Magna Wave Office Hours – Shingles, FDA approval, Magna Wave app, flash briefings

good morning welcome to magnet wave office hours for this Tuesday morning I'm Pat tzemre the CEO of magnet wave I come to you every Tuesday morning in an office hours type situation to discuss whatever it is you might want to talk about with regard to pea EMF therapy Magna Wade devices device strength protocols how it's used where things are going as far as research whatever that may be that you want to know more about simply type your question into the chat box or you can even give me a call let me give you the number if you'd like to call it's five oh two five nine nine nine seven two two five oh two five nine nine nine seven to two today if you want to call and ask a question or share some experience you've had with Magna wave I'll give you a piece of Magna wave gear I had a shirt whatever it is that you might want so if you want to give me a call and discuss something that would be absolutely great and that's what we're doing today couple of things I want to go over before I get into some questions and again if you have a question just put it into the chat box and we'll take a look at it and make our best shot we've been working a lot with the Magna wave app we've had some issues the last month or so and basically them just kind of explained if you don't know about the Magna wave app it's an app that's available for our certified practitioners to use for record-keeping emailing their customers keeping track of their customers and so on and so forth and but it's far certified practitioners but we've had some issues and we've got all those issues resolved the bottom line is we store information in the app for example there's a lot of apps you use you turn them on you go into the app you ask it to do something it does it and bingo it you get the result that you're looking for with our app we are actually storing your comforts customers information we're have an area where you can keep track of your treatments show where you treated update the treatments send that information to your veterinarian your customers your doctor whoever it is that you might be working with in any of these types of situations that requires a lot of storage and server space and servers to keep track of all this one server – keeps track of the customers another server keeps track of the treatments and and results that you're posting and that whole type of thing so it's really a piece of software in addition to being an app and that's causes to make sure that we're keeping up with it and making it effective all the way across the board we have frankly we have a long way to go in making it the perfect app but it's a one-time charge type of app and it's not a monthly fee to keep your records and do any of that kind of stuff but we have five servers that are in place and required to use the app and we have one server that had a little flaw down deep inside that was giving a lot of folks an error and we've got that resolved and now it's ready to go but from that perspective when you put your information into the app and you save it and there you need to make sure you save it properly and do all of that I used to have the problem I'd go into the app I type a bunch of stuff and then I'd go to the next screen and I didn't hit save saves in the upper right hand corner I'd come back and think well it didn't save it well I didn't say but I just went to the next screen I reduced my thing and punched over and so you got to make sure that you save what you're working on but so anyway there's little things and tricks to the trade and how to use it but you're all the information is there it's on a server not on your phone so it's out there so you can get to it if you have a problem or something like that so it's it's all there but it's not it's not shared with us it's your information for private use your customers are stored in there privately we don't have access to that but it is the app that's available to our practitioners with that said if you are a practitioner and you've gone to the to the App Store and you've bought the app and you've downloaded it and you and it's asking for a password and a login we send you that information when you became certified you received an email from Aaron telling you what the password and what the login is and where you go get the app for you to use so if you don't have that information you can call the office send Aaron and email its Aaron at Magna wave P EMF calm and then she will make sure that you've got the information that you're looking for again it's available for our certified practitioners that's why it requires us to give you a password and a login to get into the app to begin to use it and if you have questions give us a call and we'll be happy to answer those questions with with and about the app okay something else that we've been doing that that is I think going to be very educational for you and very educational for our customers your customers if you're a practitioner or if you're interested in PMF is we were using the Alexa app or using Alexa and the echo dot to provide a daily flash briefing about Magna waving or about PMF so you can learn something every day and they're about a minute to a minute and a half long tidbit of information that can help you expand your understanding of Magna wave and PMF or if you're a practitioner you can suggest your customers and expand their depth and how you're concerned about their knowledge of PMF so that's the Alexa app we're going to put the link up for you to go there it's on the website and you can take a look at it and subscribe to the to the briefing and we'll be giving you briefings as I said every day you want to listen to these because I'll be throwing in will have a monthly contest of people who listen to the to the briefing and if they want to answer the question that I'm going to pose from time to time or send the text so that I'm gone they'll be entered for a drawing to receive a prize a maybe gear or it could be attachments or any number of things that we'll be doing to to incentivize you to learn more about PMF and how it can be a very dramatic