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greetings my name is Daniel Torres I'm a certified personal trainer from the Los Angeles area and today imma share a video with you of exercises that I've been very successful in helping my clients overcome that discomfort and prevent that pain now if you're currently a back pain patient you had surgery of any kind of chronic pain in your low back please consult your physician before actually doing the exercises today we're going to focus on your budget is number one your external obliques and your in turn obliques now these three muscles bridge your pelvis to your ribs and if this area is very strong your spine is gonna be very stable now you want your spine to be stable during movements such as game running jogging getting it out of your car brushing your teeth daily movements of life the idea here is to get strong remember so we're gonna start with very easy exercises stretches on the floor and then progress them to low bearing exercises on your feet the idea here is to work in different planes and do about three sets of each exercise we're going to work for 15 reps and you're gonna have to select select a load that is appropriate to stress you throughout that 15 reps if you get to the 15th repin is too easy you can have your level 5 pounds up still too easy five pounds more you got a feel for it if you can stay within your technique and it's not challenging on your last rep get a heavier load the idea again is to get strong strong backs don't get nearly as injured as weaker backs to all the stretches in the world I'm not going to help you if your back isn't strong that's how you're going to manage stress if you've got a knife if you have any questions are with the video please feel free to email me at detour s101 at hotmail.com thank you and hope you enjoy know through this routine is the activation of our transverse abdominis now during most exercise we have a tendency to distend this creates intra-abdominal pressure but we're going to ask you to draw in to create the same kind of pressure in the same foundation from which to exert force now we're gonna activate a horizontal muscle that wraps around all the way to our lumbar spine this transverse abdominus muscle when engaged keeps your spine nice and stable so during all the exercises on this routine suck your abs in the first exercise we're going to focus on is Lanna are back with their palms up palms rather palms up when your feet off the ground keep your knees and feet close together and rotate from left over to the right the idea is to keep your shoulders down your head looking straight up the whole time to progress this you extend your legs a little bit longer and continue to rotate from side to side now on this we're going to reach one arm toward the opposite leg so in this case left toward the right and right toward the left please note that you bring your head up every time your arm comes up this one's more of a stretch you bring your leg as high as you can and then you assist with the arms to pull it in the rest of the way this is to help stretch out your hamstrings and low back a squat rotate and reach exercise also helps loosen you up and you have to make sure you keep your head and your chest up the whole time you don't want to be hunched over on this exercise like this try to keep your chest up bend your knees rotate and reach to make it a little harder grab the medicine ball pulled in toward your chest extend touch the bench into your chest extend keeping our head and chest up the whole time now in this one we're going to tilt down to the side and we're going to push straight overhead but we don't want to do is push over to the side you have to keep your feet close together tilt down and push straight up again feet close tilt down and straight up so another tilting exercise you keep your head in between your arms as you move from side to side don't let your arm collapse onto your head keep your head in the middle and continue to move from left to right left to right equaling one rep on this one we have a load in one arm and we tilt again from right to left you don't want to hold a load in each hand and do a little teeter totter going to defeat our purpose hold a weight in one hand tilt down to one side and over to the other we're trying to work your quadratus lumborum and your obliques this quadratus lumborum here in the low back is a hip elevator but can sometimes be an aggravator to the back you want to make that back nice and stable now this is a squat extension rotation exercise you have to keep in a very erect posture you're going to stand up and you're gonna rotate bringing the weight over your shoulder now you have to keep your feet very close together to minimize stress in the knees and the tendency here is to hunch forward and we have to do is keep our head up our eyes looking straight ahead and we have to keep our chest up to now extend the arms but don't let the weight tell you down again staying very red feet close stand up and throw the weight over your shoulder you have to do this 15 reps on either side don't let the way pull you forward onto your toes either you got to keep your weight back more on your heels flat-footed stand up and rotate use 10 pounds on that one make a light now this one we have our hips right at the edge of an inverted bench we grip underneath and we don't want to be draped on the bench head down shoulders down if your shoulders back head up now your chin up chin down but keep some space between your head in the bench now your legs are very stiff at the back tells you're tapping on the ground you're gonna bring them up and a park together and down up and apart 15 reps on this one as well now these are some exercises that we do not want to do this is a lap pool with a neutral grip and now this is a lap pool with a wide grip you often see people using a t-bar row in the gym like this now all these exercises we want to omit from our routine we're going to exclude this overhand pull up this underhand pull up as well as the neutral grip pull up again all these exercises you're going to omit from your routine for the first four to six weeks here's another exercise that falls into the same category that's a sagittal row with the neutral grip instead of this hand position when I ask you to use a t-bar so you can use the overhand wide grip this is going to emphasize the upper back now so we're going to pull it in just below our chest on a straight line keeping your elbow and your wrist on one plane now the tendency during this exercise is when you pull in and you get to the very back end it's let your elbows drop down to your side you got to keep them up sometimes it'll want to bend at the wrists but you have to keep them up to do it right keep your shoulders out of your neck keep them down keep your elbows level extend and pull and hit yourself right below your chest continuing with the upper back this is overhand grip reverse PEC deck now what you don't want to do is have your shoulders into your neck like this rather you want to keep them out have a long neck and try and throw your arms back pinching your shoulder blades together but this is difficult trying underhand grip put your palms up grip and throw it back trying to keep the elbows bent the whole time now the final exercise is event reverse fly with dumbbells you know get your head down in alignment with the rest of your spine and throw your hands back the idea here is to throw your hands back when I always emphasize this so as to help your external rotators we want to make sure the hands get back not the elbows because when you push those elbows back there brings your shoulders into your neck we want to keep them out and try and get a little external rotation if you were standing tall it would look like this well that concludes our back exercises do three sets do 15 reps and that's a right movement equals one rep you have to hold your dog button sucked in and you have to keep your back erect during all exercises do for four to six weeks and send me all your success stories my email address is Dee Torres 1:01 at halo calm


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