Make It Wearable | Episode 2: Human Health

people shouldn't have to suffer through a bad habit or a bad situation there should be these things that we can wear that can help us gain insight into our problem and perhaps insight into a whole disease category with wearable technology we're gonna get so much data about what people's lives really look like what they're really doing whether they're really taking their medications are really doing their physical therapy and there's gonna be a totally new relationship I think between doctor and patient when that happens there's very specific needs that people are going to have that wearables can solve that's different than the kind of general purpose kind of problems that a phone can solve for instance by a back pain there's wearables that are very specific to addressing that problem wearables can remind you that you've been sitting for too long they can let you know that your posture is bad they can let you know that you fulfilled your 20 minutes of exercise that you had to do I had played eight years the NFL is a sport that it's built on an unbelievably a high amount of toughness and I endured seven diagnosed concussions I remember and thinking to myself it's probably not good to get hit in the head repeatedly but you have these people who say there's a problem there's a problem there's a problem yeah there's a problem what are you gonna do about it the check light measures force of impact to the head and it does it in a way that has an extra mold data points on the back end which we have LED lights that Bend the impact into a moderate impact and severe impact it's not gonna say you've had a concussion but as said is there is a measure of impact that is significant you may want to get checked out if you really thing about who could really benefit the most is you look at you sports in the high school sports where there's not a lot of resources around coaching my kids has been such an absolute joy for me I want to be able to help them enjoy the sport but play smarter play safer and there's ways to do that I want to develop technologies bring bring that and make it ubiquitous throughout and give you data where you just never had data before in wearables what we're going to see is this sort of coming together people's digital world and their physical presence so you want to find out what's the data that is going to make sense to people for some people it might just be the total steps at the end of their day and then they might want to ask a different question they want to say well what days and my most active it being allowed to interact with your data and visualize it is very powerful when somebody comes into my office I get this one minute look at what their life is like I get their vital signs I get a certain Gestalt of what their what's going on with them whether they're doing well whether they're doing poorly but I don't know what the other 99% of their life looks like and that's the most important determinant of Health patients are going to own this data they're going to control it and then it's gonna be delivered to the medical community in a way that doctors can actually use to help people live healthier lives and for me the perfect wearable is going to take all of my data and use it to make real recommendations for what I should be doing in my daily life to optimize the population I'm we're just interested in is individuals with autism spectrum disorder so we're seeing children now getting diagnosed at a rate of 1 and 88 I think that there's a more informative way to do research than just being in a laboratory so for instance a child who is rocking a lot but all I know is that they're either rocking or not rocking what I'd like to be able to do is not tell them don't rock it looks weird or restrain them what I want to do is understand about things in the external and internal environment that might be mediating why someone is engaging in this behavior that can help me better understand what function it serves so I'm wearing a sensor on my wrist that records temperature movement and it records sympathetic nervous system arousal and what it's doing is streaming live in real time Bluetooth receiver on this computer here with the model like that I can compare to that same kid over time as a developer they receive intervention to say that there's a basis for their change the more people are actively engaged in their own health care and sort of work as a group together to solve it from each of us could be a researcher everyone can say this is my question and this is my data and this is how I'm exploring and then they can share that we're going to see a lot more people using wearables we're going to see a huge of swelling of awareness of health and wellness which is already happening in a really cool way but it's just gonna get a bigger


  1. awesome clip. Excellent work. Acquire a lot of knowledge from this video.

  2. I don´t use wearables and I free my nipples every day and I´m doing great!

  3. Yeah sure I'd love a bug up my ass that zaps me every single day I don't work out.

  4. no need for medications on ketogenic diet for life

  5. i think privacy and freedom will be an illusion in the future

  6. No Freaking Way!  I am NOT a science project and I refuse to let anyone mess with my body, No!  This crap sounds like some crazy future syfy robot fantasy. This stuff has gone way to far. Leave our bodies ALONE and go practice your crap someplace else. Your not even being honest and cannot OR should I say won't even admit there are cures for Cancer! Even though there are natural cures and has been for 30+ years, you still proceed to ask for research lab monies and put very sick people thru unnecessary, pills, chemicals, Kemo, and irradiate the geezers out of them. This nasty obsession of many, not only makes people violently ill,  but some are even pushed thru deaths door…… STOP!!!!  Keep your minds on curing people instead of making yourselves drive a new car every month. Most of our health problems are the rotten GMO food, Toxic sprays, pill combinations, unhealthy water from farm crop spraying toxins on food we all eat and the list goes on and on.