wellness tool for your personal life or for you as a business owner so that's what's going on with the Alexa app and there is a briefing up today and all you got to do is you know just go into Alexa and ask her for the briefing I also I've had some requests for people I made a video that talks about the FDA if you got that video Brad that we can play here in a second did you get that so I want to pray it play this little video for you and then let you know that what we're going to do is we're going to put it on our YouTube page so if you're a practitioner you can go to the YouTube page get this link share it with your customers again that's going to help your credit credibility and authority with your customers if you're interested in in Magna wave it's an FDA you can go to the youtube page and view this short video so let's take a look at it here okay so we're back that's the FDA video kind of outlining how much FDA has been approved under different modalities and the modality is FDA approved but the different devices and what it's been approved for with the FDA and that brings a whole other conversation maybe we could have so it's on it'll be on YouTube so if you want to grab that link and share that with your customers or if you want to go there folks and take a look at it at your desire as you're learning more about PMF please go to the magnet wave YouTube channel and search out the FDA and you'll be able to see that particular video anytime you need it did get a question from Janet she asked as the Alexa app work without the dot and the answer is yes she has an iPhone you can go to the App Store if you have an iPhone and search Alexa and that'll come up and there is a dedicated app for the iPhone that you can pull it up and install it register for it if you don't have Alexa in your home and then you can go into the app and search out flash briefings and pull up the magnet wave flash briefing or use Alexa for whatever else you want to to search for and so that yes it is available on Android or iPhones I use mine on my iPhone let me see if I can pull it up here real quick and we'll see what today's flash briefing is if you'd like to hear today's flash briefing she's coming up here okay Alexa what's my flash briefing for today here's your flash briefing from magnet wave when I first started with manual I just traveled around the country different horse shows different venues different conventions treating people's small animals or horses and that's what I was doing I was a I was a practitioner I never thought about selling machines then I had the person at Churchill Downs wanted to get off the horses and be able to make a living and not have to ride horses every morning that worked then I'm in st. Louis Missouri and I'm treating horses and I was getting ready to leave town and this one lady comes up to me she says you what are we gonna do when you leave when you go to wherever you're going tomorrow Oklahoma or wherever it may be she said I want to do this I want to buy one of these machines and I can continue to help the people and that's exactly what happened she was my second or third deal I just really hadn't planned on doing that but when we learned that other people could take this take what we had learned learn from us and go help others who it was wonderful it was very rewarding to me to be able to see someone else be able to carry this on into their community or under their discipline and help other people and other animals be healthier and happier here you go okay now I need to tell her stop Alexa stop so that's the Alexa flash briefing you can get it on your iPhone you can get it on anything or get a dot we are giving some dots away for people who buy machines so they can have the dot we're going to have the next place we're going with this is we're going to have skills we're actually gonna teach classes through this in total environment with Alexa Siri on the iPhone Google home to be able to go in we want to take it to the point that you'll be able to pick up your phone and say Alexa how do we treat this or is how is Magna wave used for that and it'll give you the description the answer that you're looking for again our whole thing is about your health and wellness or your ability to use this tool to the best advantage available to build your business or to take care of your customers that you may have through your medical practice your private practice or whatever it may be it's all about the health and wellness it's exciting to me to see now well over 500 people actively developing these health and wellness services to their particular customers all rights need to go back and see questions here we go on back let's see get the comments so that was the question that was had about good morning everybody thanks for joining us we're glad that you're that you're here Timms with us Erin's with us I'll ours with us Jason bill joined us Janet thank you for being with us Tracey so if you have questions just put them in the chatbox and we'd be more than happy to answer a question that I received is when do you treat and how do you treat a puncture wound well as you know puncture wounds are really tough because something goes in comes right out and it's skin appears to close over and so you've got real potential T when you're dealing with puncture wounds for interior infection it's hard to get to it's one of the reasons for tetanus shots but so when can you begin to treat that for healing and the answer is one of the people talk to me about this already but the answer is if there's no bleeding I mean if it's a puncture and it's bleeding you don't want to treat because we want the bleeding to stop we don't want to enhance the bleeding we don't increase the blood pressure when we're treating but we do improve the blood flow so it the blood is going to flow and so if it's actively bleeding we don't want to be treating but once the bleeding is taken care of and stopped then you can begin to treat to help heal at the very level of where the puncture wound occurred so if stopped bleeding begin to treat and you can help the health and wellness of that particular injury improve okay another question that