Lyme Disease prevention trailer–Faces of Lyme Series

I think most of us up to this point have been inadequately informed poorly informed you can't even say be careful because there's not a spot and where we live here in northern Minnesota that really isn't an infectious area it's like snatching crumbs where you can I have been finding another strategy and another doctor and getting a shipment from out of the country and I've lately been having dreams about robbing pharmacies advocate for yourself be proactive walk into your doctor's office prepared with the questions to your answers then listen to your doctors answers and you wish it was a death sentence so you could get it over with because it's seven years of sickness now where I I prayed to not wake up the times from this video you should have learned a few key facts to remember when dealing with ticks and venturing forth into the great outdoors know your enemy Borrelia burgdorferi is the bacterium responsible for lyme disease if not treated early and aggressively with antibiotics chances of long-term illness are high the symptoms are many and varied a few prominent symptoms are expanding red rash swollen joints flu-like illness muscle pain unexplained fevers sweats heart palpitations sensitivity to bright lights and Bell's palsy or other cranial nerve problems this disease is nicknamed the great imitator since many Lyme patients are misdiagnosed with ALS Alzheimer's Crohn's chronic fatigue syndrome multiple sclerosis irritable bowel syndrome lupus dementia and so on know your vector five main tics pcs transmit Borrelia in the United States the American dog tick the brown dog tick the deer tick exodia scapularis another deer tick EXO DS Pacifica's and the Lone Star tick the bacteria are transferred through the bite of an infected tick due to their unique body structure extol these species carry the highest rate of Borrelia infection instead of eyes ticks have receptors for co2 and heat when questing any creature provides a fine meal know how to fight back use bug sprays containing permethrin and DEET wear light-colored clothing and tuck your pants into your socks always check thoroughly for ticks if bitten seek treatment immediately do not wait for symptoms to occur Lyme disease and it's treatments are very controversial bad politics have masked good science and many people are dying don't wait for someone else to decide whether you will suffer from Lyme disease or possibly die take recovery into your own hands and demand an immediate and long-term antibiotic treatment regimen arm yourself with knowledge of this disease exercising prevention measures will save great amounts of time money and misery you [Applause]


  1. The lone star tick is not a vector for Lyme.

  2. I Think the problem is that lyme is spread through vaccinines,

  3. thank you.

  4. Hi yes… I'd like one emailed to me!

  5. Very interested in your brochure. Please go to my new organizations web page at thefoldesgroup. There is off course an .com at the end of it. Please email me from that site more info on your brochure.

  6. Wrote a Lyme disease brochure with the help of 2 Lyme disease specialists. Will email to anyone interested.

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