LOWER BODY workout with WEIGHTS – best exercises for BUTT & LEGS | Rebecca Louise

hi everybody welcome to today's workouts oh this is a requested workout from you guys we've also got Alfie Alfie can you say hi he is gonna be joining us he's gonna be doing the modified version so if you get stuck at any time or you need to take a break he is gonna be your main man so today we are gonna do a full lower body workout with super heavy weights okay so no you guys are sometimes like oh you used like weights how do we use heavy weights I'm gonna show you today in today's video so whatever week you've got I need to go and grab the heaviest ones that aren't available to you right now guys what do you also think about this outfit I want to get your feedback this could be something coming to the Rebecca Louise collection you haven't already checked out what we've got we've got shirts we've got amazing apparel got resistance bands all on the shop so this feels very new for me I feel like I am way too trendy and way too fashionable right now but I want to get your reaction like do you like this outfit should we bring it to the store like we're just testing it out so we're gonna get started on this workout we're gonna be really focusing on our lower body and we the music's heavy weights so grab those heavy weights and let's get started so the first exercise I am actually going to be using 25 pounds on each on in each hand right so we're gonna do a little deadlift and we're gonna come all the way up to the top and squeeze so here you are we gonna do is you're gonna stick your booty back slight bend in your knees you're gonna come all the way down to the ground and then squeeze those glutes and tuck underneath circuit so that booty goes back slight bend in the knees although stakes are halfway where you off your shins up and then squeeze underneath we are gonna do 45 seconds we're gonna have a quick 20 second break and then we're gonna do a second set okay so just take it nice and slowly all the way down follow your head and then bring four all the way up to the top that's it so you got ten more seconds here nice and gentle having our feet kind of narrow just a little bit the weight in the hip-width distance apart all the way down and then squeeze that last rep at the top and you can put those weights down and when you put those weights down it's super important you just don't just hunched over you're gonna kind of bend down and put those weights just like you would when you stood up okay so this is 20 pounds in each arm okay so let's take those weights again we're gonna go into the second set so bend down push through the heels to lift up those heavy weights sleep a little bit wider than hip-width distance apart and we're gonna just take it down halfway here and then squeeze those glutes at the top yeah that's you've got this whoo that's it take it all the way down and squeeze so just give you here remember booty is back I'm coming halfway down to my shins I'm not dropping it all the way down I'm coming up and I'm talking it's squeezing my boots underneath that sit back is nice and straight come down keep that head and light squeeze those groups underneath whoa yeah and it's just taking it all very very slow push through those heels and underneath that's it ten more seconds here all the way up to the top nice and gentle guys and last one all the way down to the ground let's make it that last rep and tuck those hips underneath okay we're gonna drop one one weight you get it's gonna grab one in your hand right now and you're gonna put it right here underneath it there's a bit of a nice big fumo squat so legs are nice and white toes are pointed out to the side and you're gonna take it down and then squeeze at the top well let's go so breathe push through those heels and then tuck the gluts in at the top always really important so pushing those knees out to the side and then as you come up there's still pushing those knees out try and sink nice and low push down and up you go now you can hold both weights in your hands you can put one over each shoulder whichever is gonna really push you to the max who worked it push those knees out to the side and lift all the way up to the top whoa okay guys have you seen the update on burn okay you're already on breath then you have already seen it but you can now get points that's it burn point completing the workout for sharing it with social media lift all the way up to the top remember we're gonna drop it down and then we're just gonna take 20 seconds here you can earn points right for sharing the food photo for sharing the app for doing your daily workout and those points check this out those points you can actually used and they're gonna convert to money that you can actually use in our store to buy things like this workout outfit so let's go through that second set chest is lifted let's push out to the side work those inner thighs and all the way up to the top remember this is all nice and slow and you don't your own pace go with my pace get the most work out so if you've not already got burn okay the burn app head on over to the Apple Store Android ok and you can actually get it on desktop burn by Rebecca Louise download that you're gonna get seven days for free anyway and you can actually start to get pleats for doing things have you better spend it in the store okay knees at the side the left over up sister and of course if you're doing this workout on the burn out you know that you're going to get a full 28 minute workout today oh yes lift all the way up and take it all the way down last one we use at the top and relax that weights okay okay next exercise you're gonna eat there use you need one of your weights in both hands okay or you can just use one bring it together and you're just going to lunge backwards and then you're gonna take it through three two one let's go so very slow lunge and then lift pushing down into that supporting leg take it down controlled look straight forward nice bigger lunge for me push down into that heel and then lift that other one all the way through take it down and extend I'm loving this guys you're doing so good oh it's gonna be a lot to talk and really lift these heavy weights but I'm gonna do it we're gonna get through this together lift all the way up push down and send it through her tip push down to that supporting leg really work those glutes take a breath lift your leg nice and white okay keep breathing we're going to take a break in three two one okay those weights go down kind of just shake out your feet shake out your legs you got 15 seconds until we go into that next rep Alfie has decided that this is not the type of workout that he likes to do so we're going to lift those weights up remember push down those hills to lift it up and we're gonna take it back on that left leg so down we go and swing it through nice and controlled lift up that chest keep your back nice and straight look straight forward hold him to those weights for me do you need to at any time you can just drop them nice wide in that lunge lift all the way up to the top breathe and squeeze come on guys push down into that heel that's what you're gonna really feel it in those glutes 20 seconds left all the way modified version you can take it here and then you can swing it through or you can just take it all the way that's it concentration lifts up throughout that chest push down into that heel squeeze those glutes yes one more and then release those weights down to the ground whoa feeling a little bit good right I like it okay I'm gonna go to a slightly lighter weight for this next exercise we're gonna do some pulses so leave those heavy weights there what we're gonna do is we're gonna take it back I'm gonna go this side and we're just going to pulse so nice and smooth I got ten pounds in my hands right now you can go a little bit heavier or you can relax those weights completely and we're just going to pulse up and down that's it making sure those hips are on top of each other nice and square it's feeling that burn oh yeah it's going to kick in 25 seconds left here breathe inhale and exhale woo those legs are on fire I tell you when you start to increase those weights you better really feel it and let's go for ten nine eight seven six five four three two one and release you can put that weight down shake out those legs whoo yeah just throw it down feels great right okay take a breath inhale through the nose oh and let's grab that weight let's get situated we don't want to waste any time you're gonna take back that right leg whatever leg you didn't do on the first side and that's pulse so you can hold these weights they're just grabbing the bottom of it sometimes we read grabbing weights kind of hurts our risk comes out hurts our hand so I just like to put this right in the ball of my hand and then breathe that's it you can take it nice and low just keep moving up and down we really squeeze that back glute and just keep thinking just a few more pulses 20 seconds left to go on this side so great let's keep it up whoo we're gonna go into some side lunges in ten nine eight seven six five four three two one and release okay you're gonna put your heavy weights over to one side we're gonna stay with who kind of medium weight right now and we gonna do a lunge over to the side so again you're gonna grab hold of this weight right underneath you're gonna lunge over to the right side and you're gonna bring it in and swoop your legs ooh okay do you want to go heavier that's great we're gonna do medium right now so stick your booty back bring that leg through it's nice and slow and controlled there's nothing fast about this making you want to be the first few wraps with a medium ray and then just make it increase it that's okay this is your workout okay this is your workout what you get to do chest is lifted and that leg is going through oh yeah I think I could have probably done the heavier weight stick that boot booty back keep that chest lifted I'm gonna go on to the other side in ten seconds so let's give us a few more reps here booty back and let's go for five four three two one okay straight over to the other side in just fifteen seconds so just take a moment breathe that's it you got this okay holdin that weight you can put the weights down in this time of rest if you need to but we're going to go over straight on to this left-hand side and three two one over to the side lift up push your booty back woohoo yeah we're gonna add those heavy weights in in the next round and this is where you're gonna start to feel that body sitting on fire those legs are working whoever we're doing less reps but heavier weights and this is what's gonna help build your lean muscle you're not gonna bulk up it's really really hard to Volk up you have to lift like five times the amount of what we're lifting right now you also have to eat so much food let's go give me a few more reps here push your butt to the side let's go and last one and lift up okay you can release that weight down to the ground for you those of you who are joining me on the burn workout we're gonna grab those weights in just a second oh if you have not already signed up for burn you gotta get yourself with the program get part of that fun in a circle that community and get your burn band you can get so much fun things in the shop all by doing workouts my recomme see you've got anymore for workouts make sure that you drop them in the comments below we read everything have a great day stay fit stay focused and stay strong


