Making Healthy Food Choices: Choosing Seafood and Fish

eating fish and seafood at least three times each week as part of a heart-healthy diet can reduce the chance that you will develop heart disease diabetes or have a stroke the best choice for fish will be high in omega-3 fatty acids a healthy type of fat both fish and seafood should be low in sodium and mercury content eating fish that is high in omega-3 fatty acids can lower your blood pressure improve your brain health and reduce inflammation which is damage to the tissues of your body that can lead to disease to get these health benefits eat a portion there's about the size of a deck of cards to find fish that are good sources of omega-3s look for Coldwater fish like salmon mackerel sardines herring and tripped try eating these omega-3 rich fish at least three times each week in addition to the omega-3 rich fish you can incorporate seafood and fish like scallops mussels cod and soul for a source of protein that is low in saturated fat you can purchase fresh fish canned or frozen all of these can be excellent choices if you are shopping for fresh fish choose fish that has not been seasoned seasoned fresh fish may be high in sodium and added sugar some canned fish and breaded frozen fish is also high in sodium use the nutrition facts table to choose fish that has 5% or less daily values of you can also check the label for the low sodium or no added salt health claim or check the ingredient list to see if salt has been added lastly some fish contains mercury that can be harmful to your body larger fish like tuna swordfish and shark tend to have higher mercury level to limit the amount of mercury you'll eat choose smaller fish such as sardines trout and Harry more often than large fish use these tips to help you include fish and seafood in your heart healthy diet visit cardiac College CA or diabetes College Don ca for recipe ideas

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