Log day care centre is an investment for wellbeing

Healthy construction has a demand in the public sector as well. For example, the quality of schools, day-care centres and various care buildings effects directly on the daily life of many people. My personal experience made me choose a log day care centre. When I first visited the log day care centre I noticed that it has such a healthy indoor air and good acoustics and that the logs have a calming effect on children. These things help make my decision. We have really enjoyed being here. When families come to visit and get to know us, they say immediately that they want to bring their children to this log day care centre. Children have also enjoyed being here and also our employees think that the acoustics in here are good and also the quality of the indoor air is very good. These positive experiences have led to the fact, that there will be more log day care centres built for us around Finland during this year.

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