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hey baby girl I have decided to step out of my studio and into my home to prove to you that it really can be done you can get a great workout without having to be at the gym or the studio so if your traffic is the snow or any reason at all there's no excuses anymore so I call this workout my crazy kick intense because we are gonna be takin like maniacs so you're gonna start out with 10 on each side I've taken a few of Mike's favorite move to the burger picked up along the way and we're just gonna combine it with some great abs and shoulder moves so you're gonna start with a reverse lunge and KITT I'm gonna start with my left leg back and it's gonna go reverse lunge into a high kick tap your pan it's going to go 10 on your left side and then you're going to go 10 on your right side so in between those you're gonna do 10 knees to triceps so you're going to get them on the ground it's gonna go one side so you're gonna go to end on your left side see how I melt for the bun foot down and then you have size 10 on your right side so then you're going to come right back up and we're going to do some Brown House hip across your body sidekick so we start with 10 on my right side so it's gonna go roundhouse kick and squat so then you're gonna go to the other side roundhouse okay roundhouse kick so if you see I'm getting down to that spot so now said I'm out of breath we're going to go down up down go straight back to the ground and little blink position walk yourself up this is too great so you that ten times your next set is going to be a split jump split jump squat jump inchworm and doing for chest so it's going to look like this it's gonna go ten times because we really like that theme now this is a really tough one to get through so if you can only start with six or eight go for it but try to work your way to ten so it goes split jump split jump squat jump push-up so for those of you who are really advanced you can try split split squat each worm flying push-ups back up so that was continued for ten catch your breath and it's going to go ten needs to tricep – one more time so the ten on each side you can go one side it can be just a little plank also then we've got for your very last one is going to go 20 hopscotch watch up so it starts a low squat why so it's going to be feet shoulder width apart a little bit wider than shoulder width squat down jump up three minutes with it squat down jump up bring that foot in so just for 20 so it counts one two three like this so we're going to try to make that through five times that is gonna be your challenge five times through so if you want to start you can start with three what your heart rate is gonna be up and you can't tell that I'm already breathing hard so you are challenged by a peg through for all of those and I promise you you both feel the burn and you can definitely pull about 20 minutes out of your days in order to get that done all right guys I cannot wait to hear about this one because these are some of my all-time favorite moves that you can absolutely use in your own home all right I'll talk to you soon bye bye

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  1. Lory, I LOVE YOU TRAININGS, I admire your work and you are for far the fitness model I follow most. thanks!! I would like to make two suggestions. The instructions on this video are very difficult to be followed, maybe some written information would help, and the music is interfering. I can barely listen to what you say. Thanks for the work out, it was very tough!

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