Luke Bremner Fitness – Studio Introduction Video

♪Music Plays Hi, I’m Luke and welcome to Luke Bremner Fitness Luke Bremner Fitness is a private personal training studio in the heart of Edinburgh Having a private facility allows us to focus exclusively on you as the client and there’s no contending with crowded, intimidating public gyms and no waiting for equipment. This means we can deliver a truly bespoke training experience to help you achieve your goals. One of the good things is a one-to-one interaction with Luke. Also just… it’s my space, it’s my time, and I don’t have to rush it. I don’t have to wait for machines. You know when you go to a gym there’s a lot of waiting around for machines. And also, it’s flexible with my time. So… I’m quite a busy person, so having to find that opportunity or find the time to meet-up with somebody to do this is great, because that’s what I want… an intimate relationship with a personal trainer. We’re not a one-size-fits-all approach to health and fitness and we tailor all of our programmes to you as an individual to maximise your results. To help you improve your general health, fitness, and quality of life and get back to a healthy weight and body shape so you can.. feel healthier, happier, more confident in your physical appearance and.. have more energy and enjoyment in your everyday life. Totally loved it! You’ve given me the confidence to use the machines and things that I would never have used before. I know how to do it properly as well so when I go to the gym I know how to use the machines properly and build strength. So I’m a runner and a cyclist and it’s improved performance that’s made me actually faster and I can go for longer as well. Which is fab! I would recommend Luke Bremner Fitness because you get one-on-one attention and you’re given a good programme that’s quite varied In addition to having a private facility our clients also come to us because our comprehensive programmes include a complete approach to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals which includes coaching in the areas of.. exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset We also provide ongoing support, motivation and guidance in all of our programmes so essentially we provide everything you need to be successful I like training at Luke Bremner Fitness Not just for the exercise, but for the nutrition for the lifestyle the new habits that I’ve created and combining all of this to achieve good results When you join one of our programmes, you’ll be assigned a coach who will look after you for the duration of your programme All our coaches are highly qualified and experienced and we deliver the programmes using exactly the same format so you can be assured you’re receiving a consistent and tried and tested highly quality of service. For me, I think it’s because it’s been quite a holistic approach Its not just been exercise, or pushing buttons… its been about nutrition, it’s also been… just getting my confidence built-up again and you know… it’s just getting back to exercise and you feel so much better If you’re thinking about joining, I’d say “Go for it!” “Go for it!” “Go for it!” “Go for it!” If you’ve been thinking about making a positive change in your health, your fitness, your body, or even your mind Get in touch today or pop into the studio to say hello We all look forward to welcoming you to Luke Bremner Fitness.

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