I received is I got a five-year-old with head cold can I treat and so can you treat a five-year-old or a lot of people treat their children and their infants all the time and we're not doing anything that that is going to to be contraindicated to treating a younger younger person you they don't need treatments typically as much because they don't get hurt and they're healthy you can put a coil on a child's shoulder and you won't get any movement at all whereas you put it on an adult soldier or soldier or someone is older and you get a lot of movement with what's going on because they've done things to hurt children as a rule our young people as a rule don't have the indications that this could help but can it help speed up the healing and the Wellness of a someone that's got a fracture or something like that the FDA shows how these devices and how pmf can be beneficial in those particular types of indications so the head code to help clear the sinuses why not and can it be used for sure certainly you want to be low you want to make sure that you're not over stimulating someone to where they're up to where they're uncomfortable but that's the kind of situation that you want to look at if there's something going on that is really medically involved you certainly want to talk to your to your doctor and get the discussion at hand as to as to how it should be how it should be used always confront or could not confront but always consult your doctor when you've got things like that that you want to talk about and pursue but we're here to answer the questions to help you get some information as you go so again if you have a question just potus post it there into the chat box I'd be happy to take a look at it a little tell you a little story here something that's happened we have a customer who is also his physical therapist and has had a hip replacement and now a knee replacement and has used the magnet wave to help the inflammation reduction in the pain relief after his hip replacement and also for his knee replacement a little update in that whole situation when he used the magnet wave after the hip replacement within three days he was off his medication feeling much better able to go back to work much quicker than what they thought he would be able to do knee replacement was a much more painful thing for him much more involved have much more going on afterwards he was having a lot of drainage a lot of bleeding that continued to persist and you know everything every indication is different every condition is different that somebody is working on and so his doctor did not want him doing anything until the and and we would concur until the drainage and the bleeding stopped well and so that took a couple of weeks for that to be in control just by the nature of what they did well something happened during that time and that was a buildup of scar tissue as it was trying to heal during the drainage process and then all of a sudden the doctor said hey you can start using your your Magna wave now to treat your knee but we've had a buildup of scar tissue we may have to go back in there and get rid of that scar tissue surgically so it doesn't impede and get in the way of what's going on so now we're got a two-edged sword we're dealing with here we had drainage and if we could have been treating somewhat during that drainage process maybe the scar tissue would not have developed and things could have been held in check now he's begun to treat and he's treating regularly and with the hope that when he goes back to the doctor in a couple of weeks that the scar tissue has been contained and the healing has progressed enough that he doesn't have to go in and have the scar tissue removed Jason bill may be able to relate to this when you because he's had a knee replacement and used the device extensively to help his healing during the knee replacement process but that's you know you get into situations that that's you know it's kind of like people ask questions about colic and when when our child colleagues they cry and we know it and we work and we do and we got all this stuff when a horse colic and it gets to be a problem it becomes very serious and for a long this time we had a situation that well do we treat colic do we not treat colleagues well all of a sudden the horse is gonna die and so treat the colic and the vets say sure treat to colic and when the horses start to recover very quickly and not die and all this now they all of a sudden start realizing that hey maybe I can interpret this integrative process into my practice as a veterinarian ours and help these colic type situations of course we know if it's constricted or something like that surgery is always required if it's not it or constricted or whatever the situation may be but that's all at the call of a veterinarian who you want to work with closely but when you get into those two edged sword kind of things it's kind of like pregnant mares don't treat pregnant mares we don't want to do anything everything around pregnancy is often contraindicated but you have a situation that a horse is going to founder and I should can we treat its feet and legs well you know you got to talk with your vet and make some decisions but when we get those two-edged swords you got to just kind of deal with and talk it through and proceed as best you can refer and and make it happen so any questions give me a call let's take a look here and see if we've had any other questions no what a comment so I want to go back get rid of here okay so here it is nope no other questions at this point but like I say if you've got some questions please ask if you got a comment that you'd like to share you can give me a call it's let's see here the number bring it back up five oh two five nine nine nine seven two two five oh two five nine nine nine seven two two I'm going to memorize that number so I don't have to look over here when I go to take a look at the number a lot of things going on will be at the retired horse racehorse project coming up here early October that's where they take that you enter this contest it'll be in Lexington you have a retired thoroughbred that you're going to