Living healthy lives by managing bipolar symptoms

I did have anger but there was something else there was building up inside of me and I felt like I was on a roller coaster of going back and forth and I would have high ups and I'd have high downs and I ended up drinking a lot that's the only way I could get everything to stop that was going on in my head I've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in a part of what led to I think that diagnosis is an extreme depression I mean at least that had a name we kind of figured out where we needed to go it was kind of at the time it was well okay I have this illness and I have to take care of it there's something you bring just because you're having a blue day that doesn't mean you can just say I'm gonna make myself better know there's tricks of the trade and the only way to learn those tricks is go to a psychiatrist therapist I check in with the VA on a quarterly basis they definitely want to keep tabs on me to make sure everything's running smooth I've been with the same doctor at the VA since I moved here about a year and a half ago and we have kind of figured out okay when I start going one way then let's take an extra pill of this medication or if I start going down and start sleeping a lot and start knowing doing things then okay I'm going to take a certain dosage of this other medication and then call him and say like hey I need to come in I'm just double-check with you because I had to add this medication in the biggest thing is making sure that the medicine that they give you is actually working and speaking up and telling them it's an adjustment phase but you need to speak up at free yourself and you know what's right for yourself and you also have to listen and and check your ego at the door and actually listen to people that are healthy for you I really rely on my husband and my mom took a look for red flags because a lot of times I won't see them until it's too late and then so what I'll do is I'll have my husband write a letter to my psychiatrist whenever I go see him so that my husband can say this is what I'm saying so that way I'm getting an outside perspective and that's the best way to control it is to have a supportive family that can out for you and no sometimes before you do I thought I was gonna die and now I'm looking forward to doing better things in life you know I'm growing old having grandkids and being a positive influence with them so that's probably one of the bigger things I look more towards the future and a happy future instead of seeing a darkness and a what if whatever service when you get trained on how if you become overrun or if you have to you know in a position you may have to retreat you calling for backup you know so whether that's air support or field artillery support when you feel overwhelmed or when you feel like you're about to succumb to the stressors of life and the struggles that are there calling in for backup could literally change your life you know and and help get you back on track


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  2. Young people that hear this sad stories of these Vets let them be a warning of what can happen by being in the military.War is not healthy for anyone.Good luck to these vets and may they all get better.

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