Look after your Digital Wellbeing, How to | Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

hi guys Omarr here with the Samsung
Galaxy S ten plus so today I’m gonna talk to you about digital well being you
know for anyone who wants to minimize their use of a phone or staring at a
screen all day then what you can use is something called digital well-being
before I forget subscribe and also hit the bell icon to be notified of any new
videos our house you can go into the settings menu here and go down into
digital well-being there and then you don’t have to turn you on this always-on
and what this does is it gives you an idea of how much you use the phone each
day and it separates the amount of time in total that you’ve used with the phone
into the apps that use the phone wait so for example YouTube is the most abused
today and then Nexus Chrome Instagram and others is just general apps five
hours and 24 minutes today but I’m use this of unlocked at 33 times and I’ve
had 179 notifications so you can go into the app itself and it shows you how much
screen time you’ve had so 2 hours and 55 in today so that’s Friday today which is
the most of how that gets all week and then you can also set timers so what you
can do is you can set a timer if you’re trying to use a specific app less for
example if you’re trying to maybe use social media lists you can go into your
social media apps and then you can add a timeout what this does is it Gray’s out
in the app so for example if I could can you show you so here we have YouTube and
as you can see I’ve got YouTube there it’s an a board and if I put a timer on
here to say one hour and then I’ve come out of it and go back here you can see
that it it’s grayed out YouTube and if I select it it says YouTube time and ran
out you used all your time for YouTube today you can change this in the
settings and when you get on settings it brings you up with this menu now it’s
this is this isn’t something that you should use to police your kids or anyone
else that’s trying to you know use your phone or whatever that you’re giving
your phone to but it is something that mind you too you know that you used your
phone for a certain amount of time for example if I had set YouTube to two
hours and I didn’t realize that I’ve been using YouTube a lot then it would
say you already used it for two hours so that would make me consider using it
again now you can go into for example dashboard you can set all these timers
for these different amps so if you try to use search media less than you know
whatsapp Instagram and it just gives you the minutes of all of the screen time
that you had you can go up the top here and you can look at the notification
that you’ve had so sixty-four notifications about from one side forty
nine Google Gmail even the clock crying all that kind of stuff and then if you
go on to the times opened you can see that settings was open 20 times open 26
times now some of these are justified now what’s that for example if you get a
lot of messages in whatsapp then you have to open whatsapp so these are
justified but certain things like if you’re getting annoying add so you know
notifications then you can come here see what happened was that’s giving you
so much grief and then you can essentially go into that particular app
so for example folks to do Gmail okay going to Gmail notifications and then
turn whatever I want to do whatever I wanted off here so I wouldn’t get that
particular notification the other thing is that you can go and you can do a wine
down a wine down is essentially just graze out the screen and then blocks off
any notifications before you go to bed things like that so you can put it on
the schedule and you can do whatever it defaulted to 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. so
you can change that to wherever you want and then it will grayscale the screen
and he’ll turn do not disturb on and off different and how you schedule with this
so if I just show you here it turns everything grayscale so you can go into
the settings when you home things right now everything is grad
school and generally the phone seems less inviting so you may encourage you
to use it less before you go to sleep dinner idea I had was it would be good
if you could have a timer on a certain amp you could give it to your kids say
you know you’ve got one hour on this game and then it automatically shuts
down that particular app which would be great you can do it but you need to
download a third-party app which puts a pin on applications and what you can do
is you can set a pin on the settings which won’t allow anyone to change this
particular timer through digital in a well being – in the year settings and
then what diadem if that essentially will give you control over how long the
timer is you can set it deputy kids or whatever and they play with the phone do
what they need to do for whatever the timing is there for and then they can’t
go into the settings because the app the scooter after the third party circuit up
rather will need a pin of some sort usually to unlock so that was just a
quick look at how to minimize and look after your digital well being on the
samsung galaxy s numbers thank you so much for watching and I’ll talk to you
guys in the next one

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