Low Impact 30 minute cardio workout- Beginner/intermediate

welcome to body project cardio starter let's just get marching on the spot get going today is cardio starter not cardio beginner look cardio rookie cardio starter hard work but it's the first stage towards becoming super healthy super fit let's start lifting them knees up a little bit higher as we March get them up height as we engage the ABS as well make sure you're pumping through the arms as well as the abs warming up the whole body and getting ready pumping the blood to the muscles ready to work hard let's get twisting now get the upper body twisting in to the opposite knee hand to opposite knee continuing to breathe nice and deep how we feeling guys very good ok good just shake your legs a little let's have some short squats not to be getting working breathing evenly today we've got some intervals got some rests it's good honest hard work breathe breathe breathe okay shake it out a little let's get reaching a little bit reach over stretching out through the back raising up ready for the work it's coming ahead body project we do things the right way keep your eye on our form your eye on our intensity make sure you've got some water with you but you've got a towel you may very well need it three two one get running on the spot abs nice and tight core engaged pump in the arms breathe deep breathe deep it's low-impact today so if you've got bad knees you'll be pleased we'll be building up your tolerance to higher impact movements throughout the process throughout your body project let's get a little bit faster than now guys everybody should be feeling the heart starting to pump the work starting you're ready you're feeling fierce you'll fire it up you're ready to go it's all about cardio today it's all about hard work let's talk about health five four three two one kick it out okay so let's get going into circuit number one thirty seconds of work 15 seconds of rest three times three exercises three times through starting with moderated jacks are we ready guys in three two one let's go so here we're working through the shoulders remembering to breathe nice and fast working the abdominal muscles working through the side glutes through the sides of the legs but most importantly we got some cardio happening you can take the speed down you can take it up you can dip a little bit it's up to you your pace but it's 30 seconds of work and ease we've got 15 seconds if you want to you keep moving we're gonna move you the squat and punch to standing punch in three two one let's sit down five four three two one come up four three two one come down four three two one come up and down work it through you go as low as you can and up you can shorten the distance that you come down that's fine but you keep punching and up keep with it guys Andie's take it out work it through next one we can do the squat and hamstring curl breathe in five four three two one let's go squat and curl you know working on in that body wash moving the body stay strong you dip deeper you feel strong you can speed up slow down it's up to you breathe work and ease we've got 15 seconds let's deep breaths we're gonna move back into the moderated jacks in four three two one let's go so this is round number two working it on feeling good finish strong guys let's keep it going stay focused so only the beginning you press play we've got going that's the key to success to start start the workout start the nutrition plan start your body project keep Andie's take it out guys squat and punch two standing punch get ready we start with the squat in five four three two one come down let's go three two one come up four three two one come down the lower if you can keep in the back straight and up keep working keep breathing keep pushing keep pushing come down let's stay with this stay strong and up work it through come on and down almost there three two one and pick it out breathe nice and beat we're going to move into the squat and hamstring curls in three two one let's go remember to breathe stay strong stay with it it'll focus as it starts to burn the three exercises this may be the toughest you've got to stay focused on how you're moving how's it feeling still them legs burning that's a good thing almost there almost there and boom breathe deep final circuit coming up starting with the moderated jacks in five four three two one let's go let's work a little harder now a little faster this is the spine aligned set of this circuit of exercises we can feel the work coming through our bodies it's good feels nice I feel strong because I'm moving it's a good thing always stay with it and ease check it out breathe in deep squat and punches two standing punches in four three two one let's go four three two one come up four three two one come down four three two one come up four three two one come down three two one come up stay with it 2-1 come down four three two one and kick it out get ready for the last exercise in five seconds squat and hamstrings three two one let's go let's whack that's posh let's take focus based on a motivating stay in a rhythm stay with us perform core tight staying safe breathing breathing we're almost there we've got ten work little more little more little more five four three two one and breathe 30 seconds rest grab some water make sure you rehydrate getting ready for circuit number two we're on our way good work guys could work so far moving into circuit number two this one's a little bit tougher we still got the same format 30 seconds work 15 seconds recovery we're starting with touch and raise feet slightly wider than shoulder width in three two one let's go see you dip down like a wide squat and then you raise up as always you can speed it up slow down as long as you keep working as hard as you can for 30 seconds you're making progress and that is all we care about is that you may notice that's it nothing else matters don't compare yourself don't judge yourself keep making progress and on that note 15 seconds recovery or we move into uppercuts I do like a bit of boxing in three two one let's go to throwing them uppercuts turn the body into the shot don't be kind of just there with the hands be active move your body engage the muscles in your legs feel your obliques turning into the shot the most importantly bring working we're almost there stay with me stay strong stay focused uppercuts uppercuts work Andie's we're gonna move into sidesteps keep your eyes on us for exercise number three in three two one let's go sorry just working through there come on guys let's plush you can go lower you can stand up tall doesn't matter the work you're working you're making progress you're feeling this stay strong stay strong we're almost there stay with it core tight push push breathe deep a bit tougher the circuit number one we're moving back you touch him raise you physical right there then three two one let's not push it core tight stay safe stay focus stay with come on this is this is the time this is your time workout time is your time nobody else's your time to change your body it's all about change and progress and these uppercuts next you get out what you put in keep that at the front of your mind as we move into these three two one let's go come on let's that's why you want this keep pushing you want to change you just go in this is body project you've got so much focus you're gonna make starts here and it just keeps on coming like a waterfall of change a waterfall of progress never stop pouring over you keep working keep pushing come on come on now we mean it and rest o side steps ready guys four three two one let's go remember as low as you like doesn't matter go right down here all right up here here you're staying with us and that makes you fine by me scoring up stay focused stay with me stay with it almost there one second to focus my mind we're gonna get a little water you can do it now though I don't mind that I'm gonna push on until the end for the next two exercises let's go guys half the cuts now so you how my body's tight and I don't mean tight in this way I mean my core is engaged I'm working everything I'm here I want it I want to encourage my body to change that's when you need to be that's what it's all about come on come on come on work it up work it through and these last time sidesteps in ten seconds love this love it four three two one let's go make this your fastest make it your lowest breathe core tight stay safe stay strong stay focused you're on the way I'm with you I'm behind you I'm by your side and right in front of you keep working stay with it push push push push push come on ah we got it we've got it and recover thirty Seconds up how you feeling Alex you're feeling strong get some water take your time you can have a little extra break if you need it I don't mind that we're going in ten seconds make sure you're ready when you press play again until we move on to the next which starts with left hooks left foot forwards remember if you need some extra break take it it's not a problem finish the workout though in three two one left hooks so we bring that body around we turn through the body we're not just flinging the arm we're turning the body into the hook see my shoulders high I'm working the legs and working the obliques the ABS I'm working through the arms the shoulders almost everything through that left side of my body and the right side counter muscles stopping me Grover turning work work work and rest we're gonna move on to left knees we're gonna turn you in tough fighters it seems in body project in five seconds we're gonna need three two one and up we bringing up that knee draw it up work it through don't have to go fast you can speed it up if you want control the ABS bringing the knee up fill that front leg working to draw do forwards we're almost there almost there push push push stay with it stay strong we're mean and we use we're going to move now on to the right side with right hooks feeling good guys and five seconds we start them right hooks three two one and the same on the other side of the body notice and my right leg is forward now southpaw you might call it if you're a seasoned expert in such things we'll just call it white hooks like it work pushing throwing that body into the shots mean it think of someone you don't like you're preferably isn't me and imagine they're there and ease we can do right please left foot forwards with a draw that knee up remember engaging the ABS the left foot forward I love this sort of cardio it was good let's work guys drawing that right knee now speed you're comfortable with work it through you're feeling your heart working cardio lungs it's nice endorphins starting to release that's okay good feel the ABS working too little isometric tension through that front leg like that and these left foot falls again back into the left hooks in five seconds last round of these make them count to one let's go turning the body into the shots really bring that arm over using the body to swing that punch through perfect stay there work it enjoy it this is great great cardio stay strong stay focused come on come on work it through last left hooks these right leg forwards left knees breathe this is hard work five four three two one let's go drawing that knee keep pushing as much as you can speed it up I don't mind just keep going continuous in these 30 seconds your body moves keep working keep with it almost almost there almost there and these right leg forwards you can keep moving if you can it's alright just to get into position three two one let's go bringing that boy in do these shots and momentum and working it round come on southpaw right hook I love this shot it's a good movement to the punch nice way combines some technique body changing cardio intervals stay with stay focused stay strong you can do it you can work it Oh left foot forwards you know you're gonna work out now right I know I am in four three two one means come on I'm gonna get a little more speed this time I know it's the last one before 30-second break and I like to think I'm intelligent enough to know when to bring it up we can slow it down I trust you've got the same control of your work late today strong strong say what come on Andy Oh enjoy it it's good we're coming towards the end you start feeling good with that final furlongs coming take on some water we've got our final set coming up and it's an easy one make sure you're ready as always you can press pause and take a lecture time so we got ten seconds to go before the final circuit feeling good but there is one little final furlong to attack starting with short lunge and pushing four three two one with us let's go so we want some speed here you can go deep if you want remember it's about speed bring to breathe walking through a final circuit feels good you know literally push mentally push basically Pasha come on almost there almost there staining these we're gonna move into straight punches in ten seconds straight down the pipe working hard and fast 80% intensity as a minimum three two one let's go breathe ah gotta work hard now we've got a mean it it's only 30 seconds that's a long time when you're on circuit four of a body project work out the real they are Oh push push come on let's go let's go [Applause] breathe and I'm popular decision squat pulses in three two one come down and pulse thirty seconds of this I promise you this isn't deliberate torture it is good for you I can guarantee it I'm just trying to hurt you for the sake of it myself – how you feeling guys little lower can you get lower come on work on ten seconds left stay strong stay strong five four three two one cool you feel that burn okay back in to alternating lunge and press let's go circuit two three circuits to do focus focus you can see the finishing line you know that far away now we're strong keep going come on work through guys push 15 seconds off punches in 10 seconds breathe deep focus give a little bit more now there's only 5 exercises to go less punch let's go come on down the line down the pipe straight strong through come on I can see you there in your front room Rocky Balboa let's push let's work stay strong stay focused come on you see how we're working this is start of stuff but that's how we do it we want the best for you Andie's squat pulse is my least favorite but possibly the most effective less cardio they're good our heart rates are already high 3 2 1 let's go that in them cause it really burns some reason then quad muscles they really go deep you see me checking that watch I'm in pain I promise you but it's good pain feels nice what he's changing right now so shores and ease we've got one circuit left starting with the alternating lunge and press in five seconds this is it come on guys three two one let's go a little bit more focus now cardio starter almost done what quartzite breathe for you we ten seconds stay strong as always come on and on to the punches I can hear the heavy breathing behind me and hear my own three two one let's go let's push let's punch come up if you gave it eight 2% before let's have a 90 percent this time focus focus when you know the end is near it feels so good you can't help but push on that's adrenaline speaking suck it up and use it push push push come on come on we're with it now we're with you behind you and by your side and breathe squat pulses last exercise we can hear you Thank You Daniel for making it the last one three two one how do we feel about having a cheeky extra 10 guys you like that idea hide it stay with it the cheeky extra tender from henceforth known as haha wish I didn't say that in five seconds it's going to be that last 10 but I'm not staying with you lower come on straighten that back out keep the form right as you go good push it through five four three two one man bees keep kicking them legs out now and breathe take on some water keep moving take on some water good job guys good job we're gonna go into a cool-down with Alex that with cardio starter not cardio beginner not cardio rookie that's how we do it a body project good job well done keep hydrated cool down Alex cool them down Thank You Daniel excellent let's just keep marching just let that heart rate just come down a little bit there it's good to feel like you know you're working and moving at the beginning of your body project it all starts now so let's just take those legs a little wider and just take them into heel dig go just swing the arms just get the bottom moving again fling true good alright see the legs wait again and just stretch through the arms just looking through the ribcage pitching out through that to her four more to last one to tell them here to take big arms are called stretching all the way out good opening up through the chest nice rotation through the arm and it's changed directional forward last four one good hold it there let's just take the arm up and over and just bend into that bye and lift your ribcage you can stretch through the side of the body and just turn this tote out a little bit so we get a stretch through the inner thigh and then over to the other side it's long beach the breath nice and controlled make sure that heart rate comes down nice and slowly and bring yourself back to centre walk the feet in and just take one foot forward and just bring the toe back bring the hands onto the supporting leg and just slowly ease into a stretch through the back of a hamstring see if you lift your tailbone up towards the ceiling and just encourage that stretch a little bit more as you get deeper into it you can stay with the same leg and bring yourself back up into a standing position with one arm out to the side stretching through the quad to bring the heel up hold on to the front of the foot keep the knees together and stretch out the quad of the front thigh muscle always get a good workout especially those squats and staying with that same leg let's take it back behind and push the heel down towards the floor and get a stretch through the car cleanly hands in front of you and stretch out through your shoulders so we get a nice stretch through the upper body at the same time the weight is over the front leg and the hip let's change legs so bring the other heel forward weight onto the supporting leg take the toe back with the tailbone up towards the ceiling and easy fast remember to keep breathing that flow of oxygen through the body bring up find some balance the knees together pull on the front of that foot and encourage that stretch through the front of her legs lonely take that trip behind you and take the arms behind you squeezing the shoulder blades together the weight is over the front leg push the heel down towards the floor is the hand slightly so you open up the chest and draw the shoulders back and down great let's just shake it out check the leg for hands for the legs a little bit wider let's do three big stretches through the body so let's squat down lifting the arms up and stretching through the whole body reach nice and tall and then down again big breath good page your last one good keep going keep stretching stretching stay hydrated although lots of sips of water good job guys well done [Applause] you


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