  7. this is scary….

  8. This is scary Orwellian crap.

  9. The other day I was at the barbers and on the news there was a young boy with one arm playing golf. We talked a little bit about it and I remembered aa article  on how another boy had problems trying to obtain a hand or a forearm . The problem was, I think, that the cost was high to do this for the young boy had to be refitted for another one more often because he would be growing.So a few engineers used 3D printing to help the young boy. That's when I thought if the limb was chipped, it could send data back and it could record needed info. When it was time to be replaced, the printer could make the adjustments  and the parent and boy could just stop by the doctors office and pick it up. That would save so much time and money. No new casts to be made, ect. Hey folks, if we want to save money on medical costs, this is the way to go. It's proactive heath TY @The Creators Project and @Intel for this.

  10. I find this relationship of technology and data sharing to aid in extended doctor visits rather good.  

    But, I have to ask a question regarding the good doctor's statement of "patients are going to own this data" ( 3:05 ).  How so?  

    If it is used in a study that makes a doctor famous, will they be included in the fame?  If it is used in a study that makes a company a buttload of money because they invented a new medical device, super treatment, or some breakthrough wonder drug, are patients going to get a monthly cut of whatever the company's profits are?  At least the patient should get their doctor's visit free or maybe (assuming they need it) free whatever the company made a buttload of money off of their study from.  Probably (most, absolutely, certainly) not.

    Sorry for the rant.  Have a nice day.

  11. wearables are fine for me, but permanently implanting it on my body? no way. these things are precursor to the mark of the beast.

  12. The way I see it, part of the purpose of this technology is to replace sincerity and accuracy when you describe the problem to the medic and also the discipline when it comes down to respecting the treatment. I think that these things should be educated , not substituted with technology that break some of our privacy. So I'm skeptic..

  13. Still pushing the RFID subskin chip paradigm. Why? Because it deems people too stupid to figure out for themselves what and what not is good for them or should be taken care of. People living by the pulses given out from their 'chip'. Jeez man, this has absolutely nothing to to with 'progressive technology' but only to do with switching off people's own ability to judge for themselves and bear the consequences of their choices. Just imagine in the year 2067: 'Oh shit! My chip got broke, now I don't know what to do for the day!? Aarghf!' – I didn't even mention how lost people already are with a broken GPS today. LOL!

  14. Well it can be used this way… or too spy someones life it's really sad that we even think about using a good meant technology for spying or building weapons

  15. Don't kid yourself this tech is invasive and the data generated will be as misused as the info generated today when you sign up for or browse anything. It has a definite WOW factor that inevitably hides the nefarious purpose to which it will be used. (eg: Do we really need GPS in our mobile phones.)  In twenty years it wont be drug addicts and alcoholics begging for money on the sidewalks. Instead it will be kids asking people to share a little credit via smart phone swipe so they can afford to buy a battery recharge for their cybernetics.  And instead of illegal abortions it will be kids getting illegal techno's to dig the chip out of their skin.

  16. the mark of the beast! LOL

  17. fuck this

  18. What's up with all the "TECHNOLOGY IS EVIL"? It's true there is some risks, like every new technology. It's not a reason though to say things like " NSA will use the data!!!" like if it was something inevitable. Yeah it's possible. But i don't see the utlity for them to have my heartbeat or sugar level in my blood.
    I find it interesting to see how people think that our body will stay the same forever. 
    In the next decades, you'll see people walking in the streets with artificial limbs that will be more effective than natural ones. People will have the possibility to implant chips in their brain to increase their mental capacities. We'll be able to manipulate our genes to live longer and healthier. 
    Futur is upon us my friends and a lot of people will be part of it.