repurpose into a dressage horse a jumping horse and a venting horse whatever it may be and then you come to this competition and you compete with other people who have done the same thing and then the overall winner will be selected it'll be a lot of fun it'll be at the Kentucky Horse Park will be there we're sponsoring the tailgate party that'll be taking place so come down and see us if you're in the area you want to have a good weekend it's the I believe it's the fourth fifth and sixth of October the first of October so we'll be there and then we'll also be an equestrian which is during the Breeders Cup here in Louisville again this year so we'll be there as a sponsor also so come see us we'll be having some new equipment being shown got a lot of new things going on with various complementary equipment and and new some new machines the the b2 machine the low power brain and body machine that helps with sleep and relaxation and attention and that whole aspect of what's going on we'll be talking about those we'll also be covering that more in this particular thing you know another question I'm I'm often asked as we've got we carry a lot of stuff when you get go to the website you look at supplements and we've got the c60 and we've got the hydro wave water and various supplements that we have and people say why do you do that why do you have those particular products on your on your website now are you going to add and change and do more we have them there for a couple of reasons they are processes that we have personally used and have received positive results using the supplementation that we talked about on the website and I kind of in my own mind it's kind of a disease defense and for example the Hydra wave it goes into the body and helps fight bacteria in the body of similar charge so it doesn't attack good bacteria it attacks more of a disease bacteria comes apart attacks it kills it hopefully and and helps eliminate that situation in the body it's just something to do to add to it and and so for with the C 60 the C 60 helps it helps with the telomeres the length of the telomeres and the carbon 60 is the product and it just is very beneficial my personal testimonial there is that yesterday I had another physical get two physicals a year and I went back and since I've been using the C 60 my blood work has been absolutely perfect my doctor looked at me yesterday and said I don't know what you're doing but couldn't compared to what we were doing with you a year and a half ago you made diabetic numbers or non-diabetic my my triglycerides are good and my a1c everything is just better than it's ever been and it only occurred when I started taking the C 60 as a regular disease defense type of thing used in conjunction with our various products and then you get to where there's a lot of integrative therapies and and products out there that people have found work with specific diseases that whatever disease that you might want to to talk about and so people are traveling all over the world to get some of these things or go to clinics or they can have things done that maybe are not readily available in the United States but from the supplementation side if we can find some of these products and bring them to you that you can utilize in your practice or for your health and wellness that's why they are there that's why we're looking for things that are complementary to what we do because a lot of times people have always said well what about laser and Magno a well lasers are fine laser works real well Magna wave works very well also and sometimes used in concert they're incredible sometimes you don't need both but you know so there's always complimentary things that are available and can go on that can be beneficial so that's why we do that that's why we we have these things that's why we talk about it for us to think that we're a one-trick pony that's great and really in many instances I do think we're a one-trick pony we we got the thing that will do answer and help in a lot of different instances but I do know that there are times that complementary integrative supplements and processes and in many cases complementary devices are all good for therefore our health and wellness and for then wellness of your your animals or whatever so that's that's why we do those things and we have those available to you to discuss and I'll tell you that personally it doesn't go on there if we haven't used it if we if we don't see the belief and we have countless people who have used it with us to use these products and to for their health and wellness okay now say I'm not trying to sell that just trying to answer a question that I've been asked so any other questions just put them up there been here about 28 minutes now did we get a question I'll see they're not showing up on my thing let's see FDA all right let's see we're going to go all you've got a lot of questions can using Magna wave on someone with onset of shingles make the shingles break out more great question Wendy I can tell you that in personal use within our family and people that have used magnet wave it helps take away the inflammation it's not going to necessarily spread what's going on with the with the shingles it will help take away inflammation will help the body better defend what's going on with the shingles am i going to tell you that you don't need medication from your doctor or you don't need to do other things no I mean that shingles are no fun shingles are uncomfortable but when you start dealing with the pain and as its developing they're gonna run their course but if you can get your aid and if we can help with that along the way then then that say that's a good thing let's see what is the status of the FDA approval for the Maia machine great question Robert we have three devices the the semi and the Maya and then the wave pro our devices that that we have that are in the process of doing final studies safety testing the semi and the Maya are both through the safety testing situation I'll just give you a total update on where all of this is and and then we have our using these devices in our three studies the study