Making t/ Connection Chp 2 Fitness

I have a very, very active lifestyle. I’m a retired fire fighter, I’m on call 24
hours a day, 7 days a week. I always have to be armed and ready to go
at all times, as well as my training. And I can honestly say that I never feel inadequately
catered for on a vegan diet. I started running predominantly to raise funds
for animal charities and I started to win races and I decided that the ultimate goal
would be to run a marathon. I entered my first marathon in 2000 and I
won it, and from there I just decided that this was the way forward to help more animals
and to promote a vegan diet. Training for a marathon is not just about
going out and running endless miles. It’s about doing speed work, it’s about doing
a lot of endurance work and coupling the two together. So you’ve got to be fast but you’ve got to
be fast over a long distance. So I personally, and everybody’s different,
train between about 80 and 100 miles a week. I have complete, 100 percent faith that my
diet will give me everything that my body needs to perform well. I certainly don’t look at meat-eaters and
think I could perform any better if I ate meat. I’ve run 22 marathons and I always produce
a good run, no matter what. When I at a race people are quite surprised
that I can do what I do on a vegan diet and they say “why are you vegan?” and I would say
to them “well, why aren’t you? Because after all I’ve just beaten you, so
perhaps if you try my diet, you might be up there winning races too”. On one particular occasion, the person who
presented me the award was the lady mayoress, and she actually said that her daughter had
been wanting to go vegetarian for quite a few months. When my mom was able to tell her that I had
been vegetarian since tiny and vegan since a teenager, she was really overjoyed there was
a role-model that she could use. That’s a bigger achievement for me, because
that’s somebody growing up and she’s the future. And veganism is the future.


  1. @SKAtticus It's "Long Distance Runner" by Promoe., you can see her select it on her music player at the start!

  2. Thank you! With Making the Connection – fine dining, amazing athletes, bouncing babies & more, we are inspiring non-vegans in 8 Chapters – IF YOU persuade non-vegans to watch it 🙂

    So please share the link to our Youtube channel with friends & family. Do tell us too – what are non-vegans saying about 'Making the Connection'? Where have you shared it?

  3. Fantastic role model. I've been vegan 20 years and only started running in May, Fiona is an inspiration. You go girl!!!

  4. Thank you, Fiona Oakes, for being an inspiration!

  5. Nice! Vegan is the way to go! Please click my name to get free recipes, videos and info!

  6. wow, shes great! *_*

  7. Very good video! Fiona is wonderful.

    Will you please tell me, which song you play in the video?

  8. At 0:57 almost got arrested there for drinking cider. I don't know why anyone would want to no that I'm sorry.

  9. What's that song that is played in the background? anybody knows the title/artist?

  10. @viciousvex It is Promoe – long distance runner.

  11. what's the name of the song please?

  12. Wonderful 🙂


  14. @durianrider, she had run 22 marathons. She didn't win 22 marathons.

  15. what is the songgggg?

  16. The song is Promoe, Long Distance Runner.

  17. Fantastic way to give voice to the voiceless, my respect

  18. Fiona was one of two women who, by example, encouraged me to finally make the switch to a fully vegan diet. She continues to inspire me every day.

  19. Fiona has just WON the North Pole Marathon and competed in the 254km Marathon des Sables, the toughest footrace on earth, on a vegan diet!

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