hey guys and so we're starting the bug off in the car were on our way to our favorite country farm enrichment and we love going there but unfortunately it's only open for select month of the year but they have the most amazing assortment of like fresh fruits and vegetables and there's like a ton of stuff that's grown locally and organic so it's really nice because not only is it grow locally it's also a lot more like affordable than just like a typical grocery store what are you looking for super horny outside and heavy for its size with like a fully developed like I've never seen for asparagus with you I didn't know there was such thing as formal affair goes to try this Kylie Jenner was like 20 minutes appeal and I was so intrigued so I kind of just want to try that one of those this arena shitake appear like this is something that's like makes them really special when they're like sweat like that like when I get those dry bags they always her like presenting these ones on the front so we just been describing our groceries and we wanted to stop by into the animals because they have like a bunch of chickens and ducks and go some stuff on it site and it's so cute oh my gosh that's a chicken getting into play right now is a racer and they had like David chicks and stuff running around the cutest thing ever and this is like where we come to go to the pumpkin patch during the fall they don't use the chicken C eggs for anything like that they just happen here just like just to have them here and I think it's so nice also really cute they have like little pharmacist for them we're going to go grab a salad from this that especially I discovered called the top to leave they have a ton of different like salad options and it's great for eating a healthy meal from like a fast-food type of place so it's really convenient especially when you don't have a lot of time or you're just like super hungry so we decided to come to a park nearby where we live and have our salads here so I got okay this actually I can best be can't spell when we're driving but it doesn't normally look like this this is one of their bowls and I got quinoa instead of brown rice I normally get something that looks like this this is Sebastian's but I get mine with salmon usually now why are you stalking right now so we just got back from having our salads and we're putting our produce away so i thought i'd show you guys what we got so starting off we got some raspberries blackberries some of these enormous strawberries and they look really good cucumber brussel sprouts and an enormous bag of basil because i'm going to make pesto and plus like one of my favorite herbs to add into like pretty much anything i'm making we got some a little lemon some kumquats because I've been wanting to try these ever since Kylie Jenner put it in her snapchat another cucumber the multicolored of grape tomatoes watermelon some mint which is really nice and salads and then some shallots which I like to add to everything when I'm cooking a pineapple we bought a bunch of fruit to make like a big fruit salad so that we have it on hand so if it seems like we've got an excessive amount of stuff it's because we're doing meal preps for like salads and like fruit salad as well you guys dragon fruit some California garlic we got some green onion and look at the size of these roots they're huge and then some oregano a big ambrosia apples which are my absolute favorite if you have not tried a brochure apples it is an absolute must we got some iceberg lettuce which is not very nutritional but it's like adds a nice crunch to solids so I'm going to be adding like spring mix and stuff but this just a little bit more like texture some flat leaf parsley some fresh thyme a yellow honeydew melon and I've never made spaghetti squash before and they had these little ones so I thought I would just buy one and try it honeydew melon some cauliflower and he's most enormous cauliflower heads I've seen my life like this is like literally probably weighs more than my head and it like is bigger than my head we recently started roasting cauliflower and it's so good i didn't know how much i would like it i bought some red onion some celery some shitake mushrooms and i've never seen the actual good talkies in under wide format unlike market before these are the ones that i usually like rehydrate from a dried version and they're amazing in like Asian dishes but some fingerling potatoes some avocado and finally one last head of cauliflower hey guys so we didn't finish the vlog yesterday it was so hot out that I was just like exhausted any time I spend any amount of time in the heat it usually kind of ruins my day because after I just get so tired we're going to make dinner now so i'm going to show you guys how I make my salmon and I'm not going to do like this speed it up texting this time because I'm just making salmon broccoli and asparagus for dinner and it's not that exciting it so I thought I'd give you guys a couple tips for how I like to personally make my salmon so for my broccoli and my asparagus I always start off by preheating my oven to about 450 degrees the asparagus can actually be cooked at a lower temperature but I usually don't cook it for as long so I actually put it in with the broccoli as well but broccoli it usually needs like a higher temperature and then you'll get that