at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit for venous wound healing the study at the Palm Beach Veterans Hospital for bet source and then the study in Florida at the University of Miami for inflammation reduction of joint and knees joint inflammation reduction arthritis injury whatever it may be or the studies that are being completed you know the FDA you can go to the FDA and say hey there's this equipment is approved over here for this and so we want to say we we want what they call a predicate approval that that were there you can do that and the FDA says okay there's other magnetic devices approved so you have it does that mean it's billable to insurance does that mean it can be used according to the FDA's mind to treat specific indications no it just means that there's a predicate device out there and that this is not dangerous from that type of perspective so in many cases people just want the FDA clearance but they're not look for specific uses if you want to use it for specific things you need to do studies which we're doing and we've done in Cuba and you present these studies and you want to do these specific things that's why there are devices for incontinence in women and so the device is approved for incontinence and women and it's manufactured by this company and it and it does and it's used in this manner does that mean other pmf devices as we know and have learn are not effective for similar type of treatment they are and but for the FDA's purposes and someone to bill for insurance and so forth these are the ones that are improved so where we are is the studies are being come on going now you can search what's going on at these universities and the studies will be there that that we are doing them and once completed then they'll be compiled and we'll give it back to the FDA you know it's hard for me to say if I said oh ninety days and it takes 120 days to compile the report and give it to the FDA then it's up to them they're gonna review it they're gonna take a look at it and and see what the results were before they they make a stand can I tell you that the studies are almost completed can I tell you that the reports are being compiled gonna tell you that at that point it's going to go to the FDA yes could that be done and completed in six months could it take eight months I really can't say because once it's submitted it's really kind of out of our hands it's kind of like the testing the whole testing thing for seee approval in Europe and for Health Canada approval it was turned upside down this year because for years they've been working to bring a worldwide balance or a worldwide homogenize a ssin of these rules and and things like that and so what they did this year by getting everything under kind of one umbrella that's not the FDA this stuff we're done back worldwide seee and that type of stuff they changed their clearance and their testing and their audits of the manufacturers so what used to be able to complete it would be completed in one day by these auditing agencies for the FDA or you know Health Canada in these various places now requires two days well that means you either going to stretch it out twice as long or you're going to have to have twice as many people performing these audits and so there's a lot of and and the FDA or not the FDA but the factories that are cleared to force EE approval in Europe and for Health Canada in the United States or any actually anywhere around the world were put on a list and they're working down the list aria proving these factories for seee manufacturing and approval around the world and that's just you know that's backed us up with our final audits of our factory pushed us further down the list because we were new to that part of the game so that's kind of giving you an idea what's going on internationally and what's going on locally with Maya device Robert okay Jason bill writes yes my lymph nodes went into shock and wouldn't pool fluid off my leg once I got home from the hospital and started treating my way leg with the magnet away the swelling was finally maintained last Wednesday I did get the all-clear from my ortho docker doctor she doesn't need to see me for another year she's impressed with the range of motion and healing from the magnet wave process Jason thank you so much for sharing that Jason also says I'm still walking with a slight limp due to one leg is longer than the other left leg is not bowlegged or as bad anymore good okay but other than that everything is going great so Erin also goes back to treating people with shingles Petra asked can it be harmful for a person to regularly used high frequency level with the Maya no it you want to use what is comfortable Petra and and let me explain that a little bit the difference between the high intensity treatments with the with the semi machine or the Maya machine and a spark chamber machine which would be the pulse pro or the max device the signals and that's produced there's two things about the softness of the signal with the Maya and semi machines compared to the max and the pulse Pro is that it does not take the amount of voltage to create the wave or the signal with the digital devices as it does with the spark chamber devices it'll take upwards of eight nine thousand ten thousand volts to create the signal that is delivered with the spark chamber devices that might only be four hundred five hundred volts with the digital devices which means the signal enters the body softer it enters the body more in a more comfortable fashion so what that means when someone says and I've had this happen you'll treat somebody you're treating them on on a five with the Maya for example or a six and they're very comfortable and and you begin to turn it up to a seven or eight and they're they're still comfortable as their as their healing there's other situations where they've got a sore shoulder and they want all the energy they can get and so you turn it all the way up on the Maya and they say well I just don't feel it like I did on the other machine or I can take more with this than more than a five with this than I could with the other machine what's because it's softer so basically