Maintaining healthy eating habits in the New Year

welcome back recent studies have shown that nearly 95% of diets fail right so many health experts suggest incorporating healthy changes to your routine rather than start a restrictive diet so Lindsey Bailey we love her dietician Akron Children's Hospital joins us with some simple changes that we can make we all make that new year's resolutions one of the top ones on the list change my diet lose weight blah blah blah blah and then we fail two weeks later so yeah how do we keep it how do we keep the healthy stuff going I'm trying to and I have failed before too that's the number one question isn't it so I think sometimes we make our goals too big and then they're not very specific or measurable or timely so they just kind of got the window very quickly so all of the things that I have here are simple and easy and doable they're small steps and the great news about health and nutrition small steps really add up in small steps really matter so it doesn't have to be mall or nothing micro the week talks about that micro goals and you know what I think sometimes we get bored with healthy stuff too if it's not we're not gonna eat it right the this is great idea now the first one is about oatmeal and that's rather interesting because it doesn't look like so break for breakfast I would say out of most of the things that I hear from my patients the meal that is skipped the most is breakfast and this is very concerning because our children are waking up and going to school they're not gonna have the focus and the energy that they need to get through the day so we really need that breakfast so something that's very trendy is savory versus sweet oatmeal um and I love this I think this is a game changer so oats are a grain just like rice or pasta is so we can treat this as a savory recipe there's caramelized onions in here baby kale you can add Parmesan cheese to this or hot sauce in a fried egg so now we've really got a complete breakfast it's very tasty I'm on board with it okay yeah I'll try it and then apples of peanut butter a classic combination for grab-and-go and we'll talk a little bit more about peanut butter at the end of our sake I eat that every morning see that one do I eat the whole show because you're a stick eight pack fit so I just really jump on that train alright tofu now I am NOT big into this and probably cuz I've never really tried it I think it was I think we need to know what to do with it so right um plant-based meals the great news is there's really good benefits to even if we're including a couple of plant-based meals we don't have to go all out vegetarian so there's benefits for our heart health and also reducing our risk for type 2 diabetes so two things that I'm showcasing lentils and then tofu so lentils here are replacing the meat sauce in a pasta so we have a whole wheat pasta with your favorite marinara and instead of using a ground beef it has some lentils in it so it's very cost effective and tasty tofu we have all the recipes on the website but tofu is a plant-based protein from soy protein and I think the trick to it is getting out the moisture and then using the seasoning so it really is like a sponge it takes up whatever you're cooking with and I think for kids the presentation is important too so it looks like chicken or chicken nuggets or something kind of like breading it in doing it in like chicken nuggets there chicken planks type of things it's gonna be more approachable okay cool all right bread okay okay so this is focus on fiber and I would like to point all of our viewers out to fiber because I think this can be kind of a confusing thing so if we are looking at the Nutrition Facts labeled it is on the back of foods mm-hmm right underneath total carbohydrates is fiber and fiber is important because it helps keeps us full it helps our digestive system it's good for managing our blood Sugar's but really we're looking for something that has at least three grams of fiber or more three is a good source and five is an excellent source okay food for kids that much you probably know for kids kids need about whatever their ages plus five is how many grams a child needs males need about 38 grams per day and females need 25 Americans are not meeting this each day we're not getting enough fiber in our diet so a way that we can do that maybe while you're backed up so this will this will help greens are a great source so whole-grain bread okay I wrote switch we already talking about baby kale which we had on our breakfast item and then beans YUM okay great I can get on that train all right what's this okay so this is trying new food so when we go down the grocery store aisles nowadays there's so many different products um this is really exciting it gives us a chance to try different things yeah what to do with them right yeah but I think that's kind of an exciting experimental thing so I have lots of different things here it might be different in your household parsnips I think resemble a carrot so most kids really like carrots as a vegetable so this is a great way to roast up some parsnips to get some extra fiber and it's kind of a little bit of a spicy hint to it okay now clearly I didn't recognize what this was I'm like what is this yes this is my first time trying I'm actually a fan it's pretty good and then I have here farro which is a different type of whole grain that we can cook with so if we're always doing rice or pasta it kind of switches up some of the different greens we have in our diet coconut flour is something I actually used on the tofu over here and it is a low carb fiber so some of the patients I see with diabetes are experimenting with lower carb a type of things so this is a great alternative for that okay now we got to go back to the peanut is just a peanut yeah yeah right so one ingredient peanut butter this is awesome all we need to do peanuts that is it so as long as you have peanuts in a food processor you blend it for about five minutes and so it gets that kind of creamy consistency of peanut butter and you have homemade peanut butter that you can put on these whole-grain slices of toast you could top it in your sweet oatmeal you can have it with those apples so what's important with cooking is don't be afraid I know it can be intimidating but there's a lot of places to start cooking magazines website YouTube YouTube there's cooking classes too right so there's cooking classes in the area you can you can go to a lot of rec centers and local places have those options if you're intimidated just to kind of get your feet wet and get something yeah because you want people to eat it when you're done thank you so much for the advice we're gonna have all these recipes and tips on Fox icon just click on seen on TV all right we're gonna snack and tossing there any candy Croton

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