Making Healthy Eating Suck Less : Episode 1 : FDOE

I like to start my morning with a green juice this is more like a brown juice because they put some strawberries in it today and I like to use these as more of a supplement rather than a diet or a cleanse now about that cleanse life about that lifestyle life if you guys want to see a video specifically on juicing I can do that because I think it breached a lot of people out but I promise it will change your life I am NOT big on planning all of my meals for an entire week in advance because sometimes pizza seems like a good idea and you got to fit that stuff in I do keep a food journal through My Fitness Pal though just to hold myself accountable and to make sure that I'm eating enough throughout the week so I don't go certifiably nuts on the weekend I need two dozen cookies I've never done that they are really small cookies but I will include the approximate macros for everything for those of you that might be interested and I will list all the recipes and links to anything I mentioned in the description box so I tend to skip breakfast a lot despite what you may have heard breakfast is not necessarily the most important meal of the day that fact that you've grown up knowing is actually just a slogan that was launched in 1944 as a marketing campaign for General Foods in order to sell more cereal yo just eat when you're hungry I do have BCAAs with my workout every morning do you guys even care about that information I don't know they are actually the best BCAAs not really that's what they're called I don't know if it's actually the best when I do Wow the whiteness is real when I do decide to have breakfast I like to make it fresh I don't like to prep breakfast what if I go to things for breakfast is an omelette which usually turns into a scramble so we're just going to skip the shenanigans today and just make a scramble if I am hungry in the morning I don't have time to make something or if I'm just feeling lazy then I'll just grab a protein bar I have to be really careful with those these days though I literally got addicted to quest bars last year like not figuratively got an egg did quest bars last year real food today now I'll just have 4 to 5 quest bars and call it good 4 to 5 not 45 hoerlein could have been in my strange addiction episode my name is Theresa and I'm addicted to eating last kind of been worse so I just want to say real quick I don't feel like healthy eating costs as much as people try to say that it does it's going to cost a whole lot less than your triple bypass surgery you're going to have it a few years of keeping like crap I think the problem is I literally go to the grocery store at least three times a week it's because the Whole Foods goes back so fast so it feels like you're spending more I really do anything crazy for lunch ever honestly I just look at lunch as a way to get through the day to my next meal which is dinner which is the real most important meal of the day I generally eat the same exact thing for lunch every day for like a long time I pick things that are high in protein and in micronutrients because I'm saving the good stuff for later if you know what I mean if I'm on the go I usually just throw together a triple zero yogurt light string cheese turkey slices and then either a bag of veggies or some strawberries two different my yogurt not the veggies I don't dip the veggies in the yogurt don't dip the veggies in the yogurt great she could maybe that would be good today I have time just going to throw together salad and this is a low fat low carb taco salad and I think that I got this recipe from one egg shout out to Lynette Marie oh if I get hungry between work and dinner I'll usually just have an apple or a protein bar okay but really if you are a grown up adult and you have time for multiple snacks during the day maybe you should reveal your priorities let me tell you all about this dinner so this is going to be teriyaki chicken with quinoa and vegetables this is a new recipe for me so I will let you know how I like it basically the crock-pot is the greatest thing ever because you just throw in all the ingredients and let everything cook and meld together for like eight hours and then when you get home boom literally cannot mess up something in a crock-pot I totally let the sticker on this pepper good thing they're edible this is really good definitely a new favorite highly recommend it so I found my missing sticker I also only made half the recipe because 90% of the time I'm always feeding myself which left me two more servings to eat later this week guys I'm the worst after dinner I have to have something sweet so I do but I try to keep it moderately healthy I'm going to show you guys how I make my protein chocolate cake so I've made this stuff like a million times so I'm I totally just guess how much of everything to put in it but I will put a recipe in the description protein powder that I use is the ideal lean and no this is not sponsored by how are you ideal fit I genuinely love this stuff it's only 80 calories and it has 20 grams of protein zero fat zero carbs this stuff is only $30 on Amazon for 30 servings so I will hook my hopes copers up with a link in the description success oh my gosh so I is not allowed to be here while I'm filming before you guys leave make sure to give this video a like if you want to see more making healthy eating suck less episodes and more of me whoa I will see you guys in the next video


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  2. Where do you get your BCAA’s??

  3. As a 32 year old trying to get myself back into shape, I just wanna say you're inspiring to me. Thank you for that.

    I would love to see a video on micro vs macro nutrients, or where to find that kind of info in general.

    Again thank you

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  14. Loved this video πŸ™‚ i always need new ideas on what i could eat.

  15. Hey hope!! First sending tons of love I have been binging your videos the past week and your amazing πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ but I’m in the process of trying to get my YouTube going and I’m really struggling with editing, (right now specifically with trying to figure out how to insert my own music lol) if you could do a video on how you like to edit your videos it would be so helpful because your editing is always on point!! Much love ❀️ keep killing it!!! (Sorry I know this is an older video hope ya see this!)

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