Living a Healthy lifestyle with Herbalife

hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I wanted to talk to you guys about what I've been doing to stay healthy and fit and lose a bit of weight I actually did a poll on YouTube which is actually pretty cool that they do that now I did a poll to see what you guys would want to see and majority of you guys said that you would like to see tips and tricks and here what I've been doing on how to stay healthy and fit and yeah so we're just gonna get right into it so as you can see I am doing Herbalife and it has been the best decision I've ever made so what I've been doing is well let me backtrack aren't everything that I've done so as soon as I was cleared to be able to start working out and stuff like that I actually started out at a CrossFit gym which the CrossFit gym was absolutely amazing but it hurt my pockets and I really wanted to find something that really works for me that didn't cost me a whole bunch of money because the CrossFit gym they would charge me $50 holding fee for a bootcamp class for six weeks which was you can only go to two sessions a week and then they charged you $200 for the actual bootcamp and you know that worked for a while and everything but I was not educated on how to actually stay fit and healthy and stuff like that so what I did was I you know started researching and I was on Facebook and I came across one of my old high school classmates and she was doing Herbalife and so I asked her what the deal about it was and everything like that and she said everything is free the bootcamp your meal plan and everything which by the way that CrossFit gym was trying to have me pay ninety dollars a week for a meal plan so that sold me right there and then I was like okay well what's the catch what I have to do she said all you had to do was purchase Herbalife basically she said that she wants to send her her whole fitness journey that she is sharing with others I hope I'm saying that right leg I get so tongue twisting when I'm talking my stuff but she wanted to censor everything around nutrition because that is the most important part about getting fit and healthy that is the only thing that she had me purchase this my own place with shake that I'm drinking right now is the bomb this is a cookies and cream I'm gonna replace my shake and today let me see what today is today is day I don't know if you can see today is day 62 I have been on this and so far I have lost 19 pounds and I'm just really grateful that I found her because I kept looking for you know quick quick fixes and stuff like that and I really just wanted to look a certain way in a short amount of time but and this is really teaching me to trust the process enjoy working out enjoy being healthy and making it more of a lifestyle rather than a quick fix most of the time quick fixes work but then you go back to doing what you were doing before and then you did all of that for nothing you wasted money for nothing with this I have been invested in it for about two months and let me take a sip because this is my breakfast the things that I have been taking I'm gonna share with you guys the things that I have been taking is number one the meal replacement shake I replaced that for breakfast and for lunch and then I eat a healthy meal and then I have been drinking the tea which the tea is absolutely amazing it gives me so much energy and it also tastes really good I mix it with you know aloe they have some original mandarin and cranberry aloe it's just it's it's just been a really great journey so far and I really wanted to share that with you guys because I want you guys to feel what I feel and I want you to feel accomplished in that you're actually trying to change everything like that instead of just trying to do quick fixes and how to lose 15 pounds in three weeks which I did do a video like that I lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks on a certain product but that product was not healthy unfortunately I gained back that 50 pounds and more this is just really teaching me self-control and to just live a healthier lifestyle altogether I just wanted to offer you guys a chance to enter a 21-day fit challenge which I will be starting on January 1st or let me see what ever a day I think Jeremy versus on Monday um yeah January 1st so the start of the new year it's going to be a new year new me challenge so I really wanted to extend the offer to you guys for life products which is like completely amazing because it's affordable you would get free meal plans I can give you recipes and everything like that and you would get a workout list you can work out with me and we can work out on skype or whatever you want to do because I know not only people in Texas are watching me right now so that is what I'm offering to you I just want everyone to feel as amazing as I feel and everyone to feel accomplished in everything like that so I will leave that link down in the description box if you are interested in entering my 21 day fix hours you can lose a certain amount of weight in 21 days don't everybody's body is different so because I last night I lost 19 pounds in 60 days so you might be able to lose that amount of weight in a certain amount of time like say three weeks two weeks five weeks something like that everybody is different but generally using these products you can expect to lose half a pound to a pound per week so just keep that in mind when you enter the 21-day challenge this honestly is just going to teach you how to have self-control how to say no how to just live a healthier lifestyle all together this is going to help you try to be consistent honestly this is the easiest thing to be consistent because you only have to worry about one meal you eat three snacks and you would get me 24/7 I to answer you ASAP and that's just completely amazing so I'm gonna leave all the directions in the link and everything in the description box as well I'm gonna include some before and after pictures of me from October November and then now December so you guys can see generally what you would see if you were to do the meal plan that I'm doing but honestly like I said before all of our bodies are different so you might see a more dramatic difference than me I just had a baby this year so I'm really struggling to lose baby weight and you know that baby fat is real stubborn and it's hard to get off so it's working differently for me and it can work differently for you so I just wanted to let that be known for you guys it was uh it was the most requested that you guys wanted me to talk about please leave comments below any questions that you might have please let me know what you think about this whole 21-day challenge and also don't forget to subscribe because I will be incorporating some Fitness into my channel at least once a month I'm not able to record as often as I was before I'm trying to at least upload once a week which will be on Fridays so just let me know what you guys think and thank you so much for watching and thank you so much for the ones that has stuck with me throughout my breaks it's been really hard trying to get back on track with recording and stuff like that so I just want to thank you for sticking around with me and I hope you guys have a great day and I'll talk to you later bye


  1. Are you still doing herbalife?

  2. Can’t stop admiring your eyebrows 😍

  3. Cell u loss kaise le

  4. if I do herbalife, how much is it a month for the supplements and the drinks, do you know? and are you able to keep the weight off?

  5. Put a new battery in smoke alarm 9v battery. Keep up good work

  6. Great video keep it up. I'm on my weight loss journey check it out.

  7. My brother is a HL Coach and he Just had me complete a 3day trial recently. My results are amazing! Cookies n cream is life. I'm waiting on my program to get to me now. Good luck on your journey! I'm going to start Jan 1st as well.

  8. looking good mama bear ❤

  9. You look amazing .. I’m currently using Herbalife myself I just start I do cookies and cream with the peanut cookie protein omg it’s so good

  10. Looking amazing babe 💕

  11. I luv and adore all your videos, and luv your hair please make a video on it, and another step by step make up video, but keep up the good work proud of you sweetie

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