Lynn McDermott Health and Wellbeing National Specialist Practitioner Mental Health Day 10 Oct ’18

So hi good morning everybody my name is
Lynn McDermott I’m the health and well-being national specialist practitioner for the Shaw Trust and welcome you to world mental health day so as you can see
today is Wednesday 10th and we’re here waiting to celebrate world mental health day and it’s all
about today as raising awareness about mental health destigmatising what mental health means the impact of mental health means the impact of mental health and
also how to improve your mental health which is quite fitting today because
when the well-being campus here and Edinburgh. I can take you a wee tour of what we’ve got on offer today so as you can see this lovely table we have some array
of resources some local resources actually some self-help resources but
also going to be having some mindfulness coloring some arts and crafts some
informal bits of fun in terms of games to ensure that people are in connecting raising some awareness getting to socialize with other people and maybe
having discussions around what mental health means to him

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