Making Healthy Food Choices: Choosing Healthy Yogurt

yogurt is a great way to add calcium and protein into your diet it can also be a good source of vitamin D with so many different choices choosing healthy yogurt can be confusing to start choose a plain yogurt without added sugar yogurt comes in many flavors including fruit bottom yogurt these types of yogurt have lots of added sugar you may see yogurt that has sweetened with honey or agave written on the package be aware that honey and agave are forms of added sugar instead if you like flavored yogurt add your own fruit or toppings to plain yogurt fresh or frozen berries are a tasty and healthy way to change the flavor of your yogurt next check the ingredient list a good yogurt will only have a few ingredients like milk and bacterial cultures some bacterial cultures include probiotics probiotics are bacteria or yeast that may improve the health of your digestive system the system that breaks down the food that you eat the next step is to look at the fat content the percent milk fat or % MF will be found on the lid or front of the container choose yogurt that has 2% or less MF most often some people find that lower fat yogurt is not thick enough if you are looking for a thicker yogurt a lower fat Greek yogurt is a great choice lastly if you enjoy frozen yogurt be aware that although it may be lower in saturated fat than ice cream it is still high and added sugar think of frozen yogurt as a treat for a healthy frozen treat add plain yogurt to a small cup stir in some fruit and freeze plain lower fat yogurts make a great base for a healthy snack cereal topping or dip unlocked food CA or cook spiration comm for more recipe ideas using yogurt you

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