Making Plans – English Conversation – Ben Franklin Exercise


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  2. This type of video is great, thanks Rachel!

  3. pliz can I be a friend in facebook .so if u want but ur name or anything take me to ur profile

  4. Really beneficial THANKS A LOT RACHEL ♥

  5. Thanks for the great video!

  6. Nice! thanks a lot!

  7. Great! I like it. Thx for the updating new words.

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  9. U r so cute teacher !

  10. Thanks Rachel.. love your videos; )

  11. I wish I have had you as my english teacher back in the 90's when I took ESL classes Rachel!!

  12. Hello, Rachel. Thank you for your wonderful videos. I'm learning from your videos the shapes of mouth or tongue for natural American sounds. I enjoyed the conversation of making plans, too.

  13. Great!
    Teacher Rachel U R Tha BEST!
    Thank you so much! Of course Thumbs up and my wishes for you to be up and up!

  14. God, your videos are amazing. Cheers from Brazil. Learning a lot.

  15. Hi Rachel, first I wanna thank you a lot for your interesting video clips on American pronunciation. The only thing I don't really understand is why you put so many commas into the script – just like at 2:28 after words "want to" "just" and "chat". Is there any rule? It doesn't make sense to me – but you know – I am German 😉 …

  16. Hi Rachel, thank you for your videos. In this video, I wonder if the American could really hear the word "at" (2:12~2:15), or they know the speaker drops the word ?
    I repeat the video many times, but I just cannot hear the "schwa at".

  17. Gracias Rachel, thank you so much

  18. I hink I wanna jst, chat in English

  19. I love such kind of videos ! It helps us a lot 😉 But I am wondering how you do the flap "t". I dont hear it ;D It's like someone says "right"without t for me 😀 Very often americans do this reduction, I noticed this couple of times when I listen to some music ;D In words such as: night, last.

  20. Rachel,
    You explained that '15' should be pronunced with the stress on the last syllable, but when you talked to your father you placed it on the first syllable.

  21. another great video, these Ben Franklin exercises are really helpful, plz make more of these!

  22. Hello Rachel am really thankfull for ur efforts a just wanna ask how to pronounce the  word Alligator And what does it mean? plus how to pronounce it smoothly

  23. what part of America are you from? Rachel?

  24. How to pronounce cellular?

  25. Hello, Rachel! I'm from Brazil and I've been watching your Youtube Channel for a couple of months now. I must say I really appreciate your magnificent work here: extremely helpful. By the way, I'd like to suggest a topic about the sentence "there used to be…" and, mainly, about its negative and interrogative forms. Thank you! 🙂

  26. I have to study more!!!!!

  27. thank you for this

  28. How do I reduce DOESN'T ? Thanks

  29. I can't pronounce the word 'important' correctly.I mean pronouncing the word with dropping the first 't'. Do you have that video about it or can you make one? thanks.

  30. Rachel, how to pronounce WORTH and other words with RTH?

  31. really useful! Thank  you so much, Rachel.

  32. Oi Rachel sou aqui do Brasil. Estou muito encantado com você e a sua dedicação estou aprendendo muito. Não pare continue brilhando.

  33. thanks Rachel

  34. Woow very useful. Pls continue schwa clips. Thx

  35. Very helpful video! Thank you Rachel

  36. Hi Rachel, where in Florida are you in this video?  The Everglades?

  37. Many thanks Rachel, I realy so intrest to teach myself  American speak I start download all your videos,Good job

     Maybe I need some help for some words in future can you assist.

  38. It's really hard to get it at first, but the pronunciation explanations are great! Thanks, Rachel!

  39. your videos very useful, thanks for your efforts

  40. Great video. Thank you

  41. is there a stop t sound in the word just? I'm not sure, but I hear the stop t in the speech.

  42. This is the difficult part. My tooth fell down

  43. why didn't you analyze "said we'd "? I can't hear that part well.

  44. miss you are a nice teacher

  45. I enjoy a lot while watching your videos

  46. It's really hard to say one thirty….I said one durty instead lol 🙂

  47. um video com mais de 28 mil visualizações ter menos de 800 likes. As pessoas só querem usar, não estão valorizando esse ótimo trabalho da Raquel.
    Gosto muito dos teus videos.
    Sou iniciante ainda, não consigo enterder nada em ingles ainda, mas espero aprender usando o seu canal. Muito obrigado por fazer videos.

  48. I glad a lot while watching your video… I did become addicated your video …. Your episodes are very interesting and also they are easy in explanation … you are a big grace from sky…. you are angel

  49. #806th LIKE is mine.

  50. Absolutely great video it'll very useful useful for me I prolly speak English well like native speaker

  51. Thanks

  52. Not till, no till, nace tricky.

  53. Hi Rachel can i use it in my jo interview ?

  54. in the phrase " but we said we'd be there",    it sound like this      " bu-wi- se- be- there".

  55. nice explanation about the different pitch…I wasn´t aware of it until you explained it…

  56. Thank you ..

  57. Love all your videos and your family is amazing!

  58. For me, the most unclear thing pronounced in the video is "you know", I can't hear the word "know" nowhere. even to 0.25 speed.

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