  19. well obviously the majority of people is not ready for this (judging from the comments). Its not like they force it upon you.  Smartphones are capable of tracking a massive amount of specific data about its use and the average consumer is used to it by now and doesn`t even think about it anymore. You just press ok/ok/allow/ on those apps asking for data and be done with it. These NSA comments on a video like this shows how much people are scared by the media. And this is as much transhumanism as a doctor checking your pulse. Its plain data gathering.

    But wait a couple of years, maybe some big Hollywood studio will introduce this same idea just in a `cool` fashion and then an icon company like Apple will see the potential profit and sell it in a shinny way.

  20. When are people going to wake up and start getting that we don't live in a world that is designed to benefit ourselves as individuals. Our society works to serve a select few. Anyone who is looking to get chipped as a way to monitor their health is no different then the cattle lining up in a feed lot.

  21. I don't need to be tagged like a cow to know when I've been sitting for to long.

  22. fuck this shit!!!!I will never give you my body to experiment with…!!!

  23. A lot of hate and paranoia for the wrong reasons towards these kind of projects.

    People have smartphones that has them broadcast all sorts of private information voluntarily.  This is exactly the same, except that it's a sticker instead of a phone.

    Also, information for medical purposes is protected by patients rights and doctor confidentiality.

    The fact that there are certain criminal countries who shall remain unnamed in this comment, who have intelligence agencies that doesn't care about human rights and law, is not the fault of these researchers.

  24. When these products release commercials will be like:
    'Dear mr grey,
    we noticed you like to eat fryed food even though you have a heart disease. We are selling fryed food. Buy it or we will mail your wife.'
    You read this commercial and get an heartattack.
    You die, company is not selling anything.
    This is a bad idea.

  25. More government stalking.. Great! But NO THANX my rawfood/vitamins and positive attitude is all i need for perfect health!

  26. Don't do it!!!! Lad være med at lade dig manipulere, det er i hænderne på helt forkerte mennesker. Hvis du vil beholde den smule frihed du har tilbage, så hold dig langt væk fra det her crap!

  27. Dont fall for this robot mark of the beast babylonian bullshit!

  28. Prepping us for chipping, transhumanism and TOTAL survaillance, from cradle to grave.

  29. Arduino wearable should be is easier , flexible and very good to make a prototype.. The guy wearing a sensor in his wrist gives the temperature data to computer via bluetooth is very fascinating and I am trying right now.

  30. Seems like a fantastic idea if you could control the data you produced. I think I already know where I am healthy and where I need to improve but maybe external data would help keep me honest.

    I am not sure about how doctors would use the data. The ECU on my car comes to mind when I think about electronic data generation being used to diagnose or treat a problem. I have seen the car throw codes and mechanics not be able to figure it out. Just because there is data doesn't mean that the data is always understood.

  31. This technology would be a great way to advance our society and our culture if we didn't have our current system of government. The world is still being run like a business and if we incorporate this technology before we change that, we will hand over far too much control to the corporations and governments.
    This is a great project but the implications of implementing it too soon are terrifying.

  32. Read our report on Empathic Computing: 'EMPATHIC THINGS: FROM WEARABLE COMPUTING TO BIOHACKING'

  33. Not a fan.. invasion of privacy. If only collecting data like strictly numbers, by monitoring heart rate blood sugar etc. Not bad idea though.

  34. So are we going to store this information in the cloud so the NSA can track our heartbeats as well as our mobile phones and emails?

  35. I think this type of innovation is promising but this data has the potential to work against our best interest. 

  36. Stress is the main cause diseases, mind over matter, and meditation.

  37. There is no indication whatsoever who is controlling the data, that's just stupid. Make it Wearable should make it abundantly clear how this data is being used and who has access and control over it. This is very irresponsible reporting. The tech is being ignored because YOU, whoever made this video, undervalue privacy concerns and try to sensationalize the technology. 9 out of 10 comments are negative, are you going to own that?

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