what's happening is you're giving them more energy more comfortably and the whole secret comes down to we want to provide as much energy as possible comfortably so what's that mean when you start going back and talking about the spark chamber machines that means that as you turn it up you may get it mid-range and there's a there's they're getting a lot of action in the shoulder and it's working but you don't want anymore that's plenty whereas with the Maya you might be able to still give them more energy comfortably now if you grew up driving a truck and all of a sudden you're made to drive a sedan and you want to drive that truck you're not going to enjoy the sedan so if you grew up on a max or a pulse Pro type of machine and you like what it does and how it works you understand it you know how to drive it down the road safely and and and and accurately then that's what you want if you grew up driving a sedan that's what you want to drive and that's what that's what you want to be and so you know what when you got to drive back and forth I don't like driving in sedan I want to drive my truck and that's what she what you deal with in those types of situations so is it harmful Petra again – for a person to regularly use high frequency level with the Maya know now with that said if you treated them on their shoulder every day on high there's a point if you remember we've talked about the tissue responds more favorably when it's approached in different intensities and different directions so you might want to change the coiler you're using you might want to change the placement of coil on the shoulder and you might want to for a day or two or every – every second or third fourth date turn it down and just treat the tissue is saying oh okay I'm not getting used to this if you put the coil on the same same way on the arm or the shoulder every day treated at 10:00 every day in time the body is going to say well you're just doing the same thing I'm gonna Slough this off cells have cellular memory muscles have cellular memory and so we want to basically keep surprising them that's why when people work out one day they do the lift the next day they do this the next exercise they do that and they have a routine so their body is constantly being built up in various areas that complement each other and help them improve in that fashion so you certainly want to do that as you're using the Maya device on this particular indication person whatever it is that you're treating it's not going to hurt them to use it on high but you want to fool with the body a little bit so it's you don't entrain it to the point that it doesn't care what you're doing you don't want that you want to always be helping your client be better Andrew is watching okay let's see even though it's softer it will still twitch the muscle won't it yes it will talking about the the my device but yes it is softer but yes it will still twitch the muscle no question native did a video yesterday using the wave Pro which is a device that allows you to use two attachments at the same time each attachment individually controlled and we showed we were using it on a horse because that's where a lot of people talk about the wave wings and so forth but we showed muscle movement at various levels with the digital device so yes that it's especially to this let me see here what it says to the semi to the wave pro yes you're still going to get movement now with the semi no there's a point because it's not as strong as the Maya so you make you can certainly feel it but do you always get the muscle twitch well it depends again which attachment you're using but the the what what it is it's a ringer the signal goes up it's called a ringer the signal goes up and it comes down and it stops that's a ringer type of device an oscillating machine the signal doesn't stop and that's where we found that the high voltage machines are they way the signals are designed with needing 400 volts or more to go then you get a start/stop ringer type of signal which is very beneficial and that can be there in a very low powered machine as well but there's just how you engineer and design the signals petrol gene can it cause cancer there's been no documentation that these devices cause cancer if there was if they did it would not we've been around they've been on the market as as class one devices in the United States for 25-30 years no indications of that there were a lot of conversations in the beginning as to use around cancer and how it was brought into the country and used for cancer that's a whole nother story I guess I need brought it up and need to answer the devices were originally what one device was originally one or one company brought devices let me be clear into the country as seed germinate errs they're very effective as seed germinating devices to help the seeds grow more fully more rapidly be healthier so on and so forth they brought it in as a seed germinate er went out to California and started a cancer clinic treating cancer because they could do that in Europe where it was approved for human use for cancer in Europe and they brought it here wrong and the FDA heard about it said mm-hmm can't do that you didn't bring it in this way you don't have clearance to do that in this country so you got to take the Machine you got to go home you don't have to take the machines home that you have here but you can't do this until you go through the normal processes of bringing something into the United States and that's where it was they didn't ban it they didn't say it was killing people they didn't say anything like that that it was causing cancer but they did not bring it in properly so as a matter of fact in cancer clinics all around the world PMF devices our devices in many cases are used for tumor reduction and and use about how they can use them now that's that's other countries that's what they do it indeed in the in Europe pee EMF treatment is is a standard farm accepted form of medical treatment and used in the United States we got a ways to go in which we're in the process of working on but can't can I say that it would cause cancer there's no reason or documentation