Major League Bodybuilding


  1. the url starts with xX xDXDXDD

  2. Bigfckinggun is dead 4 real

  3. You ever going to post again?

  4. What's the name of that video? I'm trying to find it.

  5. my dick got caught in a bicep. wat am i  mlging wrong

  6. Song that starts at 0:25 pls m8 xDDDDDD 420

  7. Wat muzik at 0:45 XDDDDD

  8. well that was brilliant nice to see you back bloke

  9. all songs in the video pls

  10. tafak did i watch gad dfamn?

  11. dank af

  12. holy shit this is Hi-Quality dank meme 240 blaze it
    how long did you make this one m8? 😮

  13. its 2015

  14. Now that you´re a bodybuilder, can you give me all of your unused Doritein?

  15. What're the songs playing through the jon cens part

  16. Welcome back boyo.

  17. brilliant

  18. What's the first song called??

  19. u mirin

  20. but doritein is steroidine :'(

  21. 420/10

  22. me want to order DoriTein, gimme plz 1337% discount code u fgt

  23. Bahahha mate, this was perfect


  25. beautiful

  26. Didn't work, accidentally crushed my balls with the Kettlebells.

  27. Thanks been searching forever.

  28. nice tutorial

  29. quack

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