like caramelized golden color to your broccoli otherwise it kind of Steam's itself so unfortunately I went into the fridge and realized that smashing had left the broccoli uncovered so it went completely like soggy and wilted so what change of plans we're going to have some cauliflower I'm just going to cut this up into some small bite-sized pieces Parsons going to be peeling and crusty in it an absurd amount of garlic because when I cook vegetables I like them to be extremely flavorful not too garlicky like I don't like things that taste like too strong of garlic but I feel like if you just lose it feel like if you just use like a clover to it doesn't really flavor anything that much so I like to use like a tablespoon of garlic / type of vegetable so then after I have all my cauliflower cut up into bite-size pieces I clean it and a take paper towel and make sure that it's completely dry because otherwise it will steam in the oven if it's too wet so you can see I was not joking about how much I love garlic so I'm gonna use about half of this for the cauliflower but you couldn't see I have quite a bit of cauliflower so it's not that much garlic that's half of this to add some salt and I'm using kosher salt so it's not as strong as regular salt so I add extra some pepper a little bit of some chili flakes cuz fashion likes things spicy so I'm trying to warm up to some spice just like that much and then maybe like a tablespoon of some olive oil and then I just whisk that all together now I'm just going to pour that over top of the cauliflower and because I'm too much of a princess I always get Sebastian to mix it around for me so then I just spray my pan with some cooking spray and pour on the cauliflower and I try to make sure the flat sides are facing down so like see this I put it down so that those parts get nice and brown and I just put it in heaven so the cauliflower needs to be in there for about 20 minutes so I always set a timer for about 15 minutes and then I check on it make sure everything's going okay and since the asparagus only takes about like 10 to 12 minutes to cook I usually start that after I made the place our so fun fact about asparagus it will snap at the part that's supposed to be removed most people know that but if you don't like hack so for the asparagus all I do is add in some olive oil it's a little drizzle I add in pinch of salt and then garlic so special is putting in the oven now I just dropped the temperature down a little bit so that I can put it on the bottom rack so my favorite kind of salmon is Sakai's and it's wild so what I do is I Pat it dry so that it gets like a nice crisp exterior when it's cooking in the pan and it's so simple like fish is one of the easiest things to cook but it seems so daunting but all you have to do is just season it lightly with some salt and pepper and for reference this is a pound of salmon so then I'm just going to put a little bit of a high heat oil on top of the fish you can do this in the pan too but i found this uses less oil and i'm just going to brush that on I'm just going to heat up my pan at about medium but on a normal burner I would do this at like medium high is this burner just happens to get really hot really fast I use a cast-iron pan because this can be put in the oven and I always like to finish my fish in the oven so it gets cooked nicely and evenly on the inside so once the pan is hot it's probably been heating for both like two to three minutes come away the salmon down and I always play it flesh side down first so the key to cooking fish is you really want to cook it in a super hot pan salmon doesn't need to be cooked in a spot of the pan it does better at like the medium high but if you want to cook like a whitefish and get that like nice crisp exterior then you definitely want a very hot pan and also that prevents any kind of sticking I normally flipped my fish and then finish in the oven but tonight I'm going to leave it flush side down the entire time and then finish it in the oven for a couple minutes so the salmon has been cooking for about two to three minutes and i'm just going to put in the oven now at 450 degrees for a couple more minutes so I just let it cook in the oven for about four minutes and told the internal temperatures anywhere from like 135 to like one well it really depends on how well you want it cooked I like my little bit more rare and I promise if any of you guys tried the roasted cauliflower it's totally like having like roasted potato or anything else like that it's super satisfying and it doesn't feel like you're eating something that's relatively like lower and carbs so we had dinner and watched a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory and we decided to have a little bit more of a relaxing evening even though we have some stuff we want to get done we're gonna do it tomorrow just because the time is just like kind of slipping away from us today so we're taking my dog for a walk and it's like what time is it now like 830 oh it's 850 it's pretty bright out for 850 good boy ok guys we're going to end the vlog here I have a lot of editing to do so I hope you guys enjoyed today's vlog and if you'd like to see more of our daily lives then don't forget to subscribe and we will see you on the next one right guys bye guys


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