to to do that to be very candid in the beginning when I was walking around all over the country horse shows and conventions people would come up and talk about it and what it's doing and and what what it couldn't help things spread and I had many debates with doctors when I didn't know they were doctors about well this is just going to cause this problem to be worse and again I would say no documentation and so on and so forth and then you know well you can't do that because they're you're good that improved blood flow it's just going to make make it spread and so my answer became so that means that I can't exercise I can't take a walk if I have some form of disease because that's going to improve my blood flow that's gonna move things around and and oh well then that would kind of stop the whole the whole conversation but they still didn't understand what was going on how it was being used it wasn't approved at that time for anything and as a matter of fact today there is a PMF device FDA approved for brain tumors glioblastoma brain tumors to help slow down their growth to help in many cases hopefully help the the other medications kill the cancer and be very beneficial in that as an fda-approved cancer treatment it's called the op tune and it is used they were like a stocking cap a ball cap on the head and it's got PMF coils and they're supplying the pmf signal to help reduce inflammation to help the blood flow to help things get to these cancerous cells and and hopefully help kill them off the cancer does not like oxygen so if you can have good blood oxygen good body oxygen and that cancer doesn't like that so good oxygenated state is a good thing and and can you say that it's going to cure cancer no but you can say that cancer doesn't like oxygen so anything you do to improve your body's oxygenation during that whole process is I think and people would say perhaps a good thing so all those sandy good morning let's see if you visit PMF you can search okay talking about you can search and that's true the PMF international research and education group is a group where you can go request to join and everybody gets in basically but it is a private group and and the reason Facebook set these groups up this way is you can search in a group when you come to the Magno a Facebook page and we post various information and we post you'll see how people are using this wonderful therapy to feel better and so on and so forth to enhance other things that they're doing allow you know basically self oxygenation help the sets the body up to better heal itself and and you can see all of that but you can't go there and search for it so if you want a search you go to the magnet wave international resources and education and you can put something that you're interested in learning more about in the search bar on the left hand side of the page go to there and put to use is this a B left as I look over here but go there and you can search a particular indication and you can see what people have done and how people have used pmf therapy to better aid these types of these types of situations great place to go magnet wave international resources and educate PMF resources and education six I've let six new people and didn't let I approve six new people this morning who wanted to come in the group and learn more so that's a place you can go thank you for sharing that to learn certainly a lot more about PMF and be able to search things that you want to know more about certainly you can google as well various indications and to see there's thousands of studies have been done around the world and with regard to PMF and how it is how it is utilize our goal is to be as transparent as possible our goal is to answer your questions as best we can to learn more about PMF and certainly I always need to say that that we're not diagnosing anything we're not telling you what it's going to heal but we're giving you an idea that you can go learn more consult with your physician to know – or your doctor or your veterinarian to learn more about how things can help it's amazing to me every day how doctors are saying yes now you can start treatment on your knee or yes you can start treatment after this yes you can get off chemotherapy and let it get out of the body and and start treating the body to be healthier and better larger white blood cells better oxygenation that whole thing so people are really beginning to to pick it up and understand it in the United States and be able to utilize it for their healthcare and wellness let's see any other questions good they posted the link to the international page so if you haven't any other questions we're running low on time here just fire the question at me and I'd be more than happy to answer it for you if you got something you'd like to have answered send me a message through Facebook just go to the magnet Facebook page send a message we'll get it we'll bring it back to you next week we are going to be having I think this coming weeks webinars as a webinar for our certified practitioners the following Thursday will be a webinar that I'm going to be doing and I'm going to be just so you I'm going to be interviewing some folks from hope for cancer in in Tijuana Mexico and the folks with hope learn a truth about cancer and talking with ty Bollinger and his wife Charlene about that I think it's Charlene Charlene or Charlotte I'm sorry I apologize that they haven't see this I met you guys here recently but at any rate we want to have a lot of various webinars dealing with specific topics if you got something you'd like for me to cover in a webinar just send us the question we'll be happy to answer it and give you the answers that you're looking for at that time okay looks like we are just about running out of time I want to thank you for joining me we look forward to being back with you next Tuesday again with magnet wave office hours and again we're here to answer your questions just give us a shout at the office and we'll help you out in any way we can so have a great day wave on and we'll talk to you later thanks for watching bye bye you

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