Madonnna’s Hard Candy Jaw Breaker Workout | Fitness

Standing in front of the chair with your feet
wider and shoulder width apart with the sides of the chair, and lower your body into a lunge
facing the left. Pull up and down four times. Switch directions and repeat to complete one
rep. Do 8 reps total. Then do the next step and pulls only 2 times on each side, Do 8
reps total. Finally the last set, pulls down only once on each side. Do 8 reps total. Standing
both feet on top of the chair and gripping the chair back with both hands, tap your left
food on the floor then step back onto the chair and kick your right leg up to the side.
Do 32 reps, switch sides and repeat. Get into full plank position and rest your right foot
on top of the chair behind you and your left knee resting on the floor under your body.
Then take your left leg diagonally behind you, lower it to the floor again. Do 32 reps,
switch sides and repeat. As you rotate your leg to tap your toes on the chair, use your
hips to make your leg move. Continue this fast-paced motion of toes down, heels up for
32 reps. Switch sides and repeat. Lying on your left side with your left hipbone on the
middle of the seat, extend your leg straight up as you lower your left hand to touch the
floor. Then using your obliques, draw your knees back into your chest. Do 24 reps, switch
sides and repeat. Facing the chair with your feet together and gripping the sides of the
seat, twist your hips to the right to lower your left hip so you face the right. Do 24
reps, switch sides and repeat. Lying face up in front of the chair, place your feet
on the outside of the chair. Keeping your hands clasp, crunch off and lift your right
leg as you tap your left elbow to your right knee. Do 24 reps, switch legs and repeat.
Lie face up in front of the chair and place your right heel on top of the chair so your
knee is bent 90 degrees. Then cross your left ankle over your right thigh. Press your bottom
hips up until your body is straight from your shoulder to your knee. Lower your hips down
and repeat. 24 reps, switch legs and repeat.


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  5. I am in pain looking at this. Truly.

  6. Wow…that BODY!!!! She's smokin HOT!!!

  7. I'm trying this — will report if I survive…

  8. fabulous

  9. pfshaw. It's dishonest to claim you 'just need a chair'. The amount of hopping on and off with full body -weight means it could snap. No this means buying a bench press with wide feet that doesn't skid like water skis

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