  1. #icanfeeltheburnrebecca

  2. #icanfeeltheburnrebecca

  3. #icanfeeltheburnrebecca

  4. #icanfeeltheburnrebecca

  5. Great workout. Love the outfit!

  6. #icanfeeltheburnrebecca

  7. Hi Rebecca! You’re so inspiring🙂 I was wondering if you could do a leg workout for people who have a bad knees? I am only 35 but have terrible arthritis in my knee and my legs are what I struggle with the most

  8. Love the outfit!

  9. What a great leg and booty workout! I’ve been mixing up my routine with the workouts so I stay motivated! Do you recommend taking a day off from working out for your body to rest or is not needed if doing short workouts? Thank you so much for sharing your routines ❤️ #icanfeeltheburn

  10. Hey Rebecca… Does this helps to reduce butt size,??

  11. please can you tell me if I can do this workout every day?

  12. Dam I feel fire in my legs


  14. Loved this! #ICanFeelTheBurnRebecca

  15. Rebecca that will make me strong I loved it burn really burn!!!

  16. please more weights videos!

  17. I love the tights. Especially in pink.

  18. Hello looking forward to doing this workout. It is finally looking like spring in Montana, sorry we missed you on line that night , thanks for this work out I love your outfit yes very pretty.

  19. 알피 귀엽다 ㅎ

  20. I'm from Vietnam. Love rebecca

  21. I did the full version of this workout on Burn, and I was sore for 3 days after 😂😂.
    It would be great to get a 10-minute leg and glute stretch after workouts like that!
    Keep keeping me strong and in shape, Rebecca Louise! I appreciate you ❤️.

  22. Am I the only one who is thinking that she got lip injections?

  23. Hey Rebecca! Can you do some workouts that are 20-30 minutes long? I am a huge fan of you and and your workouts!

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  25. I have two requests. First, a workout that incorporates sayings of gratitude and affirmations. And second, a workout that incorporates the pelvic floor and kegels.

  26. This lady is always killing it! 💕🔥

  27. Woah Rebecca I completed this with you and my legs are totally burned ,I loved the outfit😍 keep them coming,come one we can do this😉

  28. Done!! Yesterday!! And todays cardio! Just 1 question, to get the points on the app, wich social media do a have to use? Thanks and hace a great week!

  29. Hi Rebecca can you do different series's of all different exercises abs , booty , back , waist , arms , shoulders please x

  30. i loveeeeee u rebecca. can’t express. thanks for doing what u do… and so more of these love u loads.

  31. This makes me so happy that you did this

  32. Love the outfit!

  33. YES REBECCA!!! Love heavy weight workouts <3

  34. that was exhausting but fun! i feel sooo much better now!
    another kickboxing workout please? 💕💕

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