a bit much😥… is there an easier way to study them or?

  13. thanks guys that is a lot of info in short time

  14. Thank you

  15. You Deserve the Million + subscribers and u will get soon…the best video for ever i have studied malaria many times in my school days ..but it is my last day to study malaria i got everything….
    Thanks love from Paradise KASHMIR

  16. Where is the immune system in all this

  17. God bless everyone who did this masterpiece

  18. cac

  19. Great! If possible, please do a video on Smallpox, Rabies, or The Black Death!

    Going to buy some merch too!

  20. On point! Thank you

  21. Can u pls make a video on dengue

  22. Always amazing. This my second time viewing this video. First time was when I was studying Tropical Medicine. Now I am doing Paediatrics. And it's still amazing as always. Thanks Osmo.

  23. sooo good thank you!!!

  24. Does eating sunflower seeds, and having them in your blood stream, prevent malaria from spreading?

  25. I hope none of you have a proboscis!

  26. Perfect👌🏼💎

  27. thank you

  28. pls upload video abt alpha and beta blocker

  29. this is such a useful video!!!!

  30. Just received a blood test report today of mine, it says I got Malaria. Falciparum type. 😛

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