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was a professional engineer up until about 10 years ago after breaking my back I used to be that bench press arm curl guy until a friend basically put me in a headlock and made me try functional fitness a lot of what we do is based on personal training so everybody has ever strengths and weaknesses and limitations and a true fitness program is gonna cater to your strengths and weaknesses we have a lot of complex movements you know the greatest things I get your body's moving in the best way possible need a lot of coaching and a lot of hands-on treatment we got it clear on what it is they want to get better at if you're a young university level lastly it really wanted up your game I can help you with that and if you're like a 55 year old man that said screw it I can help you with that too we put them into fundamental training which starts to teach them the base strength-based movements first then up into the clean jar the Olympic lifts it's not sitting on machine pushing its squatting its Olympic weightlifting is gymnastics it's all these things that actually require a coach we have 10,000 square feet of space here we got the main floor here which hold classes up to 30 people really really high ceilings I think 18-foot ceilings we have all the equipment you're ever going to need in terms of doing the things that we need to in movement you're allowed to drop the weights and make a little bit noise and run outside you know carrying on implements and we don't tend to scare our neighbors you know you can go to a community center and there's a lot of people who are part of your community but you don't really feel connected to them in any way sounds kinda cliche but we're all sort of one big family and so a lot of it comes from sort of community-based fitness it's not ego driven in here at all it's about helping each other out I can be huffing and puffing into work out and I'm dying to stop but I look over my buddy and she's huffing and puffing on work out but she's not stopping so I don't want to stop and and so it kind of raises everybody else's game anyone and everyone can move right you have to pick stuff up till the day you die you gotta squat until the day you die as well the fact that i have that open-ended germany to figuring more weird awesome pool effective stuff to help people it's just enough to keep it moving there is something really really satisfying rewarding watching people regain their health and fitness it's a neat way to philly day and I'm just watching other people be better than they were before I love it I love being able to help people make their lives better you

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