Look cute after PE/GYM: My after workout essentials!

today's video is going to be all about my beauty essentials for after PE when you have a few minutes to get back to class and you guys get to see my awesome workout moves just kidding they're pretty terrible so after PE you're probably very sweaty very tired and feeling super gross so I'm going to show you guys my beauty routine and how I do my makeup after a workout so first tip is to stay hydrated drink lots of water and I know this is not water it's vitamin water I don't drink it all the time Yuki promised so now it is time to get into the makeup I recommend keeping a little makeup bag like this one in your locker for after PE so start off with taking some oil absorbing cheats these ones are from clean and clear but what I love about these ones is when you open it up a sheet just like pops out at you which is pretty awesome so anyways you just want to take the sheet and start blotting your face to get rid of any excess oil or sweat on your skin so we can mattify it and your sheet to look super gross right now pretty sweet now you want to take some concealer I recommend taking a stick concealer because you don't need a brush to apply it it's really fast so all I'm doing with this is applying it under my eyes on my nose and any other blemishes that I have on my face and then we want to blend it all and of course so you can use a concealer brush but I just prefer to use my fingers because it's one less brush that you have to carry and then we are going to be taking a matte powder so this one is by Rimmel and using a big fluffy brush I'm just applying this pressed powder all over my skin to set the concealer and also take away any extra shine and instead of powder eyeshadow I'm using cream eyeshadow this one is my Revlon Colorstay and it's a double sided cream eyeshadow pencil so starting off with the pinky shimmery eyeshadow color I'm applying this all over my lid and if you apply to the inner corner it'll make your eyes look even more awake and I was taking the dark brown side of the stick I'm not sure if you're supposed to roll it out that much oh wow I'm a rebel just kidding anyways I'm applying this to the outer corner of my eye and working it into the crease just to keeping up the eyeshadow look a little bit and then I'm just blending it in with my fingers just so it's not as harsh of course we cannot forget about mascara because we want our eyes to look flirty and fun for that cute boy okay so this one is Maybelline falsies mascara and I'm just applying that to my top and bottom lashes and then for lips I'm using this L'Oreal bomb lip color it's a really pretty sheer light pink so you can use any lip color that you want but I really like this one because it's light and super super moisturizing so you don't have to apply a lip balm before it it's kind of like a lip balm and a lipstick in one so I'm just applying that to my lips and for cheeks if you forgot to pack a blush with you don't worry guys I got you covered I got you covered so all you need to do is take your lip color and that's what we're going to be using as a blush it actually looks a lot more natural when your lip and your cheek color are the same so that comes in handy and it's one less product that you have to carry in your bag so just apply it to your cheeks and then blend it in with your fingers now two most important things deodorant and perfume these are two must haves especially after you've been working out my favorite deodorant is the Deb go fresh pomegranate and then one of my favorite perfumes right now has been with love from California by PacSun and it smells amazing so I apply it to my wrists and my neck and of course I gotta shimmy through it guys and now I'm walking down invisible stairs okay cool anyways now it's time for the hair so you just want to take your hair add four ponytail or a bun or whatever you have it in for PE and my biggest tip is to use a dry shampoo because your hair probably collected a lot of oil while you were sweating so this is a spray dry shampoo that I'm just spraying through my roots then you want to start massaging the dry shampoo into your scalp to let it soak up all the oil and then you're just going to brush it out of your hair and you're going to notice that your hair is oil free and very soft and shiny and then after that you are finished with the hair and makeup for after gym or PE I hope you guys enjoyed it and try it out and now all you got to do is change into your clothes and you are ready to go back to class getting back together I can't do it one two three this time Oh and what I love about these ones is when you open it up a sheet at I'm sick guys I can't top


  1. i remember i watched this to prepare for my first day of sixth grade

  2. Some girls have like 10 minutes to shower, and get ready

  3. anyone’s else’s gym teacher sends them into locker room 2 mins before bell ?

  4. My class:

    No one gets re dressed again so we leave in pe clothes and there’s a girl standing by the door spraying all of us with perfume while we walk by and run to class

  5. Imagine seeing a girl putting makeup on in the locker room

  6. Girl why you so pretty

  7. "It's a lot more natural if you lip colour and blush match."

    Uses black blush

  8. We have 6 mins. If we hurry and put our clothes on first, we could do this routine in like 2 &1/2 mins. Y'all are over reacting. All you need is the oil pads, lotion, deodorant, and that dry shampoo. Putting on makeup after gym is disgusting because your pores are open after sweating, you'll just look like a crater face. And please rinse yourself off first from the sink.

  9. how was this 6 years ago omfg

  10. Who wears that much makeup in school i just wear chapstick lmao

  11. Why is this just being recommended to me in 2019

  12. How about 2019

  13. No way was this 2012 💀

  14. Why am I here I don't need to get ready after P.E cause our coaches let us leave the gym with out changing

    I don't even have a class after gym duh it is 8th period gym

  15. This is really sad cause in my school they don't allow any spray thing like perfume

  16. The sad part for me is if i did this at school i would get made fun of

  17. Personally in my school they let us go to the locker rooms 5-10 mins before the bell rings so I got time!

  18. Polish PE is not the same for American PE xD

  19. Lol you only have a few minutes to get ready and go to class no one has the much time in between classes.



  22. After pe I’m lucky if I get to my next class on time

  23. 2018 anyone????………no……just me?

  24. I have two minutes to get to class from gym .-.

  25. We only have 4 minutes in between classes. We don't have time to redo makeup or anything (I've never even worn makeup.)

  26. We have like 8 mins…

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