Making Healthy Food Choices: Choosing Healthy Pasta

pasta tastes great and can be used in many different ways there are many types of pasta to choose from in all different shapes but which one is the healthiest choice the first step to choose pastas look on the ingredient list for the first ingredient to be 100% whole grain 100% whole grain pasta maybe whole wheat whole grain durum wheat buckwheat spelt soba brown rice or multigrain all of these types of whole-grain pasta will give you 15% or more daily value of fiber for each serving pasta that is not made from 100% whole grain is often made using white flower like durum or semolina flour this flour is lower in fiber and is not a good source of nutrients you may have seen vegetable or tri-colored pasta while these may sound like healthy alternatives most are in fact made from white flour and contain very small amounts of powder vegetable for coloring white flour and powdered vegetable are not good sources of nutrients you may also notice many brands now carry pasta labeled smart or pasta with added fiber these types of pasta are also made with white flour but include added fiber the type of added fiber may not have the same health benefits as does whole-grain although these types of pastas may be a better choice than plain white pasta whole grain pasta is still the healthiest choice next to the plain pasta you'll often find convenience products such as instant noodles sauce pouches and noodle cups these products are not usually made from whole grains and have lots of added sodium in many cases more than half your daily intake goal the next time you're in the grocery store remember that whole-grain pasta is a great source of nutrients and a heart-healthy choice for lunch or dinner you can even add your own homemade sauce on top as an easy way to include vegetables with your meal visit cardiac College CA or diabetes College CA for recipe ideas

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