Madonna & Hard Candy Fitness / videoscout-it

Madonna! Madonna! Madonna! Madonna! We just wanna say thank you so much to come out to the first ever “Hard Candy Fitness” gym in Germany. Yeah! I am Madonna’s personal trainer. I´ve been
training her for 4 years. I’ve been working with her, as you can see, she’s been on tours,
we’ ve been to Berlin. So, it’s super exciting to have a “Hard Candy Fitness” -gym here in
Berlin and, ehm, we, tonight, we wanna show you a bit of our workout.


  1. So unoriginal! She is just copying Zumba, pathetic!

  2. does anybody know what song plays during the dance routine ..

  3. Van ist wieder auf


  5. madonna ypala i slomala vaginy

  6. The chick at the start is the slut that slept with Madonna's man.

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