Lyme disease prevention 101

tics are nature's dirty needle I remember when the children were little we'd rake a pile of leaves and we'd all jump into them myself included and now there's such a thread outside be aware and beware beware the outside as wonderful as it is isn't always our friend in terms of all the insects out there and the diseases they can transmit so just be safe be safe not sorry unfortunately a lot of people have gotten really frightened to the outdoors and especially if they have kids they don't want their kids playing outside they're afraid of ticks they're afraid of Lyme disease they have good reason to be afraid but you know you can't be paranoid of your environment yeah you miss so much and it's true it is dangerous habitat that we live in but it doesn't mean that we have to avoid it just means we have to take the proper precautions you know you wouldn't go outside in the wintertime without a coat you know so why would you go out in the summer time when there's ticks active without taking the proper precautions it's not complicated you need to just do something to prevent the ticks from getting on you and the way we recommend is to treat your clothes with permethrin which is a spray you spray the clothes dries on the clothes it's good for a couple months can go through the wash and it seems to be pretty close to a hundred percent effective at killing the ticks that can get on you I've been doing that for over 10 years I've never found a tick on me so that's probably the most foolproof way to do it but no matter what you do when you come in from being out in that habitat you have to check yourself first of all take your clothes off and put them in the dryer because the dryer will kill the ticks half hour a high heat will kill all the ticks that might be on your clothing they can go through the wash they'll live through the wash cycle they're very tough but the heat will kill them they can't be dried out that's they can't survive that and then go take a shower and make sure you check every inch of your body for ticks and remember these are tiny they're very small some of these ticks are small is like a pencil point dot so you have to be really careful and look very very carefully for it certainly not stay indoors because it's important that we have that vitamin D and we get out with nature and and live in nature but to protect themselves to wear light-colored clothing to wear long sleeves long pants tuck tuck them into the socks I would not wear something dark because we wouldn't be able to spot a tick they're the size of a poppy seed or a sesame seed and to practice good prevention prevention is better than a cure and a cure seems rather elusive with Lyme disease so prevention is the key the other thing that's important that I do want to mention is a tick check check your dog for ticks as well you don't want to bring in ticks into your house and leaving them there you know what we do in our house is we spray the dog beds with the Promethean spray the same spray you use on your clothing and then if they lie down on the bed there's any ticks hopefully